“Hmmm what?”

“You slept in. We need to be at the hospital for your blood tests in just under an hour!”

“Jeez is it that time already?”

“Yes! Come on sleepy head, you’re going to make us late!”

“Have you had breakfast Ava?”

“Of course.”


“Can I make you something Oscar?”

“It’s okay, I’ll get it.”

“Whatever you do don’t skip breakfast! It’s the worst thing you can do!”

“Ava, please stop fussing.”

“It’s because I care, I just want you to be well again.  I’m going home soon, so I wont be bothering you any longer!” Ava snapped.

“Oh come on don’t be like that.”

“Yes well, stop pushing me away.”

“I’m not. I just said…”

“I know what you said. Everything is about you Oscar, I have to fit my life around you. I want to go out and live my life to the full, but I feel that I can’t anymore.”

“Well the only person stopping you is yourself! You have university friends, you choose not to socialise with them! Going out isn’t just about drinking you know!”

“They’re a bit shallow and incredibly bitchy.” Ava sighed.

“Your decision.” Oscar shrugged.

“Whatever. What’s that on your neck?!”

“I’m sorry?”

“You heard.”

“I don’t know, I can’t feel anything. Hang on one moment.”

Oscar paced into the hall and gazed at his neck in the small mirror, running his fingers over the noticeable scratch underneath his chin. He returned with a puzzled expression upon his face.

“I don’t know. It’s a weird place to have a scratch, it must have been when I was shaving yesterday. I didn’t feel anything.”

“It doesn’t look like a shaving cut Oscar.”

“Maybe not, but that’s all I can think of.  Perhaps I did it in my sleep, it might have been your nails?”

“Oh yes Oscar, just blame me why don’t you!”

“I wasn’t. I was just thinking of possibilities, they’re pretty long! Anyway, it doesn’t hurt so let’s leave it at that shall we?”


“Going home is going to do you so much good.” Oscar mumbled.

“What was that?!”

“I said you’re going to benefit from going home and seeing your family.”

“Hmm yes, yes I am. I might actually get looked after for a change.”

“I really am sorry Ava.”

“Here, let me have a proper look at that scratch. Yeah it does look like it was caused by a long fingernail. It was more than likely me, but it was an accident.”

“I know it was, it’s absolutely fine, it’s just a little scratch no harm done!”

“It’s quite raised.”

“Ava just leave it okay, it’s really insignificant.”

“I just want to see.”

“Leave it!”

“Okay, chill out will you! Honestly! Stop being so crotchety Oscar, it’s like you’re hiding something.”

“I’m not.”

“I’ll take your word for it. You have to eat something and then we’d best be getting off to the hospital.”


“You can cut out the short, snappy answers for a start! You’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Oh and I want the ultrasound picture back, you can’t just take ownership of it!”

“Ava, there was more than one picture. I was just looking at it, I must have fallen asleep. Now look who’s grumpy!”

“Well it’s your fault that I’m in this shit mood!”

“Ditto.” Oscar groaned. “I can go by myself to this appointment if you want to get off early.”

“Oh now you’re just being pathetic Oscar! Get a grip!”

“If you don’t want to come, don’t.”

“Christ’s sake! Just get ready, I can’t even be bothered arguing with you!”

Oscar groaned as Ava stormed out of the room, a cloud of thunder looming over her head. He showered and dressed, examining the scratch underneath his chin once more. ‘Really odd’ he thought as he combed his damp hair quickly, gazing at his gaunt face in the steam-covered mirror.

“Oscar are you nearly ready? You’re going to make us late!” Ava shouted from downstairs.

“Five minutes!” He applied deodorant, aftershave and dressed quickly, grabbing his coat from the banister. Today felt different, like he’d been blessed with a little more energy. Ava stood in the narrow hallway, shaking her head. She sighed, deeply and loudly narrowing her eyes at a pale Oscar.

“Ava, please don’t be angry with me, I know you’re probably hormonal, I understand that.”

“There you go again, labeling. ‘Ava is hormonal’, what the hell would you know?!”

“Stop this.”

“Oh just piss off you selfish individual. Just don’t even say anything, I can’t be bothered with you!”

Oscar swallowed, taken aback by Ava’s sharp remarks.  “Look Ava.”

“No, you look. No pregnant woman should have to go through the stress that I have over the past few months. Let’s go!”

Ava snatched the car keys from Oscar’s hands tutting loudly and marched out of the front door.

To be continued…..



13 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 73

  1. Hey Sophie!

    I just read this chapter and It made me want to go back and read them all starting on chapter one! Ava and Oscar have a bit of a volatile relationship don’t they?Can’t wait to read more about these two characters and find out why they are bickering so much. HaHa

    I will definitely be reading this book and in time your others as well! Let me Know when you get it completed so i can purchase a copy for my book collection!

    Thanks for Liking some of my Posts! I always try and write a Poem or an article that will inspire someone or at least be a little bit enjoyable.

    I have begun planning my first book and I can’t wait to start on it but I am terribly nervous. Maybe once I start writing I can share my first chapter with you and if at all possible maybe you could give me some constructive criticism and let me know what your opinion on it is.

    Can’t wait to dig my Literary mind deeper into your book!


  2. Your character’s tension permeates the reader’s mind and creates and creates a discomfort spurring the reader to go on to get to the point where these guys are nicer to each other. Great job!

  3. Why do these two stay together? They ought to take a break from each other even if it is just for a week or they will end up in a fist fight if not a pillow fight 🙂

  4. Now I know that Oscar probably has a simple scratch but I’ve been watching too much Twilight. I went straight weird and to vampire. Of course, I do realize it’s not. Haven’t forgot about the kiss. It’s such a bummer that after such a long time it has to come out now. Poor timing on Ava’s part. Even though the past, Oscar just heard about it. What is it about people not getting that fact, that you are reacting to something from the time you first hear about rather then from the time that it happened.

    I missed reading your story. I am back. It seems like time zoomed by before I realized how many days it has been. Crashing a lot. Get so tired sometimes. Great part. Want to know what is going to happen at the hospital. This should be good. Maybe once Oscar finds out the facts of his condition he can either relax or least know what is happening, jk 😎

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