“How do you feel now?”

“Not too bad, it didn’t hurt much.”

“Alright, we’ll just quickly repeat the observations before you go.”


101/82. Your blood pressure has increased slightly and your heart rate is the same. You’re free to go now, but take your time and don’t go rushing off anywhere.”

“I might go and sit somewhere for a little while. I’ll go outside in the sunshine, there’s a couple of people that I need to ring.”

 “Do you have sufficient painkillers at home? Something stronger than paracetamol will be necessary.”

“Yes. I do” ‘Well, at least I think Ava will’ Oscar thought.

“The local anesthetic will wear off after 2 hours, just be wary of that. We’ll yet you know as soon as your next appointment has been arranged.”

“Alright. Thank you.”

Oscar rose to his feet, limping slowly out of the door. He glanced at his phone. 2 missed calls from Ava. He sighed and walked slowly towards the main entrance, seating himself outside on a bench. Oscar slowly dialed Ava’s number.

“Don’t ignore me Oscar!”

“Ava, I wasn’t supposed to have my phone on in the hospital, let alone answer it.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“How do you feel Ava? Did you manage to have  a couple of hours rest?”

“Yeah, I’ve just been reading on the sofa.”

“Okay good. Anyway, I’m on my way back now.”

“How are you getting home?”

“Bus. The same way I came.”

“Alright. I’ll see you in a bit.”

“Bye Ava.”

Oscar shivered, waiting patiently at the bus stop. He placed his hand on the thin, red plastic bus shelter seat, standing on his good leg in attempt to take the pressure off his other one. Oscar prayed that the pain wouldn’t kick in for another few hours. Much to his relief the bus came. In a daze he paid the driver and sat on the inner side of the seat with his cheek pressed against the cool window in attempt to relieve his burning skin. He exited the bus, stumbling across the cobbled streets and making his way towards the nearest bench. Oscar inhaled and exhaled deeply, pressing his hand against his aching hip. Dare he ring Ava again? He decided against it,sitting there with his chin pressed against his chest, waiting for the nausea to subside. Oscar opened his eyes, squinting in the bright daylight, rising to his feet and making the remainder of the journey towards the house. Never had he been so happy to see the terraced building. He let himself in, wandering in a daze into the darkened hallway.

“Ava?” He called weakly.

Yeah? Hang on I’ll come downstairs.”

Oscar caught sight of a fresh faced Ava making her way towards him. “Oscar, you look horrendous! Sit down before you fall down!” She guided him towards the sofa.

“Did you get a taxi here ? I’ll get you some water.”

“No, bus.”

“Well that was really stupid! It’s quite a trek from the bus station to our house. Did it hurt?”

A bit, it’s worse now that the pain is coming back. Ava do you have anything stronger than paracetamol because that’s all that I have.”

“No I don’t think I have anything stronger I’m afraid.”

“Okay. I hate asking for favours but I mean, would-would you mind nipping to Tesco for me?”

“I’m so tired today, my back and ankles are absolutely killing me. I could try but…”

Oscar nodded. “I know they are. Forget that I ever mentioned it. I’m fine now that I’m sat down, I’ll just lie on the sofa for a little while, I might even catch 40 winks if my hip allows me. Go and relax Ava, don’t worry.”

“If you’re sure.”

“I’m positive.”

Oscar gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. ‘Mind over matter’ he thought, ‘that’s all that pain is. Be in control.’ He inhaled and exhaled deeply to calm himself, concentrating on the sound of the gentle breeze rustling outside.

To be continued…..


11 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 91

  1. Down on Ava is a deserved place to be. She should have popped off to the druggist and retrieved a stronger med. There are level or degrees of pain. The one in the most gets taken care of the most. Ava better get the message or she is going to lose Oscar and her baby. If I were Oscar, when I got better I would rethink the relationship and who is less selfish and should have custody of their child. Why he lets her get away with all her bull shit. He is way too stoic.

    Quick question regarding your ring. It so reminds me of the guiding instrument used on the Ouija Board. Is it meant to resemble that deliberately? Two part: 2nd: Is all of this connected to the Ouija and what happened to the disappearing Sebastian? Just a few thoughts. Great writing. More alert. Getting use to pain killers. I think you should definitely pull this all together eventually into book form and publish. But there is time yet for that. Keep Writing. Jk

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