Oscar startled, sensing a cool hand upon his forehead.

“Oscar you’ve been asleep for 12 hours, you’d better wake up now, otherwise you’ll struggle to sleep tonight.”


“Feel any better?”

“A bit, but it’s hard to say. I’ll know after my shower.”

“All you seem to do is eat, sleep and shower.” Ava sighed.

“It’s all I can do for now. I wont be long.”

“And then what? Will you try to eat something?”

“We’ll see.”

“I hate the way that you use food!”

“I’m sorry?”

“It’s like some kind of control mechanism!”

“Ava, I’m just not hungry.”

“Will you have a drink then?”

“Fine, just water will be great.”

“There’s no calories in water, you’ve lost weight again! I’m certain of it!”

“Just focus on yourself and the baby. Forget about me for a little while. Please go to a Mother and baby group, it will do you the world of good to leave the house. That little leaflet is still on the kitchen notice board, there’s one this afternoon 2pm-4pm. Think about it?”

“Baby group? The baby isn’t even born yet.”

“Go and have a read of the leaflet.”

“Do I have to?”

“Ava you spend too much time cooped up indoors.”


“I have no choice, but you can go out. You should go for walks and meet up with friends for coffee. You had other friends in lectures didn’t you?”

“Yes… but….”

“But what? Ava you have to make the effort! Facebook message somebody out of the blue. How about Gemma? She was a nice girl, fairly quiet but always lovely. Do you have her number?”

“She’ll think I’m odd!”

“No she wont! Try her and arrange something.”

“I don’t even think she knows that I’m pregnant.”

“Go and do it now. You need to get out.”

“She was a loner!”

“So are you!”

“No I’m not, I-I have you and Sebastian.”


“HAD Sebastian.”

“You said have! Shit! He’s not dead is he?”

“Oscar look….”

“Tell me Ava!”

“Okay fine. I suppose I have no choice. So that body that they found in the canal…”


“That wasn’t him.”

“So they found him? Did they, well?!”

“Yes, yes they did!”

“Holy shit! Pass me my laptop now. How could you keep this from me? How long ago was that?”

“Erm three weeks ago?”

“Three weeks!”

Oscar grasped his laptop, typing into the search engine. He pulled up the page.

‘The body discovered was not that of the missing student Sebastian Jackson, who was feared dead.’

“Okay, so the body in the canal wasn’t him?”

“Leave it Oscar! Let the past lie.”

“I will not let anything just lie as you put it! You’re such a liar!”

‘Sebastian was found alive and well near his home town one month after his disappearance.’

“So he returned home? Just like that? What the hell?!”

“He’s fine, what more do you actually need to know?”

“It’s the fact that you didn’t even tell me! We’re an item, we need to be truthful with each other. When I proposed to you we made a commitment. Why were you so interested in him after what he did? Do you have feelings for Sebastian? No wait, don’t even answer that! Holy shit Ava!”

“Unlike you, I actually bothered to follow the case. I knew in my heart of hearts that he wasn’t dead.”

“Where- where is he now?”

“Still at home obviously!”

“Christ Almighty I can’t believe this!”

“Stop blaspheming!”

“Shut up! God Ava! How many times have you seen him? Since, since…”

“Sit down for heaven’s sake, you look like you’re about to pass out.”

Ava pulled out the footstool, pushing Oscar abruptly onto it. “You’re such a fucking drama queen honestly, stop thinking about yourself 24/7! There are other people in this world apart from you. The world doesn’t revolve around you and your cancer sob story. Sebastian hasn’t had it easy either, he had no-one else to turn to.”

“Turn to! You helped him? When?”

“What does that matter? It’s none of your business!”

“It is when you’re supposed to be my fiancée and carrying our child! Tell me everything!”


“I swear to God Ava, you’re going to make me say things which I know I’ll regret. Now tell me!”

To be continued……


17 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 105

  1. This doesn’t sound nice. There is a volcano waiting to erupt and I don’t want to be close when it does erupt.
    I like the development of the plot.

      1. Well, if she wasn’t then she’d better have a very good reason for not telling Oscar about seeing him because “not wanting to worry him” isn’t a good enough reason!

  2. Wow! I did not see that one coming. So he is alive. I get to hear more about this Sebastian. Surely, they will have a great deal to talk about, Ava keeping secrets. Hmmmmmm!!! Jk

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