Oscar stood up slowly, his face pale and drawn. He shook the doctor’s hand, making a rapid exit out of the door with Ava following sheepishly behind. She grasped his hand pulling him back.

“Oscar don’t go storming out of here alone.”

“I didn’t mean to.”

“I can’t keep up with you, I’m waddling like an idiot here, I swear that the bump has grown again? Do you think it has?”


“Well I’m sure of it. We really need to get more preparation for the baby done, I mean we need to get a cot all organised and it will need more clothes. How about we go out into town for an hour or two this afternoon, my back doesn’t feel too achy today. It makes a nice change actually. Should we have lunch out?”

“Ava stop!”

“Stop what?!”

Oscar placed his hands on Ava’s shoulders, gazing directly into her eyes. “You- you don’t seem to have grasped any of the conversation in there! I mean, I might have cancer for God’s sake!”

“ You’ve just done it again haven’t you Oscar!” Ava snapped, pushing his hands away.

“Done what?”

“Burst my bubble!”

“Oh well I’m very sorry Ava! It’s like it hasn’t even twigged in your brain yet!”

“Perhaps I don’t want it to! You haven’t been properly diagnosed yet, so can we just have a few more days of happiness before it hits us like a tonne of bricks. Why do you have to create so much drama all the time? I don’t think I can stand much more of it. If it is cancer, then how the hell am  I supposed to cope alone with this baby?”

“Maybe you should have thought of that when you didn’t bother to take your pill!”

Ava gasped. “That was so out of order! It was a mistake! People slip up!”

“This is life changing!”

“You-you’ve changed your mind about this baby Oscar?”

“No! I’ll never change my mind, I’ve always wanted to be a father. The timing is just difficult that’s all.”

“You can say that again Oscar! Okay, we need a change of scene. I have an idea, let’s go for lunch or something, my treat. It will be something different, the weather is so much better now, we could even sit outside somewhere. We can’t deny the news but at least we can do something to take our minds off it.”

Oscar nodded slowly. “Alright.”

“Great! The fresh air will do you the world of good. We both spend too long cooped up indoors. Where should we go?”

“You choose, you’ll be annoyed to know that I’m not hungry.”

Ava shook her head. “Not angry, just worried. Even if you just have a glass of coke or something, it’s better than nothing. Your body needs calories desperately! Come on, I’ve been craving a McDonald’s all day, we’ll do the order as a take out and then we can sit somewhere nice! I need fatty food, I’ll pay.”

Greasy food was the last thing that Oscar desired, but he reluctantly agreed to keep Ava happy. Her eyes lit up as she saw the large ‘Mc Donalds’ sign and walked enthusiastically up to the till.

Can I have a big mac meal with a chocolate milkshake please.” She grinned. Oscar laughed.

“Well if I’m going to be fat I might as well do it properly. What are you having Oscar?”

“Erm can I have some medium fries and a vanilla milkshake.”

Ava smiled, happy with his order. “Not bad.” She payed and grasped her items. “Where shall we go?

Oscar hesitated. “Can we sit by the river Dee near the posh houses?”

“Oh yeah, I know where you mean. Can you make it?”


“Good, let’s go then. I’m dying to bask in the sun”

“Me too.”

“How do you feel?”

“Okay today actually. Yeah not bad at all. Here I’ll take those, go easy down these steps here.”

“I should be saying the same to you Oscar, why are you limping?”

“Oh nothing, I’m just aching a bit today, that’s all.”


“My knees mainly.”

“Well that makes two of us, except it’s my back as well. Don’t forget I’m the one who’s lugging this little lump around!”

“That’s a bit harsh!” Oscar laughed. “Still, it must really strain you.”

“Oh it does, it’s quite tiring.”

“Well, now we can both rest.” Oscar smiled, putting on a brave face. “The sun is divine, I think I was a cat in a past life.”

Oscar sat on the dry grass, helping Ava do the same. “Oscar, your hands are really hot! Let me feel your forehead. You have a temperature today!”

“I’m okay. I’ll shed a layer, that will do the trick.” He removed his jacket, placing it under his head.

“What’s that?” Ava traced the large bruise on Oscars forearm with her index finger.

“Oh the bruise? I have no idea how I did it, it’s fading now at least.”

“Yeah. Ah this burger is absolutely perfect. I think our little bump here will be grateful for some food!”

“Probably. What did you have for breakfast?”

“A Spanish Omelette, you?”

“I wasn’t hungry, just a banana. Nerves I guess.”

“Hmm okay. Well, at least you’re making up for it now.”

To be continued…..



26 thoughts on “Planchette-Part 83

  1. Oscar was mean to tell Ava that it’s her failure to take pills that is the reason they are expectant like he doesn’t share the responsibility!
    It is good at least you have got them to sit somewhere without the many cat fights they usually have! And tell me, they didn’t come from the house together?

  2. Just coming into this for the first time. Are you writing the novel on the blog, from scratch, or is this something you’ve worked on for a while? Either way, posting it like this is SO brave!! I’m not sure I’d have that kind of courage, so kudos to you! 🙂

    1. Hello! Yeah it’s pretty much a novel now! All the parts are listed on my blog (see the red tab) I’m only classing it as a 1st draft but it’s so great getting advice/ feedback! Thanks 🙂

  3. Hey Sophie,

    I’ve been meaning to tell you that your dialogue flows like a liquid along its natural path. It is quite an amazing talent that I hope to pick up along the way, while reading your posts.

    Write Fearlessly

    1. Hello! Thank you so much. It’s actually fairly easy to write (now that I know my characters Oscar & Ava) It was a bit of a risk, but I’m so glad that it works!

  4. I would say you are an early riser (4:30A here), but you use the King’s English so it may be approaching noon by you.
    I’ve picked this up lately. You have an intimate relationship with MickeyD’s.– Gwenny

      1. MickeyD is the colloquial nickname (Afr. Amer.) for McDonald’s fast-food restaurants. I personally do not partake, but I found your menu dissection very accurate.

  5. Hi Sophie. The way you set things out is really good as is your content though admittedly I have only read some posts and not all of them. You may have already done this but have you considered publishing your work?
    I wrote a book recently which is nowhere near as good as the literature you post here.
    If you haven’t yet considered it, try publishing on Scribd or even better, booktango (where I went) and they publish everywhere including Amazon etc.
    Anyway, hope this helps

    1. Hello Ian! Thank you so much I’m very flattered! I’d love to try and get Planchette published in a hard copy one day! (Fingers crossed) I don’t want to go down the electronic route.

      1. Hi Sophie.,
        Your very welcome. I can understand you preferring to get a hard copy version published. Why don’t you look at getting electronic versions of perhaps other smaller projects published. It’s a good way to start getting your name out there. a short story of say 10 pages offered free on something like scribd will start to get you noticed and you may get feedback. Anyway I’m waffling 🙂 but you definitely have talent.
        Kind Regards


    1. That’s okay! 🙂 Oh I know, Ava is one selfish individual! The more I write, the more I really dislike her! Poor Oscar! If you have any suggestions, feel free to say!

  6. Last comment about Ava, I don’t know about hormones but don’t they tend to make one a touch bitchy. It is just unfortunate that they both have serious situations going on with there bodies both which can cause complications & threaten ones life. Being pregnant is really uncomfortable and exhausting. I think they are both lacking sleep and not eating enough. Understandable with Oscar. I haven’t seen Ava not pregnant. She does have to start taking Oscar’s medical condition seriously. It seems Ava doesn’t want to know too much about how life is effecting anyone but herself. I take a certain level of pity on both of them. They are young and facing situation that shouldn’t be happening at their ages. So, the frustration of having to grow us si fast can really piss one off. It may be difficult to feel supportive of Ava but she isn’t all darkness. Maybe write her doing sweet surprising things for Oscar when she’s not being asked or coaxed. It might make you feel better about her and it might help to improve her temperament. I want it to work for the two of them. Good writing and spot on dialogue. jk 🙂

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