A petite female doctor with pink rimmed glasses walked towards Oscar, she gazed at him, smiling gently as she stood next to him.

“Hello, you must be Oscar. I’m Doctor Ling. We’re going to be inserting a central line into your chest to deliver the chemotherapy. I’m going to give you a local anaesthetic during the procedure, so you shouldn’t feel much at all. You might experience some mild pain or stiffness for a few days afterwards.


“I’ll explain what I’m doing as we go. I’ll just go and wash my hands and then we’ll begin. If you can remove your top, that would be helpful.”

Doctor Ling closed the curtain behind her. She returned, placing on a pair of sterile gloves.

Now then, using this ultra sound machine I’m going to look for a suitable vein. I’ll just place some cold gel onto your skin and run this probe over it. Ah here, I’ll wipe off that gel now and clean the area with an antiseptic solution, that’s it. I’m going to administer the local anaesthetic. It doesn’t take long.”

Oscar’s eyes widened as he saw the length of the tube. He stared at the ceiling, anything to take his mind off the procedure. He counted the strip lights silently. ‘One, two, three.’ He took a sharp in take of breath.

“That’s the anaesthetic in place, I’ll wait a few moments before I make a small cut and insert the central line.”


Oscar glanced at the ceiling once more, not wanting to watch the procedure, it was uncomfortable but he felt no pain.

“Nearly there now, you’re coping well.” Oscar nodded, closing his eyes and clenching his teeth.

“There that’s it. It’s in. Yes I’m happy with that. There, you can see the exit line. We’ve booked you in for a chest X-ray now to make sure that the line is in the correct place before your chemotherapy begins. Just to finish off I’ll put a dressing over the insertion and exit sites. How do you feel at the moment Mr Setterfield?”

“I’m okay, it was nowhere near as bad as I’d expected it to be.”

Oscar gingerly opened one eye, glancing at the central line. He sighed. Not as bad as he thought, although his chest appeared to be a little reddened by the procedure.

“Thanks, I’m not going to lie, I’m so glad that that’s over. It didn’t exactly hurt, but it felt a bit bizarre.”

“Yes, patients often say it does. The area is clean now. I’ll leave you in peace, but I’ll see you on my rounds tomorrow.”


Doctor Ling nodded. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you think of any.”

“I will. Oh, is it likely that it might fall out?”

“No, there’s a small cuff that can be felt under the skin just above the exit site. In a few weeks tissue skin will grow around the cuff and hold the line in place. I’ll leave you now and just tell Milly that I’ve finished.” 

She smiled and walked swiftly towards the nurses station. Oscar grasped his buzzing phone. It was Ava. Dare he answer it?

“Where the hell are you? You haven’t gone home have you? Not without saying goodbye to me. What were you thinking! I’m so stressed right now, I don’t even have a clue where you are!”

“I was serious when I said it was over.”

“Whatever, but practically all your stuff is still here. Just some of your clothes are missing!”

“You were routing in my room?”

“I needed clues!”


“Well I don’t have the first idea where you are!”

“It’s not rocket science.”

“At home?”

“No Ava.”

“You’ve lost me.”

“Hospital. You were at the doctors appointment!”

“Woah hang one one moment, so you just flounced off to hospital without so much as an apology or a goodbye? What the hell? Well, it just proves how selfish you are.”

“Bye Ava.”

“Well you could at least have the decency to tell me which ward you’re on!”

“Nope, sorry. I ended our relationship for a reason. Goodbye Ava.”

“I actually despise you! You deserve everything that’s about to hit you, you selfish pri–”

Oscar cancelled the call, not allowing Ava to finish. He placed a hand to his burning forehead, attempting to hold back the tears.  The last thing he wanted to do was give in to her, show a weakness and go back on his word. He tried to slow his rapid breathing and took a sip of the water from his bedside table. Milly returned to his bedside.

“Hello Oscar. Is everything okay?”

“Oh erm, yes fine.” He lied.

“Okay, if you have any worries or concerns just say, don’t be scared or suffer in silence.”


“It looks like Doctor Ling has done a fantastic job of inserting that central line. We’ll be attaching your treatment via that line once you’ve been for your X-ray. The porters will come for you soon, has doctor Ling already explained that to you?”

Yeah she did, thanks.

“Good. Don’t worry you wont have to wait long, I promise.”


To be continued…



27 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 109

  1. That Ava! I feel very frustrated by her. I have missed certain portions of this story, Sophie, is she even aware that Oscar has leukemia? Oscar is certainly better off without her!

    1. Yeah they both found out in part 99-100, she was there with him, so she’s fully aware of his condition. Ava is just a horrible individual, but unfortunately there are people out there just like her!

  2. Part 109!?!? Sophie Browns, how can I ever catch up? Do you really write a chapter a day? I am impressed with your ability to draw the reader into a scene quickly and left wanting to know more. I like Dr. Ling. The medical is well written. So, I had to go back and skim. Oscar and Ava. I liked the mom. Oscar is in a scary place, but I’m not sure if Oscar is a prig or not… isn’t that what you Brits say? I bet it’s Sebastian’s kid, and surprised she didn’t throw that at him. I felt sorry for her, but of course don’t know the whole story. Looking forward to tomorrow, maybe Sebastian will show up at Clatterbridge with flowers…

    1. I don’t write a part a day, but I have done over the last few days. Planchette is something I’ve been writing for 7 months!
      I’m glad you thought the medical side was realistic, part of it is from experience.
      I personally like Oscar, he’s a good heart, unlike Ava who is a selfish individual!
      Sebastian?! Nope I don’t think so, however that has given me an idea 😉

  3. I can relate to both! I have thought of this senario myself, but luckily I didn’t have to go all the way to find out where it will lead. Nice! Can’t wait for the next.

    1. I know! How shocking, I suppose in all fairness, she didn’t know the exact date of when he was going into hospital and they did spilt up! But still!….

  4. It is such much more entertaining to read it than it is going through it–not that exact proc, but the sonogram and the tube insert were part of my experiences, and liver biopsies are similarly painless but distinctly uncomfortable. And nurses and health-techs are so good at that ‘professional but nurturing’ persona, stripped of any social euphemisms or coyness. Must be a real eye-opener, getting used to the human maintenance industry. But it’s amazing how relaxing that can be, especially if one’s health issues have wreaked havoc with family and social situations, causing all kinds of emotional stress.
    Waiting for more please

    1. Hello!
      Thanks. Ah, it’s interesting that you can relate to my writing!
      I’ll be posting up some more parts very soon! Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing your thoughts.

    1. Oh, she is isn’t she?! Do you really think so? I would like to have a look at ‘kindle publishing’ once it’s all posted up/ completed. That might be a while yet though.

  5. I do hope you publish. Oscar was brave booting Ava away and not giving her any opening back in. Central line sounds so different then what my docs did. I had a port put in that is at the top right side of my chest. It is where they did the chemo. They probably access the same blood line. I am looking forward to see how you have Oscar react.

    Is he really through with Ava or do they just both need a cooling off period to let things settle and Ava learns to be less selfish. Good luck to Oscar.

    Sorry, I thought I would have more time to read tonight but was draw into a creative project that popped up suddenly.

    Will be back tomorrow while watch the beginning of the US Open Tennis Tournament. I am an avid tennis fan. Wimbledon was my last fix. So two more weeks for this year. First match tomorrow. I’m sure they had ceremonies today but I was sleeping. I am getting worse staying up so late, but I have a lot of doc appt and therapy appts this week.

    See you tomorrow. JK B| Good chapter.

    1. Ahh you’ll have to wait and see. Ava is a very tough one to handle, but Oscar has a good heart, I don’t think he’ll ditch her. Especially because she is pregnant with his child!
      Look after yourself JK and take plenty of rest!

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