“Go to him Ava!”


“Get out of my sight you heartless bitch!”

Ava without saying so much as a word, exited the house. A trembling Oscar packed a small bag, his vision blurred and seated himself on his bed, inhaling an exhaling deeply in attempt to control the pain in his aching joints. His worst fear had just been confirmed.How things had changed in such a small spaced of time, he wished that things could return to the way that they used to be still, it was too late for that now.

Dare he drive? Oscar threw caution to the wind, stepping into his small car, relieved that there was an adequate amount of petrol in the tank. He  rolled down the car window so that he might get some fresh air.He waited nervously in the doctor’s waiting room, his small bag resting upon the floor. He was called in sooner than expected, nervously entering the room. Doctor Cassidy smiled gently at him.

“Don’t you worry Oscar. Chemotherapy may feel like a terrifying thing but it will give benefits in the long-term. I’ve already admitted you to the hospital ward and sent the referral . Oscar?”

Oscar flashed from his reverie. “I-I’m sorry, what was the last thing you said?”

“I’ve admitted you to the ward.”

“Oh, yes. Erm of course. Which ward was it?” He sniffed.

“Well we only have the Haemotology suite here, we don’t have a bedded ward. I’m referring you to the Clatterbridge centre for Oncology.”

“That’s quite far away.”

It’s the nearest, most suitable one in the area.We only offer clinics and day centres at The Countess Hospital. It’s one of the largest in the UK. We don’t really offer the services you require here.”

“I understand.”

“It’s natural to be nervous. Are you able to drive?

“Yeah, I brought my car to this appointment.”

“You’ll be in good hands I promise. It’s the best unit in the area and the treatment you’ll receive is very efficient, not to mention that the staff are excellent in that unit.”


“I’ve already referred you to that ward, so I’ll ring them again to tell them that you’re on your way.”

“Thank you. Do you have the post code? I’m not sure whether I know where I’m going.”

“Absolutely. Here’s a leaflet, the post code is just that one on the front.”

“I might make a few phone calls before I go.I’ll only be a few minutes. I’ll just go outside.”

“No problem Oscar.”

Oscar sat down upon the bench outside, scrolling through his contacts. His thumb hovered over Ava, his head telling him to call her, but his heart made an alternate decision.

“Hello, Oscar?”

“Hey Mum.”

“Hi Oscar how are you?”

Oscar froze, not used to being asked this question.

“I’m- I’m just at the doctors again.”

“You’ve been crying haven’t you? I can tell. Okay, hit me with it. What’s the latest news?”

” Well, I’m being admitted to an Oncology centre.”

“In Chester! How long for?”

“I’ll be in Clatterbridge for now.”

“My God!”

“I’ll be fine, it’s the best place far me I suppose.”

“Is Ava there with you? She’d better be! I hope she didn’t let you go to that appointment alone, pregnant or not! How did you both take it?”

“Mum, Ava and I have split up.”


“We’re no longer together.”

“Oh God! Why?”

“Why are you so shocked?”

“What happened?”

“That really doesn’t matter. I’d rather not say over the phone anyway.”

“Fair enough. Oscar.”

“It just wasn’t working. There’s no point being with someone if you just argue 24/7. We brought out the worst in each other I think.

“I met Ava for a grand total of a few hours and even then, I didn’t like what I heard. I mean, call me judgemental,  but I’d say that she was far too headstrong and pushy for you. What if she stops you from seeing the baby? She’s the one carrying it after all!

“Headstrong and pushy would be an understatement! She’s already threatened me with that one. If the worst comes to the worst I’ll take legal action. She doesn’t seem to give a shit anyway. I mean, she hasn’t attended any antenatal classes. I think she has a consultation with a midwife soon, but whether she’ll go is another story.”

“What’s wrong with that girl?”

“To think that she said the same about you. Oh erm shit.”

“She said what Oscar?!”

“She was rude about you. Still, when the baby is born she may soften. Surely every woman has some maternal instinct in them? I only hope that she doesn’t go into labour when I’m in hospital!”

“How many weeks does she have to go?”

She could give birth any time now, but she has about 12 weeks left. Yeah, she’s 28-29 weeks pregnant.”

“Okay, don’t worry. Just get yourself to Clatterbridge. Are you all packed?”

“Yeah, it’s in my car.”

“Okay Oscar, safe journey and please keep me updated with everything.”

“I will. Bye Mum.”

“Good luck Oscar.”

To be continued…


11 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 107

  1. Writer Iain Banks just died after saying “I got married to make a widow of her.” Dates your story slightly. I once wrote a song which went “You told me on the phone that I’m not welcome here. You told me on the phone that that’s the stance.” About office friends cutting one off from his love. Almost the next day they introduced the mobile phone.

  2. Good transition to having Oscar have a good talk with his Mum. She can help boost his moods during the chemo. Ava is not going to keep his child away from him, legally or otherwise. Even if she is a bitch from Hell. Not liking her much for what she is putting Oscar through. I mean, really, how could she. I do believe it may have been her intent deep inside all this time that she was going to bail. Just was waiting for the perfect timing and for Oscar to say just the right words so it looked like he was at fault for their failed union. I have some choice words traveling around my head I would say to her. But I will keep them to my self. Keep them coming. I know I have a lot to read, which is going to be fun. This really is really a great story. And you do the storytelling so finely. Onward to at least one more. Can’t stop myself. Never say only one. 🙂 Jk

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