Oscar guiltily grabbed a towel and headed into the bathroom. He opened the small window and pulled the blinds to. Oscar stood under the lukewarm water, attempting to cool his skin. What was with Ava? She was so techy all of the time. ‘Hormones’ Oscar thought. ‘Get a grip and stop taking everything in life to heart’ He washed and dried himself and crept into his own bedroom, it just wouldn’t do to wake poor Ava again. Oscar groaned as he noticed another large bruise upon his left ankle. ‘How did that happen?’ he cursed, sitting himself on his bed and taking off his tracksuit bottoms, still wearing his boxers. It was too hot to even think about clothes. He pulled his duvet away from the bed and covered himself with a single sheet, falling into an exhausted sleep.


Nausea, that horrible sensation within his stomach. Oscar sat bolt upright in bed staring around the darkened room. He rubbed his stomach, feeling his scorching forehead. He glanced at the discarded sheet upon the floor. As Oscar wretched, he placed a hand to his mouth and darted into the bathroom, vomiting into the toilet. Hazy eyed, he crawled over to the bath and rested his cheek upon the cool porcelain edge, his breathing shallow. He heard the gently pitter patter of footsteps and felt a hand upon his back.


“Ava, I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, you can’t help it, here wipe your face.”

She handed Oscar a damp flannel which Oscar received gratefully. “Thanks.” He whispered.

“Can- can you stand?”

“I’ll just be a minute, don’t worry Ava you can go back to bed.”

“I’m not leaving you, I’m awake now, so…”


“Oscar I’ll get you some water. Just stay there and please don’t try and get up, you’ve turned a horrible colour, how do you feel?”

“Groggy and really overheated.”

“Do you feel like you’re going to throw up again?”


“Good. Now, come back to bed. I feel wide awake now, I don’t reckon I’ll be able to get back to sleep, but that doesn’t matter.”

“I feel guilty. How’s the baby?”

“Fine, it was kicking away again earlier.”

“That’s great.”

“Not really, not for me. You have no idea how annoying it is!”

“Don’t say that!”


“Just be careful what you say Ava! Don’t jinx us. We want this baby to be a healthy one.”

“Oh stop being so sensitive Oscar. Honestly!”

“It’s only because I care about you and our child.”

“Whatever. I’m not convinced.”

“For God’s sake Ava! Can you stop being so techy for once?! You need to cool down.”

“I’m not the one burning up in the middle of the night.”

“You know that I didn’t mean it literally! I mean, can we actually just go for a day without having an argument. Things could be worse, much worse!”

“I don’t think so. You should try being pregnant,  it’s not easy you know!”

“Oh well, just you wait until our child comes. We wont know what has hit us believe me!”

“More like I wont know what has hit me! I’m fully prepared for the fact that I’m going to have to do everything!”

“Oh Ava who says you are? I’ll do my even, fair share!”

“No you wont. Oscar I’m watching you get sicker every day!”

“That’s rubbish. I’ve had more energy over the last week or so.”

“Yes but you look weary!”

“Oh, so you keep saying. Repeating yourself doesn’t solve anything. I’m doing everything I can, it’s out of our hands for the time being, well until the doctor phones at least.”

“Okay, come on you! Bed! Now! Do you want a drink or something to settle your stomach?”

“Just a glass of water please. Shall I sleep in my own bed?

“No, there’s no need. Where were you last night?”

“I already said, at the library. I was just doing a bit of research.”

“On what?”

“Babies and such things.” It was half the truth at least, as he had picked up half a dozen parenting books from that section of the library.

“Fair enough, still you shouldn’t be staying up too late.”

“I wont in future, sorry Ava. Try to get some more sleep. Night, or should I say morning?!”


To be continued…..


35 thoughts on “Planchette- part 97

      1. Yes, I do…keep at it. Connect with those who can help you move in that direction including classes, workshops, reading etc. 🙂 It will happen in due time, be patient ! 🙂

      2. Thanks! I fully intend to, writing is my passion. I really do need to join a writers group, but there are very few in my local area (unfortunately)

      1. Yes. And there are ways for me to do that… ways to manage time and quiet the mind and do it.

        I think I will. I see your face in my blog activity window. Thanks for your support, really. I’ll give it back by finding the first post of this story and reading it, followed by the seconds. 😉


    1. I haven’t had anyone calling her a wench before, but I don’t think she’s very popular with my readers (I’m glad because that’s what I wanted) Thanks! 🙂

  1. I love how Eva continues to bemoan the fact that Oscar may not be around to help with the baby. I also love how enabling Oscar is. He should tell Eva that she deserves to raise a baby alone for all the help she is to him. I know, I know he just can’t.

    1. Ahh I love your comment! She’s like a stuck record isn’t she, but in a way she does have a point. Oscar needs to give Ava what for, she’s so rude, but I think he’s too kind to do so. But who knows, one day his patience with her may snap!

  2. I was going to bug you about ‘techy’ because I’ve always spelt it ‘tetchy’, but the dictionary lists your spelling as a variant/synonym. Never mind.

  3. This is intriguing and I help wanting to go back to find out how Ava and Oscar got to this state? She’s a nag, that’s for sure, but Oscar must have seen something in her, right? Great story! 🙂

  4. Ava at least got up to check on Oscar and wanted him back in bed with her. That is at least something. I also agree with Oscar about saying things that could jinx the baby. I am superstitious in that way. Night. Read more then I thought I would have the energy to read. It’s almost 5am. Haven’t been up this late in awhile. Need to sleep. Be back I hope on Saturday night. Reading smoothly. A natural storyteller you definitely are. Jk 🙂

      1. Just to let you know I am more than interested in reading your work but I do enjoy it a great deal. I just haven’t been in the best condition lately. Kind of relate to the way Oscar feels. But getting better, It’s wonderful to have you storytelling to look forward to. Thank you for being such a great writer. Jk 🙂 ps. And I think somewhere deep inside you the story is churning and like in a reading it will inform you where it is heading. Watch those signs. 😎

      2. I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been well and I hope that you feel better soon!
        Aww! I’m very flattered, it’s only early days for my writing, but it’s something which comes naturally to me 🙂

      3. I am trying to improve. Decided to take some pain meds that were not advised but the surgeon was wrong. Stopping the pain has really relaxed me more. Not pain free but less. Actually wrote my post for Tuesday. Part of my book #12 letter. Between the muse & whomever, it worked. So, I know what you mean about the natural feeling. You have a gift. A treasure. I see and feel it in your writing and imagination. It is thoroughly enjoyable no matter what the situation, the pleasure is in the reading and being drawn in, that is so natural also to your talent, being able to create that subtle intrigue that awakens the readers curiosity. You have a fan in me. And I thank you for your concern. It is a slow process healing. More to come. One day I will write about it on my blog. Not ready to quite yet. Just noticed the time. 🙂 Jk

      4. I’m glad that you’re managing to control the pain. I hope that you’re doing okay.
        Thank you so much, I do feel that writing comes quite naturally to me, plus I love it so it doesn’t feel like a chore.

        *Sending you lots of healing vibes*

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