Oscar jumped as the small living room clock chimed 8pm.  Already? Oscar’s eyes widened as he realised that he had been asleep for over 6 hours. He grabbed his mobile phone. 3 missed calls and one message. He opened the message. ‘Oscar why are you ignoring my phone calls? I’m really not impressed. Anyway, I’m back in Surrey please let me know as soon as you get this.’ It had been sent over two hours ago. Oscar hastily called her.

“Oscar! Just because I’m at home doesn’t mean you can completely ignore me!”

“I’m really sorry, I fell asleep.”

“For 6 hours?!”

“Erm, yes. I lay on the sofa, closed my eyes and before I knew it, it was 8 o’clock! ”

“Okay, I believe you. Please try to reply to answer sooner next time, was your phone on silent?”

“No it wasn’t and I will. Are you having a good time so far?”

“Yeah, we went out for dinner, it was wonderful. I ate so much it was ridiculous! Good job it was all you can eat.”

Oscar laughed. “That sounds about right.”

“Yes well, I am pregnant!”

“Ava, I was kidding!”

 “I know. Have you eaten Oscar?”

“Well, no. I was asleep.”

“Oh yeah. Right I’ll let you off! Please keep eating little and often, I have to go, I’m seeing a friend at 8.30 bye.”

“Bye Ava.”

Oscar opened the fridge, eyeing the contents. Eating was the last thing he wished to do at this moment in time. He poured  a glass of orange juice and seated himself at the kitchen table. It meant calories at least. He sipped it deep in thought. ‘Don’t let appearances deceive or frighten you? One of you has to be there.’ What on earth had that woman meant? Maybe I should have told Ava after all, Oscar queried. Surely she had been talking about the past, referring to the changed Sebastian?


Oscar startled, becoming aware of the cold sensation of the table pressing against his cheek. ‘What the hell just happened?’ He wondered, gazing at the plain white wall. ‘Why is my head on the table? I have no recollection of doing that.’ He could just about make out the fridge to the side of him with its alphabet letters arranged in a straight line. Sebastian had bought them for Ava as a joke present months ago. ‘Arranged?’Oscar thought. He squinted his eyes, trying to make sense of them.

‘I’M HERE’ There, clear as day. Oscar gasped. His heart pounded in his thin chest ,as he carefully backed towards the door. Oscar grasped onto the banister and scrambled up the staircase into Ava’s room, slamming the door firmly behind him. He gasped resting his hands upon his bent knees, resting his chin upon his chest in attempt to catch his breath. He trembled, backing towards Ava’s bed and clambered under the covers, desperately gasping for breath.  He gradually caught his breath, ‘get a grip Oscar’ he scolded ‘stop letting everything get to you.’ Cautiously, he slid out from underneath the covers and crept downstairs. He gazed at the fridge once more, the letters had returned to their original position. Oscar shook his head. ‘I’m just paranoid, I must be going mad’.

The quietness of the house brought a feeling of loneliness. He sat carefully on the sofa, turning on the television for some background noise. Oscar lay with his head pressed against the arm, gazing up at the ceiling and closed his eyes, the TV gently muffled. ‘Sebastian Jackson’ “What!” Oscar spun his legs around and turned up the television volume.

“The body of a 21 year old male has been found, it’s believed to be that of 21 year old Sebastian Jackson who went missing over six weeks ago. Moira Smith reports.”

Oscar’s eyes widened. “Concerns grew weeks ago when Sebastian Jackson did not return from a night out in a Chester club. He was announced missing just hours afterwards and only one sighting of him was reported since. The body found this morning in a local canal, which was pronounced dead at the scene, is thought to be him. Investigations are well underway.”

‘Dead? Oh my God! So the chances are he really is!” Oscar thought. He grabbed his mobile phone, with every intention of phoning Ava, but stopped himself. ‘No, this is not what she needs.  Not when she went home to relax and enjoy herself, she’ll find out soon enough.’ 

To be continued….


10 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 76

  1. Two things i find interesting. Is it a ladies thing when phones are not answered to think they are being ignored?
    Have you read the Brothers Karamazov? The place where Oscar sees things reminds me of Ivan’s dialogue with a non existent person in that beautiful novel.

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