Oscar knocked before entering, a tall, stern looking man stood in the doorway. He attempted a small smile, shaking Oscar’s hand politely.

“Hello, I’m Doctor Williams. I believe that you had a previous appointment with Doctor Cassidy regarding your general health ?”

“I did.”

“Doctor Cassidy said that he was booking me in for a full blood count. I’m hoping that it will tell me something useful, I just want to know what’s wrong, instead of feeling like some crazy hypochondriac.”

Doctor Williams shook his head. “I wouldn’t worry about that, you have every right to be concerned. I’m going to take a blood sample from the vein inside your elbow, as the veins are fairly close to the surface. I’ll just put this tourniquet on your upper arm, that way it will slow the flow of blood and it just makes it easier for it to be taken.”


“You’re not a fainter are you?”

“Not when it comes to needles, they don’t bother me.”

“Good. I’ll just clean the area. You’ll just feel a sharp scratch.”

Ava’s eyes widened on watching Oscar’s blood slowly trickle down the small tube and into the container. Her stomach churned and she wretched slightly, turning her head to the side.

“Are you alright Ava?!”

Ava held her hand up. “I’ll be fine!” She gasped, placing her hand to her mouth before making a swift exit down the corridor to vomit in the nearest toilet.

“She’s pregnant.” Oscar explained calmly.

“Don’t worry. Yvonne will make sure that she’s alright.”

Yvonne, the tall healthcare assistant who had been stood in the corner had already scuttled out of the room in search of Ava.

“Have there been any changes?” Doctor Williams inquired.

“Since my last appointment? Yeah, I’m not going to lie, I’ve been feeling pretty awful lately, all I’ve wanted to do is sleep and my appetite still hasn’t returned. I just want my life back if I’m honest. Is Ava alright? I’d go and see if she was alright if we weren’t in the middle of this.”

“She’ll be fine, don’t worry, Yvonne will have it all in hand. Well ,blood tests are the best way of revealing things which might have been missed otherwise. How are you in yourself at the moment Oscar?”

“Tired, yet optimistic at the same time. It’s a weird combination I know, it’s hard to explain how I truly feel.”

“I see. How’s your arm now?”

“Oh you’re done? I hardly felt anything! Yes it feels fine.”

“That’s good. I’ll label these and send them away to the Pathology lab. Here’s Yvonne and Ava.”

Ava’s eyes widened on seeing Oscar. ‘Sorry’ she mouthed blushing a shade of scarlet. Oscar smiled, nodding slightly.

“Are you okay now?” Doctor Williams inquired.

“Not bad.” Ava nodded sitting herself back down, taking a few sips from the plastic cup enclosed in her hand.

“Good. Your arm might bruise slightly Oscar. Your blood will be sent away to a lab where it will be examined under a microscope and we’ll go from there.I’ll just put this plaster on you just in case it bleeds later. There you are.  Take things easy for the rest of the day, don’t go rushing about anywhere. You’re free to go now.”

Oscar nodded, glancing at Ava. “How do you feel?”

“Better, I think I need some fresh air.”

“Okay, let’s sit outside for a bit, come on.”

“Alright, I don’t want to wait around too long, I want to get home.”

 Ava, if you’re not feeling so well you shouldn’t be rushing off.”

“My Aunt Olive will be expecting me.”

“Just sit down for 5 minutes.”

Ava reluctantly agreed as they seated themselves on a bench just outside the main entrance.

“Oscar what did that woman say to you in the waiting room?”

Oscar carefully rolled his jumper sleeve down over the plaster upon his arm with his pale, thin fingers. “Oh nothing much, it was just general polite chatter.”

“Hmm, nothing that I should know about?”

“Not really. Are you all organised?”

“Yes, did you not see me putting my bags into the back of your car earlier?”

“I didn’t.”

“I only had a couple.”

“Sorry, I should have helped you with them. Is it a difficult drive to Surrey?”

“Bit late now! I imagine it’ll take just over 3 hours or so. At least I won’t have to change 3 times like I do on the train, it can be a bit stressful!”

“I bet.”

“I’ll drop you back at the house Oscar. There’s enough milk in the fridge to last you the weekend. I checked.”

“Thanks Ava.”

“You look shattered and you better eat while I’m away ! Or at least try to!”

“I’ll try Ava.”

“Are you okay getting out here and walking a bit? It’s not far. It’s just a bit easier for me that’s all, it means that I don’t have to take a detour.”

“Sure, no worries, the fresh air will do me good. Drive safely Ava and stop if you get tired. Please ring or text me to let me know when you’re there.”

“Yeah I will. See you!” Ava closed the car door. Oscar placed his hand gently upon the car window.

“Do I not get a hug goodbye, or a kiss?” His voice muffled by the glass. Ava paused, rolled down the window and pecked Oscar frostily upon his cheek. “Well, goodbye then Oscar.”

“Bye.” Oscar whispered, greatly disheartened by Ava’s cold farewell.  He waved her off, turning his back and walking slowly towards the house. Oscar  stepped alone into the dingy hallway, wandering into the living room. He lay along the warn sofa, curling up into a ball, placed his head into his hands and wept.

To be continued….


12 thoughts on “Planchette- part 75

    1. Oh I do! It’s my passion. I’ve tried writing fiction before, but my work has only ever been about 20 (ish) parts. This one just somehow keeps going! 🙂

  1. Oh poor Oscar! Ava needs to pull her head out of the clouds. She’s getting a little too self-involved! She’s only pregnant, not sick. Oscar needs a little more concern than she’s giving him.

  2. two sick people helping each other to the hospital. a case of a blind man helping his fellow to cross the road. this is a tough life. reduce the tension in their lives, they might die of living on the first lane

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