“What- what are the goals? I- I mean regarding my treatment. I thought I would need screening.”

“Currently, there is no screening for Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. The goal of this first phase is to clear the blood of leukaemia cells and to reduce the number of blasts which are very immature cells in the bone marrow to normal. It usually involves treatment with 2 or 3 chemotherapy drugs that are given while you’re in hospital. It takes about a week to give the chemotherapy, and then you’ll stay in the hospital for a few weeks longer.”

“Woah, hang on that’s not possible! Ava could give birth at any time, I mean it’s possible. She’s nearly 25 weeks pregnant. I really can’t do that, not with such short notice.”

This first phase is very important, I’d strongly suggest that you follow this advice.”

“I’m sorry, it came as a shock that’s all. I thought that I might be able to have treatment from home. I’m so sorry Ava.”

Ava’s bottom lip trembled. “Jesus that’s so scary, you away and me potentially going into labour at any time.”

“You still have possibly 15 weeks to go. When would my chemo start?”

“Three days.”

“Shit! That soon? Okay, well that’s good I guess. Ava, I will be there for the birth of our baby, there’s no need to look so terrified!”

Ava pulled her hand away. “I have every right to be! Don’t make promises that are out of your control anyway. Go for the treatment and get this cancer out of your system!”

Oscar pursed his lips, inhaling deeply. “Okay, so the side effects, what about those? I only really know about hair loss.”

“Yes, hair loss is extremely common. You may experience nausea and vomiting, easy bruising, mouth sores and  loss of appetite.”

“Well, I have about ¾ of those symptoms anyway. So the others won’t make much difference. I mean what have I to lose?”

“Three days time though Oscar!”

“That’s fine, I-I have no choice.”

“Oscar you’ve gone a horrible colour. Do- do you need some water? You should go and get some fresh air.” Ava whispered.


“Do you have any other questions?”

Oscar shook his head. “N-no. ”

Doctor Cassidy nodded. “We will ring you within the next couple of days so that we can sort out your medication. Don’t go rushing off, have a sit down for a few minutes if you need to, or have a drink in the cafeteria. ”

“Thanks.” Oscar whispered as he vacantly stood up not waiting for Ava and wandered out into the corridor. A woman dressed in a long brown coat and frizzy hair flashed past his blurry eyes. He stared as she darted past,  running after her. It was May, he was sure of it. His hearing was failing him, what was happening? “May.” He called in a voice so tiny, no one heard him. Oscar swayed, reaching out for the wooden handrail, completely missing it as he slumped to the floor.


“Jesus Oscar! Oscar?!”

His eyes flickered open,  the blurry image of faces looming over him. He felt gentle hands prop him up against the wall, helping him to place his aching head between his knees. ‘ The sound is so bizarre, what is happening ?’ He placed a hand to his burning forehead. Too many people crowding him. ‘I need to get away, I need fresh air.’ He thought. Oscar crouched onto his hands and knees, reaching for the wall and attempted to stand. He felt a reassuring hand against his back, the sound coming to a halt, as he plummeted into darkness.

To be continued….


18 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 100

  1. TY for your great storytelling. I never forget what has happened. Oscar and Ava must be implanted in my brain. When Oscar went down, the doctor should have expected it. Between his diagnosis, Ava fretting about her pregnancy, she does have people she can stay with while Oscar has his treatment. Her selfishness bares no limits. Must read on. Sorry I am so sporadic. I keep your page open and on my history restore list everyday, hoping I will be able to read more of your writing. It is such an inspiration. As you proceed, it isn’t a bad idea at all to eventually consider having your book published. The world outside of WordPress would find it intriguing. Well, I will see how much I am able to read tonight. Have some other projects that demand my attention. But I couldn’t pass up reading more of Oscar and Ava’s trials. TY once again. I really do keep you in mind each day. Jk 🙂

    1. Hello JK
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I hope to get ‘Planchette’ finished within the next 10 parts or so! Ava is incredibly selfish and does herself no favours either.
      I would love to get Planchette published one day, but there are so many edits that I’ll have to make, plus I’m not as happy with the earlier parts :/

      1. Nothing says you can’t go back and change things up to the way you want them to be. I do that myself. When I am writing further in, I think I want this character to be able to do a certain thing but I started out making them so different. I changed a whole career. So, I just go back and edit who they are and what they do, to fit the continuity of the future part of the story. It really isn’t as difficult as it sounds. It, also, can be fun to see where you were to where you are now in your writing. You will notice the growth in your writing. And it will also show how good you were when you started. It really will give you a boost. Good luck with that part. It’s ok to do all the editing you want. It is actually easier to edit then to write it the fist time through. And can be more fun. It stimulates the ideas more in the editing phase. Somehow you come up with some pretty outrageous ideas and put them in your story and then wonder how the hell am I going to pull that off. It’s your muse or inspiration. You plant the ideas and let your subconscious work it out. When it’s ready, believe it or not the ideas will start streaming out. And hopefully, will resolve what it is you want to write. It will be alright. You’ll see. Going back and re-editing won’t be the chore you think it will be. Just be patient with yourself and let the ideas work themselves out for you. Your brain is a magical part of you and can be quite contributive to your creativity. Good Luck. I think you will be just fine. You will see, Jk 🙂

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