Oscar’ gingerly accepted a new incoming call. He swallowed, placing the phone to his ear, saying nothing.

“Where the hell are you?”

“Please calm down Ava, I’ve already told you.”

“Yes, yes you’re in hospital I know that, but I don’t know where do I! Do you have any idea how stressed I am?”

“My health has nothing to do with you. Unless you go into labour, don’t call me.”

“You’ve started your Chemotherapy haven’t you? Tell me! Stop being so selfish!”

“That doesn’t concern you any more.

“Of course it concerns me! I’m your girlfriend and fiancée.”

“I don’t know what to class you as at the minute, a liar and a cheat maybe?”

“You need me!”

“This is just embarrassing.”

“I swear to God Oscar, if you don’t tell me where you are I will throw myself down that staircase!”

Stop that right now! What’s wrong with you? I need time to heal, both physically and mentally, we both need a break from each other! How could you even suggest doing that?! That’s a terrible thing to say!”

“I knew it! You’re abandoning your child!”

“No, this baby will always come first. We’ll arrange something, make it work. All we do is fight and make each other miserable.”

“You are the most selfish person on this planet! I actually hate you, you don’t care about me or the baby. What do you think this is doing to me? It’s increasing the likelihood of me going into labour, that’s what it’s doing! Babies can get stressed you know, it could die and it would be your fault.”

“Stop. Stop that right now!  One, you’re not the one lying in a hospital bed, having to experience your body being pumped full of potent chemotherapy drugs and two…”

“Shit! You’re in hospital?”

Oscar sighed, mentally kicking himself for letting the news slip. “Yeah.”

“Why didn’t you just say?”

“It doesn’t make any difference!”

“In Chester?”



“Ava it doesn’t matter where I am. Just focus on you and the baby from now on okay, don’t worry about me. These things take time, but I’m going to be fine.”

“Oscar, I really didn’t realise that things were that bad.” Ava whispered. “Please, I need to see you, you can’t abandon me like this.”

“You haven’t been abandoned, I’ll be there to support you. Bye Ava.” Oscar sniffed, cancelling the call.

Daisy glanced at him with wide eyes, yet said nothing. Oscar turned on his side, placing his head underneath the crisp, white sheet and wept.


“Oscar? Are you alright under there?” Oscar opened his eyes, pulling the sheet away from his blotchy, stinging face.

“Yes. Just blocking out the bright light.” He lied.

“I just need to do your blood pressure again.”

“Oh that time already?”


“You may have my arm.” Oscar smiled weakly.

She gently placed the cuff around his arm, waiting for it to inflate. “It’s still a little low. Hang on, I’ll do it manually.”


“Hmm, slightly better. 101/58, I’m going to increase your obs to 2 hourly.”

“That’s fine.”

“I’ll just take your temperature. That’s improved. How do you feel in yourself?”

“A bit drained, but I’ll be fine. Realistically, how long will I have to stay in hospital?”

“That depends how quickly and how well your body responds to the chemotherapy. It’s too early to tell yet, but we’ll monitor you closely and of course tell you how to look after your central line once you go home. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Just keep drinking plenty of fluids like you have been doing, we’ll keep you on that fluid balance and diet chart. We might have to put you on a supplement chart, but we’ll keep an eye on your weight and see how things go.”


“What weight did you used to be before the Leukaemia?”

“Well, I’m about 5”10 and I used to be just under 11 stone.”

“Okay that’s healthy.”

“But I think I’ve lost quite a bit since then.”

“Is it okay if I get one of our health care assistants to take your weight and height?”


“This is Mary.”

“Hi Oscar, if you can just come over here.”

Mary smiled, leading Oscar over to the height chart. “Yes, you were right. You’re 5”10. Now this chair will take your weight. I’ll just get it on to zero, that’s right, you can sit down now. Here we are. Right, you’re 8 stone 11lbs. Ideally, we’d like you to be about 9 stone 6 or more.”

“I’m not as thin as I thought then, but I have lost over 2 stone in a matter of months, I take it that isn’t good!”

“Don’t worry Oscar. The nurses may get the doctor to prescribe some supplement drinks, but we’ll keep a close eye on your weight once a week.”

To be continued….


19 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 114

      1. eheheheh just go through………………….and type some words after reading whatever coming in the mind..I will take this….just a habbit and now I am used to…………..taking and getting inspired from the universe….

  1. Is Ava on drugs or something? Oscar told her in the first phone call that he in hospital for treatment yet she’s gone off her rocker about where he is again.

  2. Sophie,

    All I can say is that this piece is quite readable. It is amazing how many people post “Fiction” and never take care about the spelling and other errors. It can be irritating.

    That said, I haven’t read the other parts and I have no idea what I am in for.

    I do have a suggestion, however. This piece reads like a play, there is too much dialogue. As a fiction writer you need to jump in and break up the dialogue with your descriptions that would tell us something about their body language, facial expressions, their surroundings (or even what is going on in their mind)…. and you could give us little flashbacks…something like that.

    These authorial interludes between the dialogue will make the piece more atmospheric and multidimensional. Otherwise, it will start reading more and more like a radio play.

    1. Aha, you see, that’s how the whole piece has been written, with dialogue, maybe it is designed to be more like a radio play, who knows, it’s just the way it’s been written.

  3. ah, poor Oscar! If only he had fallen in love with a woman who behaved like a grown-up instead of a spoiled (and selfish) child! Shame on Ava!

  4. I am going to put in one word in protest about those who think Ava is a witch! I am going to tell you I wrote a diary for each of my pregnancies and passed it on to my oldest daughter. She loved it, she reveled in my mean temper and my odd and quirky comments. I will tell you this. there really is a hormonal change and sometimes it will appear out of the blue, your tears, your fits of anger and your self preservation instinct. Ava is pregnant and I have not seen anyone defending her a bit that she may just have hormonal swings. If people only knew they were far stronger in me carrying my son than daughters, too. They are similar but for me, far worse than PPD (post partum depression). I will add a couple of lines to show this. “If Dave (my hubby at the time) says the grass is green, I will most certainly see some blue tones in it.” and “If men were to turn their bodies from pretty to ugly, fat and hungry caterpillars they would be cranky, too!”

    1. Ah I suggested that in my earlier post. She claimed that her moods were down to her hormones and to some extent, it may very well be, although I don’t think she’s a very nice person in general! It’s actually a very interesting point you’be brought up there! Thanks 🙂

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