“He was difficult to live with wasn’t he?”

“You can say that again. My Dad Lee was angry and violent. I think if I ever saw him in the street I’d run a mile.”

“Where is he now?”

“I have no idea whatsoever. I lost contact with him a good few years ago.”

“I see. Whose choice was that?”

“It was mutual I guess, probably for the best. I don’t know.”

“Don’t you think that he might like to meet his Grandchild?”

“Probably not, he’ll be too off his face to even care.”

“How do you know until you try Oscar. Do you have a phone number or an address for him?”

“Not anymore, but I think Mum will.”

“If I were you, I’d ask her tomorrow.”

“I’m not so sure, but thank you anyway.”

“Give it a go Oscar, but first go home and rest. You need plenty of sleep and keep drinking lots of water.”

“I will.”

“This- this might sound strange, can I give you a hug? I think you need one.”

Oscar smiled softly, placing his arms around May, who reciprocated the hug. “I can’t thank you enough May.”

“I dare say we’ll meet again Oscar, but until then, I wish you all the best.”

Oscar wiped his nose and watched May as she toddled out of the library. She must live near by, Oscar thought. He grabbed the notebook from his pocket, scribbling down all the details of the reading. Oscar zipped up his coat and exited the library. It was colder outside than he had initially anticipated and Oscar dreaded the walk back to the house. He wondered whether Ava would be asleep yet, he hoped so as the last thing that he wished to give her was an explanation. He turned the key in the lock. All the downstairs lights were off. Not feeling at all hungry, he poured himself a glass of cold water and crept up the staircase. Much to his relief, Ava’s light was off in her bedroom. She must have had an early night after all. Oscar showered and brushed his teeth quickly, pulling on a T-shirt and track suit bottoms and slid silently into bed beside Ava. She stirred gently.

“Hmm you’re back.”

“Yeah. How are you?”

“I had a bath and got into bed early like you suggested, but you’ve just woken me!”

“Sorry Ava. Go back to sleep.”

“You’re freezing.” She mumbled.

“I’ll soon warm up. Shut your eyes.”

“Get much work done?”

“Erm yes lots.” Oscar’s stomach fluttered, he despised lying. ‘Ava will think I’ve gone mad’ he thought.

“Great. Night Oscar.”

“G-goodnight Ava.”

Oscar lay awake, staring at the shadow of the hanging light upon the ceiling,mulling in his thoughts. Ava gently snuggled into him, as she did so he placed his hands softly upon her stomach.

“Hello little one.” He whispered. “It’s Daddy again. Daddy spoke to a lady today and she was right. You already mean the world to me. Is that your little hand? I think it is! I can’t wait to meet you, but please don’t come to early. We need you to be healthy and strong to face the big wide world. I love you already. I’m tired now, goodnight.”

Oscar placed his arms around Ava’s waist and fell into a deep slumber.



“Hmmm w-what!”

“ You’ve just woken me again! You’re boiling hot! Where have all these hot flushes come from? For God’s sake!”

“Well if I do have Leukemia that will be the cause!” Oscar groaned.

“It doesn’t help that you’re clinging on to me! Were you talking in your sleep last night?!”

“Erm no, I was talking to our baby!”

“What’s the point? It isn’t even born yet!”

“Well I see a need for it!”

“Whatever. Go and cool yourself down somewhere. Have a cold shower or something it’s 3am for God’s sake!”

“Sorry Ava, I really didn’t mean to disturb you.”

“Well, next time you feel the urge to talk loudly to yourself, please can you just stop.”

“No I wont just stop doing anything! You should be doing the same!”

“Go and have your shower, don’t be long the pipes are so noisy!”

“I wont I promise! See you in the morning.”

“It is the morning! Now scoot!”

To be continued….


20 thoughts on “Planchette-Part 96

  1. Dear SophieBown–I’m very enthralled with Planchette–I share and like each day. I only mention it because it is the first one I’ve seen with a typo–’bout midway through this one there’s a ‘to’ that should be a ‘too’.. No biggie, but with your perfect writing, I assume you care about such things. Keep on keepin’ on, please.

    1. Ah thank you so much for pointing that out to me (I’m always very grateful for any feedback) I’ll go and edit it now! Thank you so much for coming back to read my work time and again! It means a lot 🙂

  2. I’m curious. Being Ava’s first pregnancy, has she not bothered to read any pregnancy books or research anything about what happens during pregnancy at all? I thought most first-time-mothers-to-be did so. Or I guess she’s still not interested in the baby itself yet like she was at the beginning.

  3. Very good with your prose. Writing good dialogue is not always an easy feat. Best wishes for continued success with your writing. BTW one of my blogging friends from last month’s challenge is having a fiction writing blog challenge. I can connect you too, if you aren’t already connected. 🙂

  4. She is rather schizo in her behavior. I’ll give her the benefit of hormones. But Oscar is right, she needs to be talking to the baby too and encouraging him, also. Really building up the tension quite well. Jk 🙂

      1. It’s really important. Talking. Music. Rubbing the tummy. Laughing. All kinds of positive things. Ava doesn’t strike me as the maternal type at all. Maybe better than Oscar’s Mum but we will see how your writing takes her there. Jk

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