“From the beginning!” Oscar ordered.

“I can’t!”

“Tell me!”

“S-Sebastian isn’t dead and yes, they did find him.”

“I gathered that. What about your contact with him?”

“I text him once in a blue moon, that’s all! We did used to live with him!”

“ Why couldn’t you just be honest with me Ava? You’re a heartless liar!”

“Oh get a grip. Sebastian changed universities because of you.

“This is crap, I don’t believe you, not for one moment! What on earth did I do? How was I to know that he liked you?! He never bothered to make an effort, nor did he show any affection towards you!”

“What’s this, question time?”

“You’re absolutely vile do you know that. I’ve never met anyone like you!”

“Except your excuse of a Mother.”

“Take that back right now!”

“She doesn’t give two shits about you!”

“Neither do you!”

“Yes Oscar! You’re right there! You’ve completely broken me. You’ve caused me to crack and pushed me right to the verge of a breakdown!”

“Utter shit! You choose to stay indoors 24/7, you could be out there enjoying life!”

“I just don’t want to okay! Oh yippee for you! You call your Mum about once a month!”

“For your information we call each other most nights!”

“Since when?”

“Since I got diagnosed.”

“Exactly! It’s only out of sympathy or maybe guilt!”

“What would you know?”

“You know exactly what I mean Oscar!”

“No, no I don’t.”

“Okay, so I do have to spell it out to you? So, your Mother has been a shit one…”

“How can you be the judge of that?”

“You’ve told me enough. Anyway, now you’ve been diagnosed with Leukaemia she feels sorry for you and guilty because of the way she’s behaved and now she’s showing an interest. It’s as simple as that really. She’ll ditch you as soon as you’re better or die!”

“Un-be-lievable! You’re great at twisting things aren’t you Ava? You’re quite the manipulative little bitch!”


“Shut up and let me finish! I’ve let you push me around for too long. You walk over me like I’m a piece of carpet. Let me tell you straight. At the moment I’m finding it very hard to like you. Yes I still love you, but this isn’t working any more!”

“I do not push you around! You’re actually pathetic, you have turned my life into a misery and as part of the bargain got me fucking pregnant as well!  Do you think that I want this child? Well! Do you?”

“I know for a fact you don’t!”

“One Oscar is bad enough in my life, let alone two! You bring me bad luck, misery and drain any ounce of happiness I have! I’ve really had enough.”

“Which is why I think we should separate and call the engagement off Ava!”


“I can’t do this any more. I want to be a Dad more than anything, but I don’t want you.”

“I swear to God! If you leave me then you’ll never see your child. I’ll bloody make sure of it, even if it means that I have to move abroad just to get away from you.

“We’re finished. I want my ring back.”

“Here have your cheap, shitty ring back. It means nothing, absolutely nothing!

She pulled the ring off her finger, throwing it at Oscar but missed. “You’ll not see me or this child ever again! Ps Sebastian is so much better in the bedroom than you are.”

Ava turned on her heels, storming out of the door. Oscar let out an exasperated cry, slumping onto the sofa. Should he go after her, take back everything that he just said. Oscar meant every single word. Moments later Ava stormed back inside, Oscar faced the other way as she waddled up the staircase to fetch her suitcase.

You’re no longer part of my life Oscar! You’re dead to me and this baby! You’ll never see your child! I’m going to bloody well make sure of it!

Oscar grabbed her arm. “This baby is as much mine as it is yours.”

“Let go of me you freak!” Ava slapped Oscar hard across his face, wriggling free.

“You’re a sperm donor, nothing more! Today is the day that I wash my hands of you and your sad little existence. You’re getting sicker every day and yes, you might die. It’s more than likely actually, you look a state. I’ll never, ever take back what I said because I meant every single word. You are the only person who has ever pushed me to mental breaking point!  Congratulations you must feel so proud of yourself dick head! I’m only sorry that it’s too late to have an abortion!”

To be continued…


29 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 106

      1. Yikes, Sophie, I guess is my response to conflict!! I’m wondering what’s going to happen next, now that Ava has unloaded all this on Oscar. A lot of anger and bitterness there!

      2. Ha! I can’t believe Ava said what she did! Of course I know what it will lead to….. but what do you think is going to happen next?

      3. Funny your asking me, Sophie! 😉 It depends if Ava was just throwing a fit, or if she cools down enough to give Oscar one . . .more . .. chance. What do YOU think will happen next?

      1. At least a nightmare is just a bad dream! She is real in flesh and bad. The only remedy is to get as far away as one can

  1. Heartless bitch. Well, those words have been growing for a long time. You have to keep the communications open or that’s what you get all at once. The words are out there now. Somehow, Oscar has to recover and sue Ava for custody. She is not going to win any mother of the year awards. Must read on. Thought I could just read one more but now I have to find out a bit more before I can sleep. Great writing. So bloody convincing. WOW !!! Jk

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