“Oscar the porters are here.”

“Thanks Milly. Is there any chance that you could lock my phone in my top draw?”

“No problem.”

“I’ll go down to X- ray with you, it will only take about 20 minutes. I do try to go with my patients whenever I can.”


“We’re ready to go. This is just to check the positioning of the central line. I’ll stand behind the screen when we get there and leave you in the hands of our lovely radiographers.”

Milly opened the doors of the small room and glanced at the radiographers. One checked Oscar’s details, while Milly stepped behind the screen.

“Now then Oscar, we’re doing this chest X-ray to make sure that everything’s in the right place. What we need to do is sit you forwards, we’ll help you and then place this board behind your back.”


“That’s it.  We’re almost ready. If you can just make sure that you’re lying completely still for us, that would be great.”

“Are you getting a clear image there Sabina?”

“Yes, very. What do you think?” The second radiographer glanced over at the computer images.

 “Yes, that’s the position we were hoping for. Doctor Ling has done a fantastic  job as always.”

“Would it be possible for me to see the images?”

“Yes of course.” She swivelled the computer screen, so that Oscar could see and pointed at the line. “That’s where the central line goes  into your chest .”


“Now then, we can remove  this board. If we can just sit him forwards ladies. There we go. I think the porters are outside Milly.”

Milly nodded, poking her head around the outside door. “Yes, they’re here.”


“Oscar I need to do your obs again and administer your first dose of chemotherapy.”

“Oh, I’m sorry I must have nodded off. How long was I asleep for?” Oscar gazed at Milly’s gentle face as she placed the blood pressure cuff around his arm.

“Yes that water seems to have helped. I’m happy with that. Your temperature is still a little bit elevated though.”

“Do I look flushed?”

“Just a little bit. I need to flush the central line, just to make sure that it doesn’t get blocked. We need the chemo drugs to flow through freely.”

“What will you flush it with?”

“Saline, it’s sterile water.”


Milly attentively washed and dried her hands with a small bundle of paper towels.  “The good thing about a central line is that we wont have to give you continuous injections.”

“I’d probably end up black and blue!”

“More than likely. Can I just check the details on your identity band. Can you confirm your name and date of birth Oscar?”

Oscar did so.

“Great. Here we go, I’ll just draw the saline up in the syringe. I’m just placing it in now.”

Oscar smiled. “Thanks for explaining everything, it makes it less daunting.”

“All part of my job, the last thing we want to do is keep anyone in the dark.”

“I’m so determined to get better.”

Milly nodded. “I’ve looked after a fair number of people. I’ve always said that a lot of the time it’s mind over matter.”

“Most probably Milly.”

“Now then the chemotherapy drugs going in via the syringe. Just keep completely still, just the last bit now. There all done.”

“That was quick!”

“Yes, it is. Now then, I’ll leave you in peace.”

“I might have a sleep actually.” Oscar glanced at his phone. One missed call. It was Ava. He sighed quickly sending a civil reply of ‘ Hi Ava, please can you call later unless it’s really urgent. I hope you and bump are well. x’  The last thing he needed right now was another earful of abuse from her. Oscar rolled onto his side, pulling the sheet partly over his head to block out the bright strip lights.


“Love, sorry to wake you.”


“It’s lunch time.”

He didn’t feel remotely hungry. Oscar gazed at the small meal on yellow plastic tray consisting of vegetable soup, a strawberry yoghurt and an orange.

“Would you like a tea or a coffee?

Oscar glanced at the blonde haired woman pushing the tea trolley.“No thanks.”

There’s also Bovril, hot chocolate and Horlicks.”

“I think I’ll pass and stick to water.”

“Okay, no problem love.”

Oscar dipped the spoon in the soup, cautiously smelling it. It did smell like Heinz. He placed the spoon into his mouth and swallowed. ‘It actually makes it easier not having someone breathing down my neck 24/7 and commenting on what I’m eating.’ He thought, managing to slowly finish the bowlful, taking sips of water in between. He wiped his mouth with the small paper napkin and flopped back onto the pillow. His troubled mind plummeting into a bizarre dream. Ava, what was she doing? She was smiling, she looked so happy, the happiest that she had ever seen in a long time. Wait she wasn’t pregnant, why was that? Oscar’s unconscious mind questioned. She was walking towards him, she wasn’t alone, another figure standing in the shadows. ‘Where’s the baby?’ He asked desperately. ‘You’re no longer pregnant.’

‘Oh that little mutant?’ She laughed. ‘ She’s hideous, I gave her away.’

‘Gave her away! Who to?! I’m her Father! Surely I have rights? She’s my child!’

‘Who says she is? After all who’s to say that you were the one I lost my virginity to?’


‘Call me what you want. You’re lucky that I put the baby up for adoption, I really did consider drowning her.’

‘No! Noooo!’

Oscar gasped for breath, startling from the dream, deep in a panic, where was he? Where was Ava? Had the baby been born? He gazed across the small ward, one of the nurses glanced up from the nurses station and tapped Milly’s shoulder, she paced quickly to him.

“Oscar? What happened! Are you in pain?”

“No pain at the moment.”

“I think you still have a slight temperature. I’ll turn the fan up. Have a drink of water, there you go.”


“Are you sure that it’s not pain? Chemotherapy shouldn’t raise your temperature.”

“I had a bad dream, I feel a little flustered that’s all.”

“I see. You called out.”

“Oh, sorry. Thank God it’s the afternoon! I hope I didn’t wake anybody.”

To be continued….


24 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 110

  1. Interesting dream. I wonder if she would pull that kind of stunt. Seems likely considering her usual apathetic behaviour with her pregnancy so far but that first moment of holding her baby after birth could change that.

  2. “What if I can’t think of anything?” Oscar asked, already knowing that his imagination was evaporating into thin air.

  3. It seems like Oscar is losing his sense of time. Not having a sense of how long its been out. Also, I’m not sure i could have eaten the soup. Maybe the jello. I hate marmite too but we have this huge jar of it on out kitchen counter. My partner loves to spread it on crackers and bread. You are right. Yuck! It truly is disgusting. It’s interesting the things we like and dislike. She has some of the weirdest tastes and she thinks the same of me. Things I love that she hates are easy over fried eggs. Hard-boiled eggs. Egg salad. Deviled eggs. Peanut Butter. PB & J. Spaghetti w/ red sauce. She will eat only scrambled eggs or omelets & they turn my stomach. I, also, loved poached eggs over buttered toast cut into small squares w/ salt & pepper. I just had the oddest late night snack, left over ravioli heated in the microwave. Delicious. Now to sleep. Sorry I’ve been busy. Overhauling & modifying my blog. But getting there. So much more to do but once I am finished it should give me more time to do other things. Missed reading about Oscar and that dream was a whopper. Hate dreams that are so realistic and disturbing. I hope I will be spending more time catching up. I see you have something new going on. When I am able I will check it out. Great chapter. It is rough but Oscar is being a trooper. Jk ps. Great to read your writing. B|

      1. Yes, I am getting through. I don’t know whether I shared with you I am getting off the worse benzo Klonopin. Want to clean out my head from all of the crap. It is not as bad as they say but then I am not sure I am recognizing symptoms from real responses. Getting more organized. I realize you are way ahead and writing other things. But I am determined to catch up. Reorganizing blog almost finished and will shorten the time. Will be able to free up to do more. Meaning reading your book and blog and others I follow on a more regular basis. So enjoy reading your book and want to read more of your work. TY for your patience. Jk 🙂 😎

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