“Nancy, turn off your bedside light will you? It’s getting awfully late. I can’t possibly sleep with that beaming in my eyes!” Nancy gazed up from her novel, snapping the pages shut.                                                                 

“Oh must you be so intolerant! It’s only 10.15pm, I was simply going to finish chapter five. That’s one, two, three pages to go.”

“Finish it if you must, but I’ll hold you fully to account should I sleep in tomorrow! It’s like you’re waiting up for something. Tell me this Nancy, precisely why would you go to bed bathed in perfume with rouge upon your cheeks?”

“Erm, they say that Marilyn Monroe wears Chanel no. 5 to bed. I read it in a magazine article.”

“It isn’t proper to be reading magazines! Not here. So now you’re trying to emulate her?”

“Not exactly, no.”

“If you ask me, it looks like you’re about to leave the premises. Why would you wear a slip to bed instead of night wear and wear your hair in a hair net with not a single roller in sight? Not one!”

“Oh stop being such a little busy body Diana! None of this concerns you.”

“It does when I am awoken by you returning at 4am in the morning! What pre-cis-ley were you doing last night? I have every right to express my concern! I’ve seen the way that you look at Albert Stapleton when he passes you in the corridor!”

“Don’t be such a goose! We barely notice one another. The boy’s rooms are on the other side of the school!”

“I think he likes you and you he!”

“Go to sleep Diana!”

“Not until I’m informed of the facts. You can’t hide things from me. I’m your best friend aren’t I? Surely that gives me some entitlement to the truth?!”

“Oh that’s enough and no it doesn’t!”

“Nancy, you listen to me. What attachments do you have with Albert?”

Nancy sighed. “Albie and I have become very close over the past month; we are very fond of one another!”

“Oh you have a foolish pet name for him now do you?! You’re fond of Albert! Fondness of one another! Now you listen hard! Behavior such as this is prohibited within the school, not to mention the fact that he is one year your senior!”

“Oh cool your temper, you’re like a little fire cracker aren’t you?!”

“Nancy if anyone were to find out other than me, you would both be expelled. You cannot go around kissing members of the opposite sex!”

“Oh dear.” Nancy sighed. “I think you’ve grasped the wrong end of the stick. You accuse me of failing to understand your point, but you’ve missed mine by a country mile!”

“I don’t understand.”

“Good. Just you keep it that way, we’ll say no more on the matter tonight. Goodnight Diana.”

“Now you wait a minute. Are you informing me that it was more than a kiss? It was wasn’t it?”

“Erm… I-I…..”

“Nancy! My God! What do you think you’re playing at? You cannot flounce around like some little harlot. You-you and he had sexual intercourse in this very school!  I’m right aren’t I? You are 17 years of age and Albert Stapleton is your bedfellow!”

“My what?”

“You- you are his whore!”

“How dare you fasten such a degrading label upon me! You of all people Diana! A girl who I once called my best friend, someone who stayed by your miserable side when you had nobody! ”  Nancy pulled off her hair net, teasing her hair with a comb.

“You are not married to him! Not bound by legal matrimony and if you’re pregnant well, you’ll be carrying his bastard! What precisely did you do? How far did you take things? ”

“It is no business of yours!”

“Well I think that it is. You must tell me everything or I- I’ll….”

“You’ll what? Tell everyone and get us expelled?”

“That’s not what I was suggesting, but come on now, how did this all begin? I saw you talking to him in the library a few days ago.”

“I’m allowed to talk to him aren’t I?”

“Yes, but what were you discussing so secretly while I was looking in the Home Economics section?”

“Must you know?”


“Shhh! Lower your voice. Albie said that we should go to his room as the boys on either side were away on holiday. There was less chance of us getting caught.”

“What happened then? You- you consummated your relationship?”

“Shhhh! STOP!”

“This is an outrage Nancy! You’re- you’re no better than a common prostitute!”

Nancy stood up, slapping Diana across the face. She yelped, grasping her cheek. Nancy pulled her dressing gown more tightly around herself, placing on her slippers leaving a flabbergasted Diana seated upon her bed.

“I am no man’s whore.”


44 thoughts on “Bedfellow

      1. Naw! Don’t do that. What’s one-off. There’s no one-off. I’m dead sure it’s still there floating around in your subconscious. Pull it out and tell us what happens next! 😀

  1. It reads beautifully and the character names and speech evoke the 1930’s for me. I would definitely want to read more if you decided to develop it further!

      1. It is fun to read too, I don’t remember my boarding school reads being half as fun when I was a child, one of the benefits of reading fiction aimed at a more adult audience!

    1. Thank you! Yes I have, I just wanted to prove to myself that I can write in different styles. I think I might try to make a mini series out of ‘Bedfellow’ but we’ll see 🙂 ….

  2. Love it. Well done. I’m really enjoying your short pieces, they leave me hanging for more, but sometimes you don’t want to know where it I ghat lead, and we should envisage that ourselves. 🙂

  3. Interesting situation. Do people still use the expression whore? I guess this is from the fifties or sixties.

  4. This sounds like a realistic conversation. The judgmental person is all prim and proper. I would never slap someone but I admire characters who do! Somehow it is okay for them to show that level of emotion. This is very interesting!

  5. Hi Sophie! You are a very talented writer ..keep it up! O,and I’m suggesting you writing a book with short stories or a whole big story i don’t know but i think you will do a great job .. 🙂

      1. Good morning Sophie!
        Well now you just have to make it all into paper and grab a pencil and make a picture for your book cover.
        And i will wait to hear on the news for the new “Planchette” book that’s coming up and you can send me a copy… :D:):P

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