Oscar sat in complete silence, super glued to the sofa. ‘What about Sebastian’s parents? Did he ever actually return home?’ Oscar shivered, the hairs prickling uncomfortably on the back of his neck, as a small draft seeped underneath the closed living room door. He grabbed the draft excluder, blocking the small gap between the door and floor. Oscar walked towards the sofa, catching sight of his pale reflection in the small, randomly placed antique wall mirror. He carefully examined the old scratch underneath his chin. Pulling back his jumper sleeve, he ran his thumb over the raised cut upon the inside of his wrist. ‘Funny place to have a cut’ he thought, shaking his head at himself. ‘You really are clumsy aren’t you Oscar. The first scratch probably wasn’t Ava at all.’

Oscar sighed, diverting his mind to another topic. ‘The baby is due in less than 18 weeks and we have absolutely nothing prepared.’ He thought. ‘No cot, no baby clothes, no nothing.’ He cursed his lack of energy, longing to wander into town and search for baby items. Today, his body would not allow him to do so. Oscar scanned E-bay, eyeing the simple white baby grow at £4.99. ‘There’s surely no harm in going second hand for some simple items.’ He thought. ‘Yes, that’s a decent starting point.’ Oscar’s phone buzzed beside him.

“Hey Ava.”

“Thank god! You actually answered straight away. Have you eaten at all this morning?”

“Erm…” Oscar hesitated.

For God’s sake Oscar!”

“I will soon, I promise. You really didn’t have to call me. I wanted to call you a few minutes ago but resisted the temptation.”

Did you now? Why was that?”

“Well, I didn’t want to bother you and it wasn’t urgent. I spotted a really cute baby grow online. You’re almost 20 weeks pregnant, so we should start gathering stuff together don’t you think? Women can deliver at 24 weeks.”

Ava shuddered. “I bloody hope I don’t, we already have enough drama in our lives thank you very much!

“You don’t have any stuff at home do you Ava?” Oscar stated, bypassing the subject.

“We threw out most of the old items when my parent’s house was cleared out. I’m not sure about my old baby clothes though.  I’ll have a bit of a look in our loft. It’s like an Aladdin’s cave up there. My Aunt and Uncle are verging on becoming extreme hoarders. Well, in the loft anyway.”

Oscar laughed. “It’s nice to hear you laugh Oscar.” Ava stated. “The baby grow isn’t tacky is it?”

“Of course not! I have taste believe it or not! It’s just neutral.”

“Oh good, buy it then. Okay so I’ll try and bring some bits and pieces back to Chester with me.  I have stuff to do and more friends to see. Speak soon, bye!”

“Bye, I’ll eat now, I promise. You sound really happy Ava.”

“Oh I am! No other news?”

No, no.” Oscar lied, now was not the time. “See you!”

Oscar ended his phone call. He eyed his food cupboard, taking out the unopened box of cereal bars. ‘I should probably eat something more substantial’ he thought. Still, as Ava said, eating little and often was vital. He brewed the kettle, stirring some hot chocolate powder and milk into a mug. He added the boiling water with a shaky hand, the muscle in his upper arm aching greatly. Carefully, he stirred the mixture watching the frothy bubbles rising to the top. Oscar shuddered, sensing the prickly pins and needles in the back of his neck, followed by an unfamiliar hissing sound. One similar to a bottle of fizzy drink being opened. He pulled open the fridge  door, scanning the contents in search of the cause.‘What was that noise? It must have been the oven or something?’ Oscar puzzled. He replaced the kettle back, opening the heavy oven door to examine inside. The oven was not the culprit.

To be continued….


39 thoughts on “Planchette-Part 77

      1. I just like him….maybe he himself, just like I once fell in love with the pirate in Daphne du Maurier’s “Frenchman’s Creek.”
        That love lasted for a long time… Lets see how long this one lasts. Maybe till you finish Planchette.

  1. Write everyday, something meaningful and thoughtful. I am posting my last book (Constance Caraway ~Forever Mastadon~) 500-1000 words at a time to establish a good writer’s platform online. I will be doing the same with my current project (The Return Trip), Science Fiction with that historical fiction feel. (Sci Fi—Hi Fi).

  2. I think you have got a lot of suspense mixed with normal happenings that makes it both enjoyable and relatable. Thanks for each excerpt and sorry, I read and “like” but don’t comment too often!

    1. Ah you mean hiding the truth and denying the fact, very interesting indeed! I’ve thought of a possible diagnosis for Oscar now, which roughly fits his symptoms!

      1. Wait, let me get to 80. You write faster than I can read them. I don’t want to be left behind then I can’t follow the story.
        Oh yes, men always do that for one reason or another. For me I just don’t like being asked, I prefer to volunteer info

      2. Ah sorry! Thank you for your feedback, it’s so helpful. I’m very flattered that you’ve “stuck with me” and continued to come back and read “Planchette”

      3. Oh, please don’t say that. You read my posts even before they are up 😀
        And you write well, who doesn’t want a good story?

      1. That’s funny. He could have gotten drunk and headed off in the wrong direction. You never know. I don’t know to much about Sebastian except that he would make the moves on his friend’s lady, which isn’t cool at all. Keep us all guessing. It keeps it more fun. jk 😎

      2. Lost reply. keep readers guessing. My screenplay switched genres in mainstream, One of my character’s decided their own fate and went along with it, It actually opened up the whole story. You’ll know when your character wants you to know. It is fun to experiment, You’ll know soon enough. You cannot force it or it won’t feel real. That’s the hard part. Which I feel you are doing very well so far. jk

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