Oscar turned onto his front, his cheek buried into the pillow. Sleep came to him sooner as he had expected.


Buzzing? What was that noise? Oscar’s eyes fluttered open as he grasped his mobile phone which sat upon the bedside table. It was Janet.

“Hi Mum!” Oscar stated, trying to sound cheery.

“You’ve had your results haven’t you?”


“Please tell me that they were negative.”

“There’s no easy way of telling you, so I might as well just get it out in the open. I have Leukaemia.”

“Oh shit. Oh my god!”

“Mum? Mum are you still there?”

“I’m still here Oscar.” Janet whispered. “How did you take it? The news I mean.”

Well, I thought I coped reasonably well erm until….”

“Until what?”

“Erm, I probably got up too hastily or something and then I kind of passed out in the hospital corridor, it was very embarrassing!”

“Jesus Oscar! How long were you out for?”

“Oh not long, maybe a minute or two. I was well looked after. I’m okay now, I’ve just been resting.”

“Good. How’s Ava, how did she take the news?”

“She was pretty calm. I wasn’t sure about her coming with me, but she insisted.”

“I’m glad someone was there with you. What now?”

“You mean treatment wise? I’ll start a course of chemotherapy soon.”


“The day after tomorrow in fact. I’ll be fine Mum! Really, Mum?”

“What?” Janet sniffed.

“Are- are you crying?”

“N-no, just a little piece of dust in my eye. Oscar I want to see you, I have more money these days so I can afford train travel and such.”

 “I want to come to Chester and see you Oscar.”

“Really? Just like that? I don’t understand. I feel so confused right now.”


“A few months ago you wouldn’t even call me and couldn’t wait to get away during my phone calls!”

“Shit. You really think that Oscar?”

“I know for a fact!”

“Thing is, I feel better in myself these days. My job makes me incredibly happy and gives me a sense of belonging and of course I’ve stayed off the alcohol. Counselling works wonders, you should try it. How long is it until the baby is due now?”

“Erm about 16 weeks.”

And you really think that you’re going to cope do you? This chemotherapy is going to be a huge shock to your system, I hope you realise this! You’re going to be knocked for six, all you’ll want to do is sleep all the time, let alone look after a new-born baby. Do you think Ava is going to be in the least bit understanding? I doubt it.”

“Mum, I know it’s going to be difficult, but you barely know her!”

“Difficult? Have you just heard a word that I’ve just said?”

“Yes. “

“So long as she doesn’t give birth when I’m in hospital.”

“How long are you going in  for?”

“I’m not exactly sure. They think a couple of weeks, but that all depends. Maybe three?”

“What did Ava say when she found out?”

“She was worried.”

“About you or herself?”

“Both I guess.”

“Good luck, you’re going to need it.”


“What else can I say?”

“Mum I didn’t ask for Leukaemia, none of this was pre planned, not even the baby. I’ll just have to go with the flow.”

“God help you!”

“Please stop making me feel worse about this whole thing! I know you mean well, but you’re not exactly offering to help are you? I mean, I’m sure the baby would love to meet it’s Grandma.”


“She’d love it I’m sure.”


“Oh I meant the baby.”

“You said she!”

“I just have a feeling that it might be a girl that’s all, but I don’t mind either way.”

“I’ll think about it, bye Oscar.”

“See you.”

Oscar sighed, placing his phone on his bedside table. He heard Ava’s footsteps coming up the staircase. She frowned entering the room.

“What are you doing? You should be asleep.”

“My Mum rang.”

“What about?”

“She wanted to know about my results.”

“How did she react?”

“Erm she was shocked and concerned, but then went a bit off with me once I started talking about the baby.”


“She just doubts me I guess, I don’t know. Still, I can’t complain at least she had the decency to phone, we’re making tiny steps of progress , better than nothing.”

“Ooh!” Ava placed a hand on her bump, grabbing Oscar’s hand. “The baby is going nuts. Oh it’s stopped now, hang on talk again I think it’s you.”

“Erm okay.” Oscar rubbed Ava’s stomach. “Hello, has your Mummy been feeding you well today? I saw that you had some chocolate cake earlier, that must have been nice.”

“There? Feel it, it kicked again! It seems to like the sound of your voice, I wonder why that is?” Ava rolled her eyes.


“You talk to it at random hours during the night!”

“Oh that. Sorry, sometimes it has to be done.”

“Not at 3am it doesn’t!”

“Oh Ava that was once!”

“Twice, maybe three times?”

“The baby likes it!”

“Yes, but I don’t!”

To be continued…..


19 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 103

  1. This is a good and realistic continuation to the story. I like the way Oscar’s mum talks and kind of is not all nice and rosy. Moms have lots of variations. I hope that Oscar and Ava’s baby is a daughter, would make it like a premonition!

    1. Thank you. I’m so glad that it’s realistic, that’s one of the main things that I always worry about! Oscar and his Mum need to work on their relationship, but they’ve made progress since the start. Ahh you’ll have to wait and see 😉

  2. I use to love when hubby talked to our babies while I was still pregnant. Celine recognised his voice within minutes of birth and actually lift her head up to look at him the second he spoke. I will never forget that.

  3. I like the fact that Oscar talks to the baby but if it starts a response in the baby, waking him, so to speak, it is rather a bother for Ava, b/c it is her body that feels the kick. Have no idea if that is pleasant when asleep. Seems to be ok during waking hours. My niece is expecting her second baby. Just had her first ultra-sound a few weeks back. Another in 3 1/2 weeks. Can wait. We had such a psychic experience around the name of the baby. I wrote her that I thought the baby should have a certain girls name. She wrote back that she and my nephew-in-law wanted that name if it was a girl the first time around. She never ever told me. Now how far out is that.
    We are all hoping for a girl. She had a boy first. He is so cool. I hope Oscar gets his daughter. Ava doesn’t seem to care what the sex is. I don’t know of any caring mother to be not to want to read all about what is ahead. I’m an avid reader and if something comes into my awareness that I want to understand I want to absorb all the information I can find. Ava’s lack of curiosity is truly amazing. We’ll see as I keep reading. Need to check out now. Great writing and reading. I know I am way behind where your present writing is but I will get there. And then I will start at the beginning. Cannot wait to find out what happens next. One last comment, great going with Oscar and his mum. I do hope his mum has really started to change for the good. 🙂 Jk

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