“Well I’m very glad to hear it! Why didn’t you just tell me months ago?”

“It was awkward! Can we not talk about this anymore, lets focus on the ultra sound!”

“Yes, something which I’m actually excited about!”

“If I’m honest, you don’t look it Oscar.”

“Don’t burst my bubble. I am.”

“Well I was only being truthful.” Ava sighed.

“What’s this scan called again?”

“The anomaly scan. It’s to check that there are no abnormalities such as genetic conditions or heart problems. It’s basically an ultra sound.”

“Oh yeah.”

I did already explain that to you. You seem really distant today, like you’re not with me or something.”

“I’m fine,really.”

“Well you haven’t exactly been on top form. I mean just look at you, you look like you’re about to topple over Oscar!”

“Thanks a bunch!”

“Someone has to tell it as it is!”

“Yes well, once I’ve had my blood test then hopefully I’ll be able to do something about it.”

“It’s tomorrow isn’t it?”

“Yeah. Right you, get your coat otherwise we’re going to be late.”

“Fine Oscar, I’m driving though.”

The pair pulled up at the familiar hospital.

“Do you know where you’re going?”

“Of course Oscar! Unlike you, I’m actually organised! It’s in the Mother and Baby unit, come on!”

“Who’s doing it?”

“Probably a sonographer. Here we are, I think it’s this way. Keep looking out for the signs.”

Oscar nodded. “This way.”

“Ah yes.” Ava smiled. “Your eyesight is far better than mine.”


Ava wandered over to reception. “Hi I have an appointment for an ultra sound, here’s my appointment card.”

The receptionist glanced cautiously at the details. “Ah yes. Someone will be with you shortly.”

Oscar glanced at Ava. “That was a bit brief, shouldn’t she put you into the computer system or something?”

“I think she is Oscar. But yeah, she was a bit vacant. Let’s sit here. Are you sure you’re okay?”


“Sorry for caring!”

“I honestly don’t feel too bad today. I’m just pissed off with you.”

Ava tutted, turning her body to face in the opposite direction. A small red-headed health care assistant poked her head around one of the previously closed doors, reading Ava’s name from a small list.

“Hey, yes that’s me.”

“Lovely, we’re ready for you now.”

“This is it!” Oscar whispered,  as they followed her into a small room.

“I’m Carol and this is our sonographer Lisa.”

“Oh hi!”

Lisa smiled and nodded. “Let me explain a bit about it first. The whole experience will be a bit like watching a personal computer. The probe will be placed in a certain way so that we can see your baby.  To help make good contact I’m going to apply some ultra sound gel. Your stomach is technically divided into 4 parts but I’ll explain all this as we go along.”


“If we can just ask you to lie here. That’s it just relax  and if you can just unbutton your jeans as we’ll have to put the probe there.”


“Here I’ll just put one dollop of the gel upon your abdomen.”

“Ooh that’s freezing!”


“That’s okay.” Ava smiled.

“Keep taking deep breaths in and out. We’re going to take measurements and pictures of the baby from time to time. Of course you’ll get to keep the pictures. Are you ready? I’ll just pass this device backwards and forwards. Here we are!”

Oh my God there it is!” Oscar gasped.

“The baby looks tiny.” Ava sighed, staring more closely.

“Don’t worry, you still have at least 18 weeks to go! There’s time yet for the baby to grow. I’m going to take some measurements.” Carol smiled, carefully clicking away and recording them. “There we are. Your baby is about the size we’d expect. If we look down here we can see that all the bones in its face, neck and spine are aligning correctly. I’ll just go over here, yes, no abnormalities there.”

“Thank god!” Oscar smiled. “Oh look at it’s little fingers and toes. Our child is going to be a thumb sucker!”

“It’ll save money on dummies I suppose! It does look alien like at the moment! Sods law that it’s legs are crossed! I wanted to know the sex!” Ava sighed.

“Oh well, it can be a lovely surprise.” Oscar smiled weakly.

“No wonder I could feel it kick, it’s wriggling about all over the place.” Ava grinned.

Oscar laughed. ” A little acrobat in the making!”

“Now I’m just going to take some proper measurements.” Carol stated, clicking away at the ultrasound machine.

“Good. It’s about the right length for a 20 week baby,  all the organs are fine and from what we can see and the placenta is in a good position. Just listen to the heart beat, it’s strong.”

“That’s wonderful!”

“There’s no obvious problems. You have a healthy baby from what we can see.”

“Lovely, I just would have liked to have seen its face a bit more clearly. It hasn’t moved its hand away from it’s face for a single moment and of course we still don’t know whether it is a he or she. Everything seems so real now. Personally I don’t mind. Do you Oscar? Oscar, are you alright?”

“I’m fine. No, no I don’t mind. I just want our child to be healthy. Look, it looks like it’s waving! How cute!” Oscar beamed.

“Yeah, it’s hand is blocking half it’s face!” Ava groaned. “That’s the part I wanted to see!”

“The position of the placenta is also fine. From the scan all looks well, all the major organs are healthy and growing well.”

“Excellent! Is that us done now?”

“Yes. I’ll just get you your pictures. Here’s some paper towels to wipe your stomach Ava.”

“Thank you.” Ava did so, discarding the paper in the bin.

Here you go, these are yours to keep. Do you have any other questions or concerns.”

Ava shook her head. “No I can’t think of any, Oscar do you have some?”

To be continued….


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