“I still can’t believe you didn’t let me come to your first scan.”

“Oscar are you ever going to just let that go?”


“You know what, I’m not even going to bring that up, you need to move on!”

“Whatever Ava.”

“This is the ultrasound scan for 18-21 week pregnancies, it’ll be far more interesting. The first wasn’t even clear and I’ve already showed you the picture.”

“Ah yeah, I guess so.”

“How are you feeling Oscar?”

“You’re changing the subject! I feel alright.”

“You look really drained.”

“I feel okay, honestly.”

“Oh my God! There!”


“Give me your hand Oscar!”

“Erm okay.”

Ava took Oscar’s slim hand in hers and placed it onto her stomach. Their eyes met, Oscars widening and a large smile spread across his face.

“I felt it! Oh my God our baby kicked! Is that the first time?”

“It’s never been that clear before. Just keep your hand there.”

“Yes it was stronger that time. This is amazing! Are you sure that you haven’t felt the baby kick before?”

No Oscar, in the past it was more of a sensation like butterflies.I think it’s gone now. We were going to go upstairs until that little interruption. My room, let’s go.”

Oscar nodded, following behind Ava.

“You’re a bit breathless Oscar.”

“I’m probably just unfit.”

“I hope so. Make yourself comfortable.”

“Oh I fully intend to Ava. I’m so envious of your room, it’s really homely.”

“I know I love it. I bought these fairy lights the other day. What do you think?”

“Lovely.” Oscar smiled weakly.

“Not long until the blood test Oscar.” Ava reassured. “Then you’ll be as right as rain.”

“Yeah, course I will. I have to be.”

“Have you heard anything from your Mum?”

“Don’t bring that up again.”

“Oscar, I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking. Don’t give me the cold shoulder.”

“I’m not. It really hurts that’s all.”

“Your shoulder?”

Oscar laughed. “It was an expression of speech Ava!”

“Oh God! I’m so blonde sometimes! You meant your Mum didn’t you?”

“Yeah. Let’s not bring her up now.Right, what do you want to do now?”

“Have sex!” Ava blurted.

“Jesus! Hold your horses!” Oscar laughed. “I would, but I don’t think I have the energy.”

“We could take it slow and steady?”



“Yeah. The passion in our relationship seems to have dwindled recently.”

“Well that’s hardly my fault!”

“Ava that’s not what I was implying, I’ll hold my hands up and fully take the blame for that.”

“We should have a good chat and have sex.”

“Fine. Close the curtains.”

“Oh yeah.”

Oscar removed his t-shirt, as he did so Ava’s eyes widened as he revealed his thin body.


“I swear you’ve lost weight again!”

“I have been eating!”

“Yes I know. Shit I had no idea you looked that bad!”

“Oh thank you so much.”

“Sorry, that wasn’t a dig at you Oscar. I realise now that you probably can’t help it!”

“Thank God! At long last! I know I shouldn’t be this thin. This is the skinniest I’ve ever been even when…” Oscar froze.

“Go on.” Ava willed, tilting her head to one side.

“No matter.”

“No you have to tell me now.”

“No I don’t! Why should I when I know so little about you Ava. I basically know nothing about you because you’re so secretive! Why should I have to tell you my life story when I don’t know yours?”

“ I’ve told you it in a nutshell.”

“Not really, but I’ll tell you anyhow.I’ll admit that I probably did have weird eating habits when I was slightly younger. I still blame my Mum’s cooking.”

“Go on.”

“Well obviously after the huge arguments caused by food, I tried to eat everything. My Mum’s cooking was the worst thing. I couldn’t even swallow it. I think I managed to hide about a quarter of my dinner most nights in my napkin.”

“That’s strange behaviour.”

“I know. I wasn’t exactly starving myself on purpose.”

“But you didn’t eat again afterwards?”

“Ava there was nothing spare in the cupboards!”

“Nothing at all? Honestly?”

“No! Unless you like eating dried pasta. There was sometimes bread, so I’d just have a slice of bread and butter instead.”

“ Why should it affect you now Oscar? You’re free to eat as much as you want!”

“That’s not my point. I used to eat properly here, it’s only recently.”

“You don’t hide food here do you? I’ve certainly never noticed!”

“No. Erm well, only once.”


“Remember the curry that Sebastian made?”

Ava laughed. “What was in that? It tasted like washing up liquid! I don’t think he rinsed the pan properly. There was so much disgusting grease! How could I forget?  It was awful; his cooking was the most shocking thing!”

“Not as shocking as he behaviour. He was an awful cook! I didn’t eat mine.”

“So that’s what you were doing! What did you do with it?”

“ I wrapped most of it in kitchen roll and hid it in the back bin.”

 “I hope you never do that with my cooking. You better not!”

“No I promise I don’t.”

To be continued….


12 thoughts on “Planchette-Part 68

  1. Food issues. I can identify well with that. Mum has the same name as my mum & the same bad cooking when i was a child. And more stuff around food. But why now is the food issue surfacing. It is definitely something more than bad cooking from childhood. I know that Ava is being secretive a touch with her pregnancy but what else is she keeping hidden. Will have to wait to find out. Nice going. jk 🙂

    1. Ah thanks jk!
      There are probably various reasons why Oscars food issues are surfacing; stress, change and the fact that he’s not feeling 100% and hasn’t been for some time! Ava is isn’t she!

      1. Oh I’m the one trying not to mention spoilers in the comments before the section that follows. Didn’t mean you were doing that. The big reveal happened. All I can say when doesn’t that occur in relationships. And how does one help ones self. Attraction is attraction and sometimes so damn hard to resist. Always wonder why people react the way they do but then I react just as intensely. jk 😎

  2. your plot and conversation is absolutely striking…binding the thread…I think to get with this story i need to go back and start reading from where it all started…thanks for the incredible share sophie…….sometime I wonder about you british people.when i lsten Adele…..when i read Nicholes Sparks……and when I go back to history………wonderful people with so much passion and desire to do——keep it up.thanks a lot.

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