Oscar paced anxiously along the street, grateful for the lighter nights.  He entered the familiar campus building, walking into the library and carefully returned the books, placing his receipt in his pocket. Oscar glanced around, searching for May. ‘Ah there she was, over in the far corner.’ He thought.


She looked up at him and smiled, placing a stray piece of her fly away hair behind her left ear. “Ah Oscar my dear, I knew you’d come!”

Oscar nodded. “Yeah I like to stay true to my word. I’m not going to lie, I’m very nervous, but thank you for doing this.”

May patted Oscar’s hand with her wrinkled one. “There’s nothing sinister about this at all. I just want to make that very clear before we begin. You’ll take the appropriate information away with you. It may give you some answers, but don’t worry about a thing Oscar. Here sit down, your legs are weary.”


“Now then let’s make a start. I don’t want to keep you up late. You’ve been very anxious haven’t you?”

“I- I suppose so. There have been lots of changes.”

“Yes I see that. Now, was there a specific question that you wanted to ask? If so, don’t say it aloud, not yet. Here, just hold this pack of cards.”

Oscar did so, gazing at the beautiful  image of an angel on the upturned side of the pack of cards. He traced it’s  wing with his index finger.

“I have one.”

“Good. Now knock the energy out of the cards.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Just gently knock, that’s it. Shuffle the cards Oscar, put your energy through them.  Now, hand them back to me and I’ll lay them onto the table, here we are. Card 1 is let yourself receive . That’s the topic of your reading Oscar. You’ve been under a lot of stress over the past few months. I see a role reversal, you’ve had to take care of someone at home. A person who you care so much about, but you’re not sure whether the feelings are reciprocated. Well you needn’t worry anymore, because I see positive changes within your relationship sooner than you might think.  The second card is all about  guidance, you’re being looked after. I see a grandmother who has passed over, someone who loved you very much. Keep an open mind and you will receive appropriate guidance from her whenever you’re in need.”

“My Grandma was an amazing woman. We were very close. I miss her a lot. How- how will I know?”

“Just look out for signs, they’ll come don’t you worry. Maybe you already receive without realising. Is this all making sense?” Oscar nodded.

“Good. Now, card 3 is the outcome. Your life is what you make it Oscar. Never ever let people hold you back or make you feel inferior. I think sometimes you feel frightened to speak out and say what you truly feel, which leads to people taking advantage. Am I right?”


“You’ll get an opportunity to take charge soon and you’ll do a brilliant job. Now, the fourth and final card is a challenge or influence. It may reflect the future or the recent past. It could be an issue that you are yet to deal with? I’m not exactly sure.”

“Okay. An issue? Well that could be anything. I mean it could be to do with my parents I guess, I haven’t spoken to my Dad in years! I have another question May, what about my illness? What about my leukemia, if that’s what it is? I mean, I haven’t had my results. Is-is there hope for me, do you see anything?”

“You’ll need time, time to heal.I don’t see much in that area, but you have the right attitude. I think with these things a big part of it is mind over matter, stay strong and seek help whenever you need to. Never, ever be afraid to ask when you’re struggling. Don’t feel guilty, rest and drink plenty of water. Like I’ve already said, your little girl is going to mean the world to you.”

“Ava wanted a boy, but I’d be so happy if it was a little girl. If I’m honest I just want a healthy baby. M-may what’s wrong? Do- do you see something else?  You’ve turned very pale. Everything is going to be alright with the baby isn’t it? ”

“Don’t you worry Oscar. I just get a little tired that’s all.”

“Are you sure you’re fine?”

“I’m certain my dear.”

“I’ll write down everything while it’s fresh in my mind.”

“Alright my dear. You take care now.”

“May, thank you so much for doing the reading. I’ll have to keep it a complete secret from Ava, she’d go mad I think, especially because I didn’t tell her beforehand.”

“You’re your own person Oscar. You do what you think is right, you have good judgement. Believe in yourself. You’re going to be a brilliant Father.”

“I’m determined to be. I can’t be a failure like my own.”

To be continued…..


19 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 95

    1. Thank you so much Kathy 🙂 That’s the message I was hoping for! Too many people let themselves be pushed about by other people. I’ll have a read of your blog now 🙂

  1. You’re plugging away with your novel. All the best with it. I’ve just come to the end of a round of critiquing with the novels-L group at the Internet Writers Workshop. Now, I’m getting Seaweed Ribbons ready to submit to the publisher, Double Dragon Publishing. It’s a long process.

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