“What time are we on Ava?”


“Oh okay.”

“Is the area tender?”

“Of the biopsy? A bit, it could be worse though.”

“Can I see?”

“I should really keep it covered for a couple of days.”

“Leave it then. I think you’d be better off in bed.”

“No chance! What’s the need?”

“It was just a suggestion Oscar. Is it just that area that hurts?”

“At the moment  yes. Some days I feel achy all over though. I just want a diagnosis if I’m honest.”

“I know you do, you look really pale are you still feeling sick?”

“No, not really just tired. Has our little one been doing much moving today?”

“A bit yeah. I think I felt a little hand before!”

“Wow really? Where was I?”


“Oh, right yeah. Can I feel? I know for a fact that the bump has grown again.”

“Yeah I know. Oh well, I’ll have an excuse to buy myself some new clothes I suppose.”

“Of course!”

“Right put your hand here.”

“Wow! Yeah, I can feel an arm or shoulder or something. That’s amazing.”

“ Isn’t it just.”

Oscar placed his hands gently on Ava’s stomach. “Hello in there!”

“Oscar what are you doing?”

“Erm, talking to the baby.”


“I do it often, normally when your asleep. I’ve done it right from the very beginning”

“ Isn’t that a bit odd?”

“No! They say it’s good for the fetus, then the baby knows that you’re acknowledging their presence.”

“You’re sounding spiritual.”

“I discovered something else quite cute. I don’t know how you slept through this one. Hang on, wait until the baby kicks. That’s it put your hand there Ava. Now, gently poke back.”


“Just try it.”

“Erm right. What? The baby just kicked back again!”


“What else can it do?”

“Just keep talking to it. Rub your stomach. Oh I forgot to ask, did you collect that little Moses basket?”


“When did you do that?”

“Oh the other day, you were asleep I think, it’s under my bed. I picked up some more bits and pieces, I took your car just so that I didn’t have to carry lots of items back. I hope you don’t mind.

“Not at all.”

“Good, I’ll go and get the baby things, one minute.”

Oscar nodded, while Ava slowly paced upstairs to retrieve her purchases.

Here you are. Look how lovely it is!”

“Ah I love the Moses basket! What else did you buy?”

“I got a baby monitor, a changing mat, another couple of baby grows and some baby bottles. I don’t know whether I want to breast feed or not, they say it’s better for the baby but it all seems a bit odd to me!”

“Well it’s up to you. See how you feel when the baby arrives Ava. I can’t wait . Yeah those baby grows are lovely!”

“Urgh! I can, you don’t have to go through the horrific trauma of childbirth do you? The thought terrifies me completely. What happens if something goes horribly wrong. Women can die you know!”

“In rare cases, but this isn’t Victorian times! Don’t worry. I’ll be there to encourage you.”

“What- what happens if you’re not well enough to be there?”

“I will. like I’ve said, once I start getting treatment I should be okay.”

“Oscar you’re going to be knocked for six. You don’t realise the seriousness of it all. I think you’re in complete denial.”

“No, no I’m not. Denial and acceptance are two very different things, I’ve had to accept it and come to terms with the fact that I probably have cancer. Yes it’s a scary thought, but these things do happen and there was nothing that I could do to stop it.”

“Hmm, I don’t know what so say to that.”

“You don’t have to say anything.”

“Will you lose your hair?”

“That depends I suppose, I might do at some point.”

“ Doesn’t that bother you?”

“No, it’s only hair. If it does fall out then it’ll grow back, I’m a guy, it’s not so bad for us. I’d just have to wear a hat or something. I’d rather lose my hair than die.”

“Christ don’t talk like that!”

“Like what? Everyone dies sometime.”

“Yes but why do you need to say it in that way?”

“Sorry. Please don’t get upset.”

“I really can’t help it. I’m so scared that I’m going to have to bring up this child by myself and struggle alone.”

“You won’t have to.”

“What if I do?”

“Ava I’m sorry. Here, come here shhh it’s okay.” Oscar gently held Ava in his arms, stroking her long mousy-brown hair.

“I can’t help it! I don’t want to be a single parent.”

“No-one says you have to be, I’ll be here.” Oscar pushed back the long strand of hair stuck to Ava’s damp cheek. “Please don’t cry Ava, I have a feeling that everything will be alright in the end.”


To be continued……


14 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 93

  1. I really hope Ava grows up a little when this baby is born! It’s ok to be afraid of giving birth especially since she hasn’t been through it before but honestly, worrying about being a single parent before it happens? Just silly! Oscar could go into remission and be healthy for years before she has to worry about something like that.

    1. Ava is pathetic and only thinks about herself! Unfortunately, there are lots of people in the world who are just like her! Who knows, Oscar might be absolutely fine in the end….. but we’ll see!

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  3. Worrying about something that hasn’t happened always gets one into trouble. It causes your mind to go out of control with the what ifs… For the future, lets see some understanding and not jumping off of wild edges. But excitement is ok. Cannot wait to find out what exactly is happening. There are so many covert activity we are not hearing about yet. Your building up the tension is quite well done. Night/Sleep. Be back tomorrow night. It’s a matter of rescheduling everything, so that I can do everything. I do so enjoy your book development. 🙂 Jk

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