The light upon the ceiling zoomed back into focus, the sound around him returning.

“Shit, he’s with me. Hang on just let me through. Stop crowding him! He’s not a zoo exhibit, you heard what I said!”

Ava pushed her way through the crowd. “Oscar? Can you hear me?”

No reply. “Can- can someone please get a nurse or something? I’m surprised there’s no-one around in the corridors.” A tall blonde haired woman scurried off to find one.

“It’s al right Oscar, we need to get the blood to flow back to your brain, don’t try and get up in case you pass out again. I need to hold your legs up so that the blood flows back to your head. P-please can someone help me?”

An older woman nodded, gently taking hold of Oscar’s legs and placed them against her as Oscar slowly came around. A nurse, hearing the commotion, came out one of the surgeries, gazing at the pale semi-conscious Oscar.

“He’s coming round, you all did the right thing. What’s his name?”

“O-oscar.” Ava stammered.

“Oscar can you hear us? Try and open your eyes again for me, that’s it.”

Oscar sighed. “I’m really sorry.” He mumbled.

“Don’t be.” The nurse stated kindly. “Just stay where you are, I have a blood pressure monitor here, good job I came out into the corridor. Here I’ll just place this around your arm. Hmmm it’s very low, do you know what could have caused it?”

“He’s just been diagnosed with Leukaemia!” Ava hissed.

“I-I’m sorry. After you received the news did you sit down for a while?”

“No, he went rushing out of the doctor’s surgery like some kind of maniac! I should have known this would have happened.”

The nurse tilted her head. “Why do you say that?

“He’s been ill, he needed to sit down after hearing the news, but he went against the doctor’s orders.”

“People react in different ways. How do you feel now Oscar?”

“A- a little better. Can I sit up now?”

“Yes.” A small healthcare assistant was soon at her side. “I’m Avril and this is Anita. What we’ll do is we’ll get you into a wheelchair. The doctor’s surgery is free at the end Anita, so we can wheel him in there.”

“I- I’ll be fine.”

“We need to re-do your blood pressure, we’ll get you some water.”

“Were you busy? I’m really sorry.”

“Don’t you worry, we were on our break. You haven’t disturbed anything important.”

They gently helped him to his feet. Anita gently pushed Oscar into the empty doctor’s surgery at the end, placing the brakes onto the wheelchair. Avril handed him a small plastic cup of water and gave another one to Ava, who drank thirstily. Avril gently placed the blood pressure cuff around his arm.

“Your temperature is quite high, 37.7. I’m surprised at your blood pressure though, it’s actually quite low. Did you eat before your appointment?

Oscar recalled the untouched cereal bar which sat in his pocket and shook his head.

“I felt really sickly this morning, so I didn’t eat. I did bring a cereal bar with me, but forgot to eat it. I had too much on my mind.”

“Alright. You’re not diabetic are you?”


“I’ll get you some orange juice to go with your cereal bar, it will help you to boost your blood sugar.”

Oscar nodded. “Thanks.” Anita handed Ava one. Oscar drank the refreshing liquid thirstily.

“We’ll give that 10 minutes or so to kick in, then re do your blood pressure.” Avril smiled at Ava. “How far on are you, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I’m erm…”

“She’s 25 weeks pregnant.” Oscar smiled.

“How lovely.Do you know what you’re having?”

“I really want a little boy.” Ava stated as a matter of fact.

Oscar nodded. “Ava wants a boy, but I don’t mind either way so long as she and the baby remain healthy.”

“Yes absolutely. How do you feel now Oscar?”

Tired and a little spaced out, but I feel okay. The nausea has gone thank God!”

“That’s good. Would you like another drink?”

“No I’m fine thank you, Ava?”

Ava shook her head. “No I feel like my bladder’s about to burst, do you have a toilet?”

Avril smiled. “I remember the feeling when I was pregnant with my little boy Simon. Just turn out of here, it’s two doors down on your left.”


Ava sighed with relief, scurrying into the bathroom and into the cubicle. She exited the toilet, washing her hands and gazed at her reflection in the mirror. She placed a hand onto her baby bump, rubbing her stomach. ‘God! It’s active today.’ She thought, returning into the little room, relieved that the colour had fully returned to Oscar’s chalky cheeks.

“You look so much better Oscar.”

“I feel it. Would we be able to go now?”

“It’s been about 10 minutes. I’ll just re-do your blood pressure, if I’m happy with it then I’ll let you go. Ah yes 109/60 that’s better, still a little bit lower than I would have liked. Is it always slightly low?”

“Yes, it’s normally around the 110 mark.”

“We should probably do an ECG.”

Oscar shook his head. “It’s not my heart. I’ve already had all those tests.”

“Alright. You can go, just go and sit outside in the sun for a little while, don’t go rushing off anywhere. Are you you sure that you feel well enough.”

“I’ll be very careful, I promise.”

Ava gently took Oscar’s hand. “Come on, we should sit by the front entrance for 10 minutes, you really gave me a shock there.”

To be continued…


17 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 101

  1. That is good he recovered from fainting so quickly. It is such a strange thing when the heart gets confused and forgets to send the blood to your brain. OJ is quite a healer at times like that. Well, done. Ava even impressed me. Jk 🙂

    1. Yeah, he did recover pretty quickly *poor Oscar!* I have to say that it’s never really happened to me, but I’m very glad that the orange juice gave him energy!

      1. I know too much about fainting. If you ever have any questions feel free to ask me. I am going through another bout with it. No one knows why. A week ago, they took by blood pressure and it was 40/77. My own Doctor had them tell me to call the doctor on call if my pressure stayed low and if need be go to the ER. I told Shawn, my partner, no way. I am not going to stay in the ER or the hospital. Freaked out the techie. Haven’t a clue why I am fainting. Just happens. Eventually, someone will figure it out. Oddest feeling in the world and nothing you can do to stop it. At least I know the signs when it is coming on and can grab a hold of something or lean against a wall or car. Your knees get rather wobbly after you start to black out. Head gets a slight soft buzzing sound. That could be an hallucination. I have crashed in the past, in so many doctors’ offices. Shocks them but fortunately I’ve never hit my head on anything. I’ve had this fainting thing on and off since I was a kid. Hope they figure it out soon. Only happens when I stand up. Sitting—no problem. May be my anemia is getting lower. I’ve had that since the Chemo & Cancer. I am not worried just want to the reason why and to stop it. Must say I haven’t felt anything since Thursday. As far as I can remember. Anyway, it is so coincidental that Oscar is going through some very similar health issues. I didn’t have Leukemia, just another kind of cancer which was diagnosed when it was in Stage 3. Those damned Lymph nodes. But I get regularly checked. Except the Republicans are messing with the healthcare of women in the US so it is messing with some of the regular tests I need every six months. Otherwise i get tested for everything else every 4 months. Hope you don’t mind I am sharing this. Just brings it to mind when I read your book. It is a good thing. To see it through your very perceptive eyes. TY Jk 🙂

      2. Oh my lord! What a scarily low BP for you to have! It is very interesting that you can relate to Oscar’s symptoms and the way that he is feeling. As you have experienced it, I hope that you think that my writing is accurate!

      3. Your writing is quite accurate. You did very thorough research, I can tell. It just seems so coincidental, the closeness of my feelings for Oscar. I have a vested interest. Yes, the numbers were low. Bit of a freak out at the time but was so tired, I didn’t have the energy to react to dramatically. But I have lots of docs to watch out for me. Eventually, they will figure it out. Your body has so many possible ways of confounding you. Jk 😉

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