“Well this is a random conversation to be having while making love.”

“It is a bit Ava.”

“Did you realise at the time that it was strange behaviour? I mean, how long did this go on for?”

“Who are you? My counselor?!”

“I’m intrigued and slightly concerned.”

“Well don’t be, it’s all in the past now.”

“Now you just don’t eat in general! Thank goodness that the majority of the food that you bought the other week could go into the freezer, otherwise that would have been a huge waste. You’re more messed up than I thought!”

“Oh well thank you so, so much!” Oscar rolled onto his back, gazing up at the high ceiling.

“I’m saying it as it is! I’m still not happy about it. I realise now that it probably isn’t your fault at the moment. I have to be honest, your past scares me more. What other deep, dark secrets are you hiding Oscar?”

“Nothing about my life is deep or dark as you put it.You know what worries me more Ava? The fact that you wont even talk about yours!”

“You know why!”

“No I don’t ,that’s the issue. So before you go around pointing a finger of blame and criticizing me, just think. Can you be one to judge? I don’t think so, but I really couldn’t say because you are so God-damned secretive!” Oscar flung the covers back, pulling on his dressing gown.

“Oh piss off Oscar. I’m the pregnant one here. You know what, I’m so sick of everything at the moment! If I wasn’t pregnant I would walk out that door. I hate this, I feel so stressed all of the time. Do you really think that this is doing me any good? What scares me the most is what it’s doing to our baby! They say stress in Mothers can harm the fetus, it can even lower it’s IQ and yes I have been doing my research!”

“Ava look I— ”

“No you look Oscar. I don’t think I can do this anymore!”

“You’re not–”

“No, but I need a break. I want to go home for a bit. I miss my Auntie Olive more than anything. I was going to go home for the long weekend. I’m tired of this, so I’m going to get away for a few days before I explode.”


“You’re agreeing to it Oscar?”

“Yes. It will be good for the both of us.”

“And what about you?”

“I’ll be alright. Any major problems and I’ll ring you.”

“Okay Oscar. I’m just going to ring home to give my Aunt a bit of notice. Oh God! How will I hide the fact that I’m pregnant. I can’t go home! Shit!”

“Just calm down! She’s going to find out soon or later? You still haven’t told her?”


“That’s an absolute joke Ava!”

“Don’t you lecture me!”

“Well she’s going to get a huge shock isn’t she? No you need to go home. I need space.”

“What happens if you’re unwell again and I’m not here?”

“Ava! I’ll be careful, I promise! Just go.”

“Wow! You’re really keen to get rid of me! Thanks a bunch.” Ava huffed.

“No, I just think that you deserve some time to yourself before the baby is born. You’ll feel much better for it!”

Ava sighed. “Okay.”

Oscar smiled. “Good. Now please go and tell your Auntie Olive our news. You can’t just walk in pregnant! She’d die of shock!”

Ava laughed. “It would be the end of her.”


“Yes, yes okay bossy!”

“Hi Auntie Olive it’s Ava! Hey! I was just wondering, are you free this weekend? You are? I’d love to see you it’s been such a long time. I’ll probably get the train, yes. It will be so great to see you too I can’t wait. I just need to look at train times but I’ll let you know. Okay bye!”

Ava re entered the room looking a little flushed, Oscar raised an eye brow “You didn’t tell her!”

“I just couldn’t. Crap, what was I thinking?”

“Her reaction can’t be any worse than my Mum’s surely. Don’t fret. I don’t want you standing about waiting for trains in the freezing cold so please use my car.”

“Are you sure?”

Oscar nodded. “Absolutely, it’ll be quicker too.”

“Okay, thanks. I’m sorry, we seem to bicker so much more than we used to.”

“I think we’re just bolder than we used to be.” Oscar laughed. “I’d rather we just told each other the truth, instead of holding a grudge.”

“Hmm yes, I agree Oscar which is why I have something that I need to confess.”

To be continued….


24 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 69

    1. Ah thank you John! I’m always relieved when people tell me that what I’ve written it’s something/ an experience that they can relate to! (I don’t want my work to be unrealistic etc)

      1. Well ill keep reading, so will other people so please please don’t wrap it up just yet.

      2. Don’t worry, I intend to keep going for quite a while yet, I’ll just see how it goes. I feel that I still need to keep developing my characters…

      3. Understandably, you’ll always look for room for improvement. But that’s the thing with us readers. We’ll always let you know if you need to improve something.

      4. Ah thank you. I’m always so grateful for any feedback, I’m treating all of this as a first draft anyway, but always feel free to give advice!

  1. How far they’ve sunk since their early days together. And you ended with a hook after all that bickering. Well done. Only one tiny nit. An echo of the word rather in the second last para.

  2. Wow. I’ve just discovered your blog. It’s so cool that you put yourself out there and have so many parts to this story. I guess I need to start way back.

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