“Are you sure that they’ve stopped Ava?”


“Sit here.”

“I’m getting really horrible stomach discomfort now.”

“Are you bloated or is it cramps?”

“I’m not sure, cramps I think, but then I’m not sure if they’re caused by excessive wind or stress.”

Oscar stroked Ava’s hair, nodding gently. “Ava, I want you to have complete rest. I feel a little bit better today, I’ll go to his hematology appointment alone, it won’t take long.”

“You’re really determined that you don’t want me there aren’t you! How will you get there? I can’t have you driving it wouldn’t be safe and you certainly can’t walk there!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get the bus.”

“It’s really cold today! Take a taxi instead.”

“I’ll wrap up warm. Ava, please don’t leave the house today, I’ll only be gone for an hour, two at the most.”

Ava nodded. “I’ll stay. You’ll be later than that! Buses are never on time!”

Oscar smiled weakly. “Okay, good. I’ll get you a hot water bottle.”

“Oscar, you can barely stand!”

“Of course I can! I just feel a bit shaky that’s all. I’ll sit on the shelter seat. Anyhow,  it’s my own stupid fault for not eating enough. I’ll have something before I go.”

“Okay. Why are you still limping?”

“I’m fine, just fine. I’ll be back in a minute.”

Oscar struggled into the kitchen, grasping onto the work top for support. Painkillers, where were they? Anything. He scrabbled around in the kitchen cupboard and grasped the small packet of paracetamol, wishing for something a little stronger. They’d have to do. Oscar took them quickly. Boiling the kettle, he placed half the water in the hot water bottle and the remaining quantity into a mug, carrying them through to Ava.

“Here you are. The hot water bottle should relieve the cramps and the hot water should help any wind.”


“How do you feel now?”

“Oscar I thought I was going into labour! I’m so stressed!”

“I know. It’s my fault, I shouldn’t be inflicting any level of stress on you, which is why I’ve decided, any appointments I go to from now on I’ll go alone. I can’t drag you around a hospital when you’re this far on. You could go into labour, the chances are that the baby wouldn’t survive. If anything happened to this baby because of me, I’m not sure if I would live with myself.”

“You can’t go by yourself!”

“I can and I will.”

“But tomorrow, I have to go with you then! It’s a hematology appointment, your proper diagnosis. I need to be there.”

“I want you there, but I’d rather you stayed at home and rested.”

“Oscar I want to be there. You can’t stop me from coming!”

“No I can’t Ava, and you’re clearly just as stubborn as I am, but please think about what I’ve said. Maybe you should go to bed and have a little sleep, do you want me to run you a bath?”

“You look like you need to go to bed yourself!”

“Well, perhaps  I will have a little lie down on the sofa.”

Ava shook her head. “I don’t want a bath.”

“Well will you please lie on your bed for a bit? Read, or listen to music. Completely relax for a few hours.”

“Okay, and what will you do?”

“Erm I don’t know really. Now, please come upstairs and take the hot water bottle with you.”

“Oscar you look terrible!”


“I’m being serious, you look like you haven’t slept in weeks and your clothes are practically hanging off you! You need a new wardrobe you’re that skinny! I know it’s probably not your fault, but I’m seriously worried!”

“I just get tired that’s all and I have been trying to eat, I promise.”

“I know you have.”

“Focus on yourself today, alright? Here come upstairs again and get into bed.”

“I’ll just stay fully clothed, my sheets are clean.”

“That’s fine. Has the baby been moving quite a bit today?”

“Yeah! I’m sure I felt a little hand earlier.”

Oscar’s face lit up. “Amazing!”

“It’s pretty still now, maybe it’s sleeping.”

“Perhaps. You need to rest now.” Oscar helped Ava into bed, adjusted her pillows and placed the mug of water by her bedside table. He kissed her forehead gently and handed her the hot water bottle.

“I’m sorry, so sorry for everything. I’ll be back in a couple of hours. I love you Ava.” Ava did not reply, but nodded as Oscar exited the room with a heavy heart.

To be continued…..


7 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 89

  1. its awesome like the way you present..i do a lil querry not sure but, wd like to hear from YOU. if al the story will be here on the blog and that’s for free then who is going to read the book you are planning to publish- its just a random thought that came in my mind while i was reading this awesome part. thanks

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