“What are you going to do when the baby is born?”

“That’s something Ava and I haven’t really discussed.”

“Do it sooner rather than later.”

“Hmm I agree, but I don’t particularly like being screamed at down the phone. I know that I’m to blame for Ava getting pregnant and for the way that things turned out. After all, I did finish with her. But yeah, I’ll try to call her and we’ll sort something.”

“Have you spoken to her recently?”

“Yeah, but I’ll try again.”

“Okay I take that it didn’t go down well. Well I’ll leave you in peace now, you look shattered.”

“So everyone keeps telling me. Do I really look that bad?”

“You’re just a bit pale that’s all. You do need rest.” Janet patted Oscar’s hand. “Bye Oscar, do you want me to bring anything later, anything that they don’t have here.”

“I still don’t have much of an appetite, but fruit is always good.”

“Okay, I’ll go and get some.”

“Thanks. See you later, you really suit your hair a bit shorter. You look so much younger and happier these days.”

“Oh, erm thanks.”

“I love you Mum.” Janet nodded before exiting the hospital ward. Oscar smiled gently, half of him filled with relief. He and his Mum were finally starting to make amends.

Was that your Mum? She looks a lot like you.”

Oscar glanced up at Daisy across the room, as she closed her book. “Do you really think so?”

“Yeah, you have the same nose and mouth.”

“Well I don’t look a thing like my Dad, from what I remember anyway, I’m glad really.”

“Ah I see.”

“Is your book any good?”

“Yeah, I love reading. I brought my kindle too.”

“I try to read more these days. I have a small selection of baby books in my locker. I’m trying to swat up before the big day comes. Not long now!”

“Ah yes of course. So, what have you learnt so far?”

“Is this a test?” Oscar grinned.


“Ha okay then. There’s loads of little random facts in there. Did you know babies can’t taste salt until they’re 4 months old. Apparently the delay might be linked to kidney development.”

“I’ve never heard that one. What else have you learnt?”

“That babies have no kneecaps until they are about 6 months old.”

“Ah yeah, I suppose that makes sense. Here, throw me the book and I’ll test you properly, I’m dying of boredom over here.”

“Okay then, the real test is to throw the book without dislodging this thing.” Oscar glanced at his central line. “Okay, here!”

Daisy caught the book. “That was a decent throw, see spending the last few days with me has done you the world of good! You’re starting to get better already!”

“Likewise, a decent catch. Now then, test me.”

“Hold your horses. Okay question one.”

“Do I get a prize?” Oscar laughed.

“The prize is, you get to share the bay with me and George!”

“Yay! Oh I just noticed that you’re back George.”

“Well done boss.”

“Will you let me finish you two?”

“Oh, did you know that babies can breathe and swallow at the same time until they’re about 7 months old?”

“Oscar! Stop stealing my thunder! I’m the one asking the questions.”

“Okay, chill.” Oscar grinned, feeling the most relaxed he had felt in a long time. He glanced at the clock, 5.15pm, nearly time for dinner, once again he wasn’t hungry.

What are the main meals like in here?”

“Pretty decent actually. The veg is sometimes a overdone, but then I like mine el-dente!”

“Ah okay, I’m not a fan of mushy veg either.”

“Are you on a food and fluid chart?”


“Oh, that makes me feel a bit better. If you don’t mind me saying, you look like you’ve lost quite a bit of weight.”

“Just over a stone. You?”

“Erm I was the same, but I’ve managed to put half a stone back on. I looked like a walking skeleton, erm not that you look like a skeleton. Oh God, sorry that’s not my place to say.”

“I agree, I look too thin, anorexic almost. I’d rather someone just said it as it is.”

“Okay, but be sure and tell me where to go if I ever cross that line.”

Oscar laughed. “I’m not easily offended. I can take it.”

“Oh look, here’s the dinner!”

Oscar sighed, once again he wasn’t hungry.

“Oscar, don’t look so nervous, just eat what you can. No-one forces you in here they just try to help you out. It’s not a test, unlike my failed attempts to quiz you on babies!” She laughed.

To be continued…


23 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 116

  1. Interesting! If writing a novel wasn’t in your mind, then what was? 🙂 Just curious.

    Good post.



    Visiting from UBC

    1. At first I just thought it was going to be a fiction series, but someone said in a comment that they were enjoying my ‘book’ and I thought, why not? 🙂

  2. I’m most impressed that you’ve come so far with ‘Planchette’. Writing a novel-length book is not for the faint-hearted! Is this your first?

    1. Hello Susan! Thank you so much, yes ‘Planchette’ is my first, but hopefully I’ll be inspired to write more once it’s finished. **Fingers crossed**

  3. Glad to see Oscar and Mum bonding. Always amazes me when guys get their girlfriends knocked up (when they are not trying to start a family) and then think they are fathers.

  4. Looks like Oscar is building up some friendships without the toxic factor that he’d had with Ava. Should do him some good to have some fun back in his life.

  5. I agree, a nice playfulness is developing between Daisy and Oscar. They can relate to what is happening. I am a sucker for love, if Oscar and Ava never fall back in love maybe this is the one for his future to have baby come visit with.

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