“Do you even know where you’re going?”

“Yes Ava!” Oscar sighed in a slightly exasperated fashion.

“Where then?”

“Outpatients 3.”

“What type of blood test is it?”

“A complete blood count.”

“Oh. Do you know how long it will take?”

“I’m really not sure Ava, I’ve never had a blood test done in my life.”

“Why didn’t you do more research then?”

“Ava, what’s the need?”

“It’s important Oscar! You should be more conscientious about these things.”

Oscar shook his head. “That’s not really what I meant. Here we are, let’s just go to reception and go from there.”

“Fine. I hope it doesn’t take too long, because I really want to get home to Surrey. I need to sit down, my back is killing me!”

“You came of your own accord, I didn’t force you!”

“You can’t go alone to a blood test, you’ll probably faint or something!”


“No, I just meant with you not being well.”

“I know what you meant, it’s fine, you’ll probably feel less achy once you’re sat down.”

Oscar cautiously paced over to the small reception desk. The small, dumpy receptionist looked up, smiling politely.

“Hi, I have an appointment for a full blood count. I’m Oscar Setterfield.”

“Ah yes. Okay, if you just wait over there we’ll be with you soon.”


Ava fidgeted impatiently in the chair, gazing at the large wall clock. “Is everything okay Ava, is your back still sore?”

“I’m desperate for the toilet.”

“Oh, I spotted a disabled one on the corridor on the way in, it’s just that way.” Oscar pointed to the left.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes of course Ava.”


Ava scuttled out of the waiting room, along the corridor. Oscar shook his head, wringing his hands which rested gently upon his knees. He checked the time. A small elderly woman with wrinkled cheeks and broad rimmed spectacles sat on one of the opposite  of chairs on the far side of the low table. She gazed up at Oscar and smiled.

Nice day isn’t it dear?”

Oscar hesitated, realising that he hadn’t even noticed. “Erm, yes the weather is really improving now.”

“You’re not local are you?”

Oscar raised an eyebrow.

“Sorry, I just meant that your accent is not a local one.”  The woman stated, sensing Oscar’s slight alarm. She smiled slightly, tilting her head to one side.

“Erm, I’m from London originally, I’ve lived there the majority of my life.”

“Oh which part?”

“The East end. My area is a bit grim actually.”

“Ah I see.”

“Yeah” Oscar continued. “I’m just here for university.”

The woman nodded. “Whatever you do, don’t turn your back.”

“I’m sorry? I really don’t understand.”

“It’s nothing too sinister my dear, just keep an open mind. This baby will mean the world to you.”

Oscar’s eyes widened. “Can you see things?”

The woman shrugged. “From time to time.”

Oscar sat forwards. “Is there anything else I should know?”

“I’m always careful what I say to people, sometimes it does more harm than good. Don’t let appearances deceive or frighten you. One of you has to be there.”

“Be there? I’m sorry, but what do you mean by that?”

“Just think about what I’ve said but don’t dwell on it too much.”

Oscar caught sight of Ava returning from the toilets, he gazed at the woman who had gone back to reading the local newspaper through her thick, broad rimmed spectacles. Oscar hoped that she might look up, but she did not.Oscar grasped onto the corners of the red padded chair for support, closing his eyes tightly.He jumped upon feeling a hand touch his back. 

Oscar what’s wrong?” Ava whispered. “Why did I make you jump? You saw me coming back.”

Oscar opened his eyes slowly, releasing his grip of the chair. “Sorry, the room span for a moment there. I’m okay now.”

“You sure?”

“It’s probably my own stupid fault for not eating enough.”

“More than likely.”

“I just want to get this over and done with.”

“Yeah, of course. I’m very glad I made it back in time.” Ava smiled. “Who was the woman, what did she say to you?”

“Oh I didn’t catch her name. It was just polite chatter.” Oscar gently squeezed Ava’s hand.

“Oscar Setterfield?”

“Perfect timing.” Oscar smiled weakly.

“Yes.” Ava agreed “I’m glad they didn’t keep us waiting too long!”

To be continued……


13 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 74

  1. As an avid reader and publishing consultant, I really appreciate the opportunity to read a good story. When I can I’m going to catch up and read more. I enjoyed what I’ve read thus far.

  2. She knew what not to say. She obviously knows much more but if she held back that isn’t necessarily a good thing. Nothing is going to happen to Ava. I hope not. Good reading. Deserves a 5***** jk

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