“I actually made a little list.” Oscar blushed. “Erm, would you tell us if you could see any abnormalities?”

“Oscar what a thing to ask!”

“Ava, I’m just curious.”

“Yes we could tell you, but from what we can see on the scan, you have a healthy baby.”

“Okay, that’s great.”

“Do either of you want to know anything else?”

“I just wanted to know the sex.” Ava sighed. “I’d quite like a boy actually!”

“I’m afraid from the way that the baby is positioned, it’s impossible to tell.”

“I didn’t realise you wanted a boy Ava!”

“Yeah! Are we done now Lisa?”

“You’re free to go. Here are your pictures.” Lisa handed a small packet to Oscar.

“Thanks.” He beamed.

 “Oscar are you sure that you don’t want to sit down for a moment?”

“No, let’s just go home.”

“Alright. I’m gutted that we couldn’t see the baby’s face properly!”

“Don’t worry.” Oscar smiled. “It wouldn’t have been all that clear anyway.”

“No, you’re right. You should go back to bed when we get home okay.”

“It’s just a waste of the day though isn’t it!”

“It’s not like there’s anything exciting going on.”

“True. I’m so glad that I could be at the scan.”

You know what I think you should do Oscar?”


“Call your Mum, tell her that I’ve just had the ultra sound.”

“You have got to be kidding me! I doubt she’ll even answer!”

“Have you spoken to her since we left?”


“Okay, well have a try.”

“What if I don’t want to?”

“Oscar she needs to know that you’re still ill.”

“Ava, she doesn’t care.”

“I think she does, but she’s a very tough one to crack.”

“I disagree.”

“Do I have to do it for you?”

“No, no. I’ll call her.”

Oscar dialed the number listening to the sharp, monotone sound. “I don’t think she’s going to answer.”

“Give her a bloody chance will you Oscar! She will answer!”

Sure enough, someone picked up the phone. “Hello?”

Oscar coughed nervously. “Hi Mum, it’s Oscar. I just wanted to_”

The line at the other end went dead. “Shit. She just hung up on me.”

“Try again.” Ava folded her arms, narrowing her eyes.

“Just one more time.” Oscar agreed nervously.

“What do you really want Oscar?!” Janet snapped.

“Mum, I was just calling to ask how you were and to apologise I guess. I wish we could have parted on better terms the other week. Anyway, that doesn’t matter. Erm, Ava had her ultra sound today.”


“Anyway, the baby seems healthy and it’s the right size. I just thought you might like to know, seeing as though you are going to be the baby’s Grandma.”

“Okay.You sound weak Oscar.”

“What does that matter?”

“You have been to the doctors haven’t you?”

“Yeah I have.”


“It didn’t really reveal much. I have blood tests soon, we’ll go from there.”

“Alright. I need to go now Oscar.”

“Okay Mum. I love you.”

Silence, Janet hung up abruptly.

“Oscar, we’re back now.”

“Yes I did notice.” Oscar stated sullenly.

“Oscar, I’m not going to lie you look absolutely ghastly.”


“I really think you should go back to bed, you’re really off colour with dark circles around your eyes. Take time to relax, have a bath or something. Take it easy, you don’t look well at all.”

“Yes, you have mentioned it Ava.”

“Oh and Oscar?”


“Don’t lock the bathroom door.”


“Just in case I have to come in there and rescue you.”

“Now you’re just being silly, but okay I’ll just close it.”

“Good. I’ll be up soon.”


An hour passed by. Ava sat alone in the living room, listening to the gentle ticking of the clock and the pitter-patter of the raindrops upon the window. ‘Life is strange’, she thought. ‘So much has changed in such a short amount of time.’ She pottered for a while in the kitchen, arranging the few dishes in the cupboards. Where are the scan pictures? They had been resting upon the small kitchen table. Ava’s stomach fluttered as she gazed along the work top. Maybe they were upstairs? She queried. After all she had placed her handbag in her room, perhaps she had placed it down by accident? She paced quickly but quietly upstairs into her bedroom. She hesitated, glancing at the sleeping Oscar. He lay there on his side, curled up ever so slightly. The packet of photos stood carefully propped on the bedside table. In the dimness of the room Ava could make out a small, shiny photograph. On the pillow beside him lay the image of their baby.

To be continued….


9 thoughts on “Planchette-Part 72

  1. What a sweet ending to a tense beginning of the day. I have a question. Is it me or is it odd to lock the bathroom door when you are in a relationship with someone who you are involved and have gotten pregnant? I asked my partner. We rarely close the bathroom door except when taking showers but then we leave it ajar so the cats can come into the shower. They like the water. Is that an odd question? Or just a thing. Curious. I remember Ava did the same thing awhile back in the story. Really great. Enjoyed immensely. Now I must leave for a doctor’s appt. Tea time in England. Have a great evening. 😎 jk

    1. Hey jk, I agree it is a rather odd thing to do! I know, I thought it was quite a cute idea about Oscar taking the scan picture with him! So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks

      1. Definitely enjoy your writing. It was a good start to an early day. I love following your characters development and activity. Always quite curious about the next section. Thanks. jk 😎

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