“Oscar, come on now, don’t get upset. Shhh it’s okay. I know this has come as a shock to you, I think you’re in need of a little TLC aren’t you.”

“I’m okay, I’ll be fine once my treatment starts. I’m so mortified, fainting in a hospital corridor in front of lots of people isn’t what I had in mind!”

“They were all really concerned about you. To be fair, if you’re going to faint, then a hospital is probably the best place to be, surrounded by medical experts.”

Oscar forced a smile. “I was well looked after.”

“Lets go to the car and get you home.” Oscar nodded.

“Why did you go darting out like that after your received the news? It was a stupid thing to do!”

Erm, I can’t remember.” Oscar stated, not wanting to mention anything about May to Ava.

“It was like you’d just seen somebody that you knew, but anyway it doesn’t matter now. You look physically drained, you should go to bed when we get in I think.”

“Alright. What are your plans for the rest of the day?”

“I have no idea Oscar, I don’t have any.”

“You should arrange to meet up with someone.”


“You don’t seem keen.”

“I’m not in the mood today! My back is killing me!”

“I feel really bad Ava, go and relax on the sofa then. I’m fine now, I really didn’t mean to cause such a drama.”

“Was it the shock of it all?”

“I don’t know. I thought I’d already accepted the fact that I had Leukaemia, but anyway, as soon as I start my chemotherapy the better. I just need to get well again.”

“Well, don’t worry about that at the moment. Just get some sleep and I’m sure that you’ll feel better. Are you sure that you’re not hurt?”

“A little bruised maybe, where I fell. Apart from that, no.”

Oscar pressed his head against the car window.

“You know how I can tell that you really don’t feel well?”


“When you press your head like that against the car window. I’ll roll it down a bit for you and get some fresh air in here. You should try and eat something else before you go to bed.”

“I’m really not hungry.”

“You must try, we have bananas and nectarines in the fruit bowl, I could make you a smoothie?”

“I don’t know if I could stomach milk.”

“I’ll use orange juice.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“They say if you’re diagnosed then you should eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Increase your vitamin C levels.”

“You can say it you know!”

“Say what?”


“Oh I thought that I did. Now then out the car you get, just go straight upstairs and into my room. I’ll meet you up there.”

Oscar nodded, pacing slowly upstairs while Ava made his drink. He sat cautiously on Ava’s bed, his joints aching. ‘Why me’ he thought. ‘Am I being punished? Perhaps I didn’t appreciate life enough and now this is my comeuppance.’  He stared vacantly at Ava’s bedroom wall.

“Here Oscar, take your T-shirt off. Oscar Why did you jump?”

“Sorry, I was deep in thought.”

Ava placed the smoothie down one the bedside table, gently removing Oscar’s T-shirt.

“Oh shit!”


“You- you have a huge bruise on your back from where you fell. Here look in my mirror, wait a minute I’ll put a brighter light on.”

“Oh yes, I see it now.”

“That looks nasty! It’s huge! Does it hurt?”

Just a little bit.”

“What a mess! That’s going to take ages to go down!”

“It’s a bruise Ava. On the scale of things, it really doesn’t matter.”

“Hmm someone’s in a bad mood. I’ll leave you in peace, I wouldn’t mind a lie down myself.”

“I’m not. Lie next to me?”

“You should really sleep.”

“I will. Please? How’s the baby?”


“Good. Oh Ava, I went to the library the other day like I said and picked up a load of baby books if you’d like to read them? They’re under my side of the bed. I’ve already scanned through them.”

“Oh, okay. I might do.” Ava shrugged. “If I get bored that is.”

“Aren’t you interested?”

“I suppose I will be once the baby is born, but right now, no not really. I’m not looking forward to having another tie.”

“Oh great, you think I’m a tie?”

“Isn’t that obvious?!”

“No-one makes you stay in the house all day Ava. You’re a free spirit, you make the choices, so don’t blame me!”

“Go to sleep Oscar.”

“It is the truth though. Your old Uni friends are just a phone call away.”

“It takes one to know one!”

“Hmmm, I know, but I’m not the one complaining! I love you both so much, you and little bump here. You mean the world to me. Will you not lie next to me? Please Ava.”

 “I hope you feel a bit better when you waken.” Ava stood up, avoiding eye contact and coldly exited her bedroom.

To be continued….


25 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 102

  1. I think Rajat says he knows you got your eyes and mind together and this is why you write beautifully. I couldn’t agree more! 🙂 This writing is very well done indeed. Thanks for sharing, Sophie. I feel like having read part of a novel. Makes me want to read the whole novel!

      1. Thank you so much. Do you think that Oscar has chanced a fair bit from the character he was in the beginning? I’m so glad that you like him 🙂

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