“It’s a great way of bonding with the baby but still, if it annoys you I’ll try to stop.”

“Thank God! I still can’t believe you have to go into hospital the day after tomorrow. Shit what will you do?”

“Do what they tell me. I have to get better for you and our baby.”

Ava nodded. “It will be weird here without you, lonely in fact.”

Oscar patted Ava’s hand. “You’ll be fine without me.”

“Yes well, that’s easy enough for you to say!” Oscar ignored her comment.

“I have a consultation with my midwife mid-week so that will take up a few hours.”

“Why didn’t you mention it?”

“It’s rare for Fathers to come to the appointment.”

Oscar nodded. “Fair enough, but you could have told me.”

“It slipped my mind.”

“Please tell me everything.”

“I will, I’ll write it down.”

“Good, what about antenatal classes?”

“Oh them? I really don’t fancy it, they look so boring!”

“How do you know unless you try? Ava I’m not going to lie, if I was in your shoes I would have been going whenever I could!”

“Yes, well I’m not you am I!”

“No, you’re your own person and I respect that. But it wont kill you go to one!”

Ava gritted her teeth. “Okay, one.”

Oscar smiled weakly. “You might really surprise yourself and get a lot out of it.”

“I doubt that very much.”

A tear trickled down Oscar’s cheek. “Oscar? Oscar don’t cry. Treatment is so much more advanced than it used to be, don’t get upset.”

He laughed nervously, wiping away a tear. “Look at me crying like an idiot. I’ll be fine. My emotions seem to be all over the place at the minute! I really want to go for a walk or something, it’s such a beautiful day.”

Ava shook her head. “You’re not well enough, you can barely stand.”

Oscar sighed. “I’ll sit in the back yard for a while.”

“Do you want me to join you?”


“I’ll meet you out there. I’m starving, do you want something to eat?”

Oscar shook his head. “I’m not hungry, but a glass of water would be lovely. I’ll have a quick shower.”

“You haven’t eaten all day! Have something to settle your stomach, I have bread sticks? I really fancy humus. I think I might make myself a little platter.”

“Alright, I’ll try bread sticks.”

“Good, I’ll be out in a minute.”

Oscar showered rapidly and limped slowly into the back garden, appreciating the sun’s gentle beams upon his face. He stood there, tilting his head back, closing his eyes.

“What are you doing?”

“Oh erm, enjoying the sun. Here I’ll do that.” Oscar spread the blanket upon the warm ground.

“Put the water and bread sticks down. I’ll give you a hand to sit down.” He gently held Ava’s hands, ensuring that she was safely seated. He inhaled sharply as his joints smarted as he bent down.

“Are you okay? Do you need painkillers?”

“N-no, I’ll be fine. It’s lovely to be outside in the sun, I need to make the most of it while I can.”

“Your hair is still damp. You look really flushed.

“It will soon dry, I’m okay.”

He patted Ava’s stomach gently, the foetus kicking in return.

“Wow! That was so strong! Amazing!”

“I felt it! Our child is practically beating me up inside.”

Oscar laughed. “Always  the drama queen.”

“Oscar I’m not the one who goes around fainting in hospital corridors.”

Oscar gritted his teeth. “Uncalled for.” He abruptly pulled his hand away, staring in the opposite direction.

“Oscar it was a bit of a joke.”

“Yes, I was joking, but you took it a step further.”

“Alright! Don’t get in a huff with me like some moody teenager!”

Well at least apologise!”


“Go on…”

“Oh okay, fine I’m sorry. We can’t even sit outside without having an argument!”

“No one asked you to sit with me!”

“You agreed to it! I can’t be bothered with you when you’re sat there wallowing in self-pity. Don’t you dare try to drag me down with you.”

“Let’s start again shall we?”

Oscar, I don’t think you understand how difficult you are to live with at the moment! It’s so draining and stressful!”

“Go inside Ava.”

“Make me.”

Oscar rose to his feet, storming inside. An argument was the last thing he wanted, not now, not with this vast amount of pain he was enduring. He needed painkillers and fast. Oscar rooted in the cupboard, stumbling across a packet of ibuprofen. That would have to do, not strong enough, but better than nothing. He swallowed them without water and grasped the banister, stumbling upstairs into his bedroom, seating himself on his bed. Oscar placed a hand to his burning forehead and removed his T-shirt, catching a glimpse of his bruised back in his small mirror.

‘Idiot! Fancy passing out in the middle of the hospital. How embarrassing!’ He thought, as he climbed exhausted into bed.

To be continued…


26 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 104

  1. I hate Oscar. He passed out in a hospital–and he’s embarrassed about it? I’d be scared shitless. And I wouldn’t give much attention to anything else, even my pregnant wife.

      1. I guess it’s hard for me to remember what being a young adult was like–I suppose I made some of the same assumptions, allowed myself to be cowed by certain ‘absolutes’ that didn’t really exist..

      2. To what purpose, if they go on to do the same things in their next relationship? Considering their parental responsibilities, they ought to try harder to be less selfish. But conflict resolution and fiction don’t really go together, do they, or atleast not until the last chapter….

  2. Hmm I don’t know. I think Oscar feels embarrassed about fainting because he has Ava complaining in his ear about having to do everything by herself. He’s trying to be strong for her like she’s demanding him to be but right now, he just doesn’t have the strength.

    As for his relationship with the baby, that baby is probably his sole reason for trying to survive right now. Ava probably is jealous of it in an unconscious way. At the moment though, she just feels like everything is an inconvenience for her: the baby, the leukemia, etc.

    The relationship between Oscar and Ava are certainly messed up. They’re very wrong for each other and it shows whenever they argue with each other every 5 minutes. There’s nothing like a crisis happening to show just how well or not well a relationship fits together.

    In an ideal world, I’d love for Oscar to survive his cancer and to raise the baby himself with the love that baby needs and leaving Ava to go her own way. But whether this story ends like it would in my ideal world or in another way is another matter.

    1. I LOVE THIS ANALYSIS!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do it.
      I also want Oscar to survive, but at the moment I’m not 100% sure what’s going to happen (I’ve written up to part 119) and the baby hasn’t been born yet!

      Ava & Oscar’s relationship is horrible, they’d be so much better off without each other. I think Oscar will make a great Dad, but his illness may stand in the way should he get sicker. Who knows (because I haven’t got that far)

      I love hearing people’s views! Thanks!

  3. Something I love is that you’re naturally gifted at this writing game. You manage to make believable and realistic dialogue, which is next to impossible for many people to do. Great work!

    1. Thank you so much, I do find that writing dialogue is something which comes writing naturally to me. I think the trick is not trying too hard! 🙂

  4. Ava is making Oscar’s condition even worse by constant bitching! She is acting like a person chooses to faint or not. It’s hard to even sympathise with her

    1. Of course she is. She’s selfish and I don’t think she has a compassionate bone in her body. Oscar would be better off without her, but you’ll have to read on and see what happens 😉

  5. I see she is at it again. What she’s been through. Who is she kidding. Leukemia so trumps pregnancy, at least at this stage. Giving birth can be dangerous, so what is she thinking. Go to the classes you dolt. You need to realize what you are getting into, also. Oscar seems to have all the brains and sensitivity. Needed a good story to calm me down. Had a great wave or blast of creativity going on over the past few days and weeks and a long time of being in another zone of not such good places either but I must say my muse loves to tease me and make me suffer some times for my art. Last minute, need to stay calm. Something always arrives on time, just like Santa Claus. Great moving the story along. I get so centered when I read your writing. It has a calming effect on me. I feel like I never left. I get right back into the middle of everything that is going on. Marvelous. Maybe one more before I sleep. I can’t believe I am still awake. Up all night again. It is 9am here, so I have been awake since yesterday afternoon. Not as long as it seems. But need to sleep. Have a full week of appts. Getting an MRI of my brain and right knee. Not connected to each other. Different docs. Hope they find something in my brain that explains what Oscar did at the hospital. Thought the fainting stopped but started up again last Thursday. And I have no appetite. Can’t smell the food but will eat if I take a bite and like it. Oddest thing. So on to the next chapter/part. I decided to call mine chapters. A chapter is the main division of a book or other writing; a part; a division. It makes no difference the length. I wrote over 1400 words last night/ really in the same waking time as now. I think that counts as a chapter if it contains all the elements of a beginning, middle and end to a complete telling of part of a story that is part of a book. The muse had some very interesting twists and turns. She threw a curve at me, that i truly did not see coming. I have been milling it over in my mind. Trying to find what it was I was meant to write about. I knew what I wanted to focus on but I needed the other half that went with it. Surprising how it suddenly appears like that. had no idea it was on its way until a sentence popped into my head and I couldn’t set up my Word page fast enough to get the sentence down and then like a dam it came flooding out. It was great fun. I haven’t reread it yet. I am waiting until I get some sleep and then I will do the editing and post early in the AM tomorrow morning on Tuesday. Well, I do go on. Sorry. Now I want to read your next chapter and then I have got to put on my ear buds and some good tunes, then sleep for awhile. Thanks for listening. 😎 Jk

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