Oscar closed his eyes momentarily with Ava in his arms, as they lay quietly on the sofa together. He stirred, glancing at Ava, who rested her head sleepily upon his chest.

“What time are we on Ava?”

“8pm. Why are you so obsessive about the time tonight?!”

Oscar remembered his reading with May at 9pm. “Oh, erm no reason. I just lose track sometimes that’s all.”

“Me too, I’m shattered tonight. I think I might have a bath and then try and get an early night.”

“Sounds like a decent plan Ava.”

“Well, it depends whether this little one lets me have some rest. It really doesn’t help that you’re like a hot water bottle. So I have hot water bottle and little kicker keeping me awake half the night. I’m sure you’ve had a temperature these past few days.”

“I think I have. Do I keep you awake often?”

“No just sometimes.”

“Do you want me to sleep in my own room tonight?”

“Why would you do that?”

“So I don’t overheat you.”

“Oh right. Did you realise that you talk in your sleep?”

“No! What?!”

“Yeah, you do.”

“Every night?”

Most nights actually Oscar, it’s more mumbling I can’t make out what you’re saying half the time. Do you get nightmares?”

“Erm, sometimes.”

“What about?”

“Oh just various things really, mostly nonsense I think.”

“Oh right, I thought only children had nightmares.”

“Ava you do come out with some rubbish sometimes!”

“Says you!”

“Please don’t tell me that you’ve never had a nightmare? If you did, I wouldn’t believe you.”

Ava shrugged. “I don’t get them, it’s as simple as that really. Right, what do you want to do now?”

“Oh I don’t know, I’ll just sit on the sofa and watch TV or something for a bit and you should do the same.  I need to go to the library and return some books.”

“Can’t you do that tomorrow? It’s getting late.”

“No, I’ll get a fine, they need to be handed back today.”

“It wont be much though will it?”

“Probably not, but I need to save every penny I have spare.”

“You are funny sometimes, are you sure that you’re well enough?”

“Yeah, I’ll only be gone for an hour at the most.”

Ava nodded. “Alright then.”

It was true, Oscar did have some books to return, but of course that was not his main reason. He waited in nervous anticipation for his Angel card reading and hoped that she had remembered.  Oscar sat next to Ava on the sofa, with a book in his hand.

“I thought you weren’t going for another half an hour! Why are you sitting there on tenterhooks?!”

Oscar laughed nervously. “Tenterhooks? Nah! I think I’ll go now, that way I wont be back too late. I’ll be fine, really.”

You do seem a little bit brighter today Oscar.” Ava smiled.

“I feel it. Like I said, I wont be long. I don’t want to overdo it or something. Make sure that you do get an early night Ava.”

“Okay bossy!” Ava laughed. “Yeah, I will. I’ll go and have my bath after you’ve set off. You’ve barely eaten anything again today. Please have something before you go.”

Oscar pulled on his coat with a small plastic bag filled with library books in his hand. “I’m really not hungry.”

“Hmm, I can’t force you, but don’t think I’m not worried sick about you!”

“Stop fretting and focus upon the baby, I won’t be long.”

“Couldn’t you even manage a piece of toast? I have ryvitas.”

“No Ava, really I’m fine.”

“Okay, you win Oscar.”

“This isn’t a competition. See you in a bit. Any problems, just call me. I have my phone.” He kissed Ava gently on the cheek and stepped outside into the cold night air.

To be continued…..


22 thoughts on “Planchette-Part 94

  1. Looking forward to the Reading. I don’t get the secrecy but then these two seem to prefer to keep things from each other. I suppose we all have thoughts rambling around in our heads we don’t want to share. No even with our therapist. But our partner’s that is even harder. I suppose if I think about it we all need privacy. We don’t want to start things up when we know certain things will set things falling. I hate arguments but I do them quickly and they are over. But that is usually with partner or someone who one is extremely close to and trust. Next part and then some sleep. Great writing. I am working on catching up. Need to do some of my own this weekend. 🙂 Jk

      1. I think once Ava is not carrying the baby. After the birth, she will settle down I hope. But then lets hope the baby doesn’t cry too much. Somehow I cannot see Ava handling crying that well. 😉 jk

      2. I can’t either! Can you imagine it…. I wonder what she will be like as a parent? With Oscar not being well, things might be very hard!

      3. I sure hope Oscar’s recovery has a miracle attached to it. For the baby’s sake and all involved. Turning In. Will check more after some sleep. Have a great day Sophie. Jk 🙂

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