Ava glanced at Oscar. “Second question. How did you die?”


“You drowned?!”


“Oh God.  Are you who we think you are?”


“Do you have any messages. Anything you’d like to say to either of us ?”


Oscar grasped Ava’s hand. “Shh it’s alright, hear him out. Don’t be scared, he’s dead. He can’t hurt you now.”

Oscar nodded. “Go on Sebastian.”

‘A M-E-M-E-N-T-O  M-O-R-I’ (Latin- remember that you will die)

“What that doesn’t make sense.”

“It’s foreign I think. Oscar write it down, we’ll have to look it up.”

“Is that all you have to say Sebastian?”


Y-yes Sebastian?”

‘A-M-O-R  C-A-E-C-U-S  E-S-T’ (love is blind)

“Why is it in a different language?”

“Shut up Oscar! Let him finish. Sebastian what else do you want to say?”

‘O-S-C-A-R  V-O-M-I-C-A V-O-S’ (Oscar I curse you)

“Oscar it’s all noted down. Should we stop now?”

“Yes,  goodbye Sebastian.”


“Shit, Oscar he’s not going!”

“Ava you try!”

“Sebastian we wont hold any grudges. Go in peace, say goodbye.”

The glass remained stationary, the pair sat in anticipation waiting for an answer but it did not come.

Please Sebastian we need this final reply!

“Alright, I’m saying goodbye Sebastian. Ava let’s look up these terms and go from there. They didn’t sound too positive.”

“How would you know!” Ava snapped. “Since when did you ever speak or understand Latin?!”

“Don’t bite my head off Ava!”

“I wasn’t!”

“I think you’ll find that you were, but anyway it doesn’t matter. I’ll phone the doctors.”

“You haven’t done it yet!”

It’s 8.55am, I have 5 minutes. You said I had until 9am so I’ll do it now.”


“Please don’t ear wig into the conversation, put the Ouija board away or something.”

“I’m staying right here.”

Oscar groaned. “Hello my name is Oscar Setterfield. I was just ringing to inquire whether you have any free appointments this week. Oh there’s one today? Yes that time would be great. I haven’t been feeling too well recently, just really drained, dizzy and I’ve fainted a few times. It’s probably nothing but I just wanted to make sure. Yes it is a bit worrying.  Hmmm yes, thank you for your help. Goodbye.”

“There was one for today?” Ava smiled.  “Well that was easy! You have no idea how relieved I am. Sorry for snapping.”

“You’re always so much happier after you’ve got your own way.”

“I know, sorry. What time is the appointment?”


“That early? That’s brilliant. I’ll go and dry my hair. Please eat something because it could affect your blood pressure.”

Oscar nodded. “Yeah, very good point. I’ll make you something too! What would you like?”

“Oh just some toast would be great with peanut butter and banana! I love that at the moment.”

“Yeah I noticed!” Oscar laughed. “Do you want tea?”

“Please. Thanks.”

Oscar poured a minuscule bowl of cornflakes for himself with a large glass of water to accompany. Ava was quick to return with her long hair flowing over one shoulder. She eyed Oscar’s meager breakfast, comparing it with her own.

“Is that all you can manage?”


“Okay. Are you sure that you don’t want the rest of the banana?”

“All right, it needs using up.”

Good.” Ava smiled satisfied. “I just don’t want your blood sugar to be unnecessarily low just because you haven’t eaten. They’re sure to check it.”

“Thanks Ava. Your morning sickness seems to have calmed down.”

“Yeah, hopefully. I felt guilty throwing up when the poor baby needs the nutrients.”

“It’s not your fault. I’m looking forward to the scan.” Oscar smiled.

“I know you are, I bet you’re counting down the days!”

“I am!” Oscar laughed. “I can’t wait! Is that daft?”

“No, it’s sweet and I love you.” Ava grinned, throwing her arms around Oscar’s neck and kissing him tenderly, which he reciprocated.

“Where did that come from?” Oscar laughed.

“Oh I don’t know, just out of the blue I guess!”

Oscar spied the cheap kitchen wall clock. “Is that the time? We need to go! Are you alright walking Ava?”

“Of course! Are you? Or would you like me to drive?”

“No, no I’ll walk. I need fresh air. Leave the dishes, there’s hardly any. Let’s get going. ”

“Fair enough.”


On arrival at the surgery, Oscar wandered over to the small reception, gazing at the randomly placed line of artwork covering an otherwise plain wall.

“Hi I have an appointment for 10am.”

The tall, raven-black haired receptionist smiled, clicking the computer mouse. “Oscar Setterfield?”

“Sorry, yes.”

“Please have a seat in the waiting area, you shouldn’t have to wait long. You’ll be seeing Doctor Cassidy, he’s upstairs but we’ll tell you when he’s ready.”

Great thanks.” She nodded, pointing to the small clutch of seats .

“Don’t be nervous Oscar, it will be fine I’m sure.”

“Yeah, thanks. I can’t stop thinking about the Ouija board.”

“Hey don’t worry anymore. It was probably just us subconsciously moving it.”

“I’m not so sure.”

“Don’t let it bother you. It probably wasn’t even Sebastian.”


“Concentrate on yourself and getting better alright. Hopefully today will give us some answers.”

“Oscar Setterfield?” The pair rose to their feet. The receptionist smiled. “Doctor Cassidy is ready for you now in surgery room 12, it’s just up the staircase and on your left.”

“Thanks.” Ava smiled.

After clambering the steep staircase, a breathless Oscar knocked upon the door and entered the small room.

To be continued….


19 thoughts on “Planchette-Part 65

      1. hi sophie

        how’s your writing coming along?

        i’ve been clicking away, i posted a story today you might like. it’s the beginning of a series about my memories and experiences in Brooklyn during the 60’s.

        write on.

  1. Well, Oscar is finally at the Surgery. Tests. But they will probably have to wait. They usually do whenever I get them. Made comment about ouiji on other reply. Liked your translating Latin as you were going along. Definitely goof. But who is it? It can’t be Sebastian. Doesn’t sound like him & i really don’t know him yet. Probably in earlier parts, which I will read soon. jk

  2. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks!

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