You look tired Oscar. George, we need to shut up now and let him get some more rest.”

“Yeah we do. Get some sleep Oscar, we’re not trying to get rid of you, honest.”

“Yeah, yeah. I believe you. Okay, I’ll have a quick 40 winks before my Mum gets here. I really want a shower though. What time’s visiting time Daisy?”

“Seven until eight.”

“My drip has stopped I think, I might be allowed.”

“Just ask.”

“Okay.” Oscar rang his bell; Milly was soon at his side.

“Hi, I was just wondering whether I’d be able to have a shower.”

“That’s fine. You were right about your drip being finished. I’ll put up a new one tomorrow, your central line will be fine in the shower. Just be very careful not to knock it. How are you on your feet?”

“Thanks. I have no idea if I’m honest.”

“Right, well, I’ll come and sort your drip for you.”

Oscar nodded, as Milly washed her hands and disconnected the empty drip.

“Wow I didn’t expect it to be that quick!”

“It doesn’t take long at all. Shall I get someone to wheel you down?”

“I think I should be fine walking.”

“Okay, go slowly, I’ll go and get you some towels. Do you have everything you need?”

“Yes thanks.”

“It’s more of a wet room, so just be careful with the way that you aim the shower head. I remember when I was a student nurse, I accidentally flooded part of the corridor.”

Oscar laughed. “Oh God! I’ll try my best not to cause a natural disaster.”

“No you won’t, I think it might be best not to lock the door though Oscar, just in case.”

Oscar placed on his slippers, grabbing his toiletry bag, making his way down to the bathroom. He was  relieved to see a white plastic chair in the corner. He closed the door, undressed and turned on the shower head, aiming it way from the door as Milly had suggested. Slowly he closed his eyes, sensing the droplets of water against his pale skin.He turned off the water and changed his shorts and T-shirt, placing his other’s into a plastic carrier bag.  He dried the chair, sitting down once more. His head swam and he placed his head upon the cool sink, closing his eyes, taking deep breaths. Oscar splashed his face with cold water and brushed his teeth, his cheeks flushed. He rough dried his hair as best as he could, gathering his things and exiting the bathroom. Milly gazed up at him from the nurses station.

Do you feel okay?”

“Yeah, not too bad, it’s a bit airless in there but I’ll feel refreshed soon.”

Oscar seated himself back on his bed, which had been changed in his brief absence. “Wow, that was quick!”

“Yes, excellent service. It’s a shame that the sheets are like cardboard, too much starch. You look a bit flushed.” Daisy stated.

“It’s like a steam room in there.”

“Tell me about it, airless. You’ll soon cool down.”

Milly was rapidly at his side. “I just need to re connect you.”                  

“Oh yes.”

“There you go, the drip should run through again.”

“Thanks Milly.”


Oscar felt a cool hand upon his cheek and slowly opened his eyes.

“Hey Oscar.”

“Mum! You’re back, that was quick.”

“How do you feel? I brought you some plain crisps, tangerines and strawberries.”

Oscar grinned. “Thanks Mum. I managed to eat something and had a shower between your visits so yeah, I feel okay actually. Just tired, but then that’s nothing new, I’ve felt exhausted for months.”

“Hmm. Why on earth didn’t you do something about it sooner?”

“That’s what Ava said.”

“Yes, well she was right.”

“Either way I have Leukaemia. That’s not going to change, you haven’t been to the house have you?”

“No, no. Of course not. Have you heard from Ava?”

“Not today.”

“You should call her again.”

“I’d really rather not.”

“Okay. I don’t blame you.”


“You know that I didn’t like what I saw.”


“I mean, what on earth attracted you to her in the first place? Apart from the fact that she has a pretty face!”

To be continued….


16 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 118

  1. I was so shocked at how Oscar’s Mum is so forward in her dislike of Ava. You would think she would be a little “mum” since she is carrying her grandchild! But the whole hospital scene is real, his Mum’s cool hand on his cheek, nice touch!

  2. There is a good bit of conflict in Mum’s closing paragraph, but the earlier part could be trimmed. Best to leave out anything mundane. Also, I don’t think he would be allowed to lock the door in his condition. If he fell, how could anyone help him?

  3. I enjoyed your description of Oscar’s time in the shower room… it felt real, I could feel it. I’m looking forward to when Oscar feels a little stronger.

    1. Ah thank you for your great feedback. I did 2 years of my nurse training, so I’m quite familiar with the hospital environment. I’m so glad that it’s realistic 🙂

  4. Do you think you could get someone to come over and reconnect me? I sometimes feel a little adrift and need to be reined in occasionally. Enjoyed your scene today, even though I’m a bit hospital-phobic!

  5. I liked the shower scene. I felt Oscar’s dizziness and his weakness. I remember when my mother in law had a stroke several years ago, the hospital let her take a shower because she was so insistent, and she ended up falling and needing help.

    1. Thanks Alana! Oh gosh that’s not good, it would have been better if someone had stayed near by her! (That’s why Milly wouldn’t let Oscar lock the door) I hope your Mother in law was okay!

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