Oscar lay stunned, his cheek pressing against the pillow as he breathed heavily. He rubbed his aching ribs as he swung his legs out of Ava’s bed, vacating Ava’s room. Where on earth had she gone? Cautiously he crept into his own bedroom, grabbing a towel for the shower. Oscar peeped out of his bedroom door, his heart pounding like a bass drum. No sign of Ava. He entered the bathroom, closing the door behind him. He splashing his tear-stained face with water in attempt to stop it from stinging. The warm shower water soothed his aching body. Oscar  gazed at his ribs and was taken aback to see the red hand marks upon his skin. ‘ Surely no-one should mark that easily? Hopefully they’ll fade soon, no one will believe me anyway.’ He sighed. Oscar dressed, tiptoeing downstairs, seating himself in the armchair with his back to the door, praying that Ava might stay away for a while longer. He sniffed, wiping his nose with a tissue and turned on the television for some comforting background noise. He rested his head against the pillow which was carefully propped against the chair arm, shaken by the incident.


“When’s your hematology appointment?” Oscar jumped, when did Ava come in?


“T-tomorrow at 9am.”




“ Hematology.”


“I’m not stupid! Where in the hospital?”


“I’m not sure Ava, I’ll look it up later.”


“Fine. Do you want me to come with you?”


“It’s up to you.” Oscar prayed with all his might that she would say no.


“You-you don’t want me there Oscar?”


“No, I didn’t say that.”


“Well that’s what you implied.”


“Don’t put words into my mouth! I just don’t think it’s necessary,not when you’re 25 weeks pregnant! Do you see where I’m coming from?  It will probably be a bit tedious anyway, but you should be resting seeing as though you’ve been experiencing stomach tightening!”


“Hmm. I think I’ll come.”


“Did you not hear a word I said?”

“Yes, but I’m ignoring you. You’re such a fusspot! You really need to tell your Mum you know.”

‘How was Ava bypassing what had happened earlier and sweeping the incident under the carpet?’ Oscar thought. He decided to play the safe card, by staying civil.


“I can’t, not yet.”


“Why ever not?”


“Because Ava, I don’t have a proper diagnosis yet. Nothing is set in stone, once I get one then I’ll tell her.”


“You should prepare her.”


“Do you think it’s Leukemia Ava?”


Ava shrugged. “What do I know? Just don’t drop it on her like a tonne of bricks!”


“Why worry someone when there is no need, not yet anyway.”


“Are you in denial?”


“Ava get off my case!  I have not been properly diagnosed with Leukemia by my doctor, therefore I am not going to tell my Mother that I have cancer, because I have absolutely no clue how she’s even going to react! I am not in denial!”


“I think you are.”


“What are you? A blood specialist? You know what, this hardly involves you. This is my diagnosis and my medical condition!”


“It does involve me because I am carrying your child! Oscar stop being such an idiot and think about someone else for a change!”


“I do all the time! I want to be a Father more than anything!”


“Well, grow the hell up and show it then!”


“How? How can I do that!”


“Show some interest in me. I’m pretty heavily pregnant, I could give birth at any time. What do you think that this awful stress is doing to me and the baby? I wish that I’d just stayed at home. I’d rather move back to Surrey!”


“You can’t do that. Stop being childish!”


“Oh I can and I will if you continue to push me over the edge!”


“That’s black mail! Who are you Ava?!”


“Oh now you’re being ridiculous!”


“I’d say that’s a pretty logical question. You’re not the optimistic, caring, bubbly girl that I fell for back in the Autumn.”


“Yes and you’re a prick!”


“Oh well that’s so lovely, such an intelligent retaliation!”


“You can certainly find enough strength to fight back can’t you? It fully proves my point when I said that you just pick and choose your energy levels.”


“Do you want to see what you did to me?”


“What I did? What a load of bullshit.”


“Ava! I refused to be walked over like a door mat and yes! My sides are bruised from were you grabbed me! My Mum was right.”


“Right about what?”


“Oh shit.”


“Well come on you have to tell me now.”




“Out with it! You can’t lie!”


“When have I ever lied to you? She just told me not to let you walk over me that’s all.”


“Since when did you ever speak properly to your Mother?”


“The other day, briefly.”


“Oh well this is news!”


“She rang and asked how you were actually.”


“I don’t believe you.”


“It’s true.”


“Oh so it’s two against one?”


“No! Of course not. Just sometimes in this life you need to talk to other people. She rang me to ask about the doctor’s appointment. I can’t stand here fighting with you anymore. It’s just awful, you started the argument so I’m finishing it!”


“Piss off then!”


“Have it your way.”


To be continued……



10 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 87

  1. I know Ava is pregnant & moody but get off of Oscar’s case. He is very ill. Not confirmed I realize. I think it’s hormone pissing off Ava but she can really get mean. Keep up the good writing. Jk

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