“You look waxy.”

“Ava will you stop fussing over me and come upstairs.”

“I will hang on. Oh you know what, I’m still really hungry. I’m like a human dustbin at the moment honestly, here’s you eating next to nothing Oscar and then there’s me eating for about 3! This baby is going to be huge!”

Oscar laughed. “No it’s not! If you’re hungry eat. Shall I make you something?”

“It’s alright, I’ll go Oscar.”

Oscar felt the tiniest ounce of relief. “Okay.” He whispered, the pulsating sensation within his head returning.

“Are you alright Oscar? Are you in pain?”

“Can you tell?”

“Yes! For one thing you’re as white as a sheet, you don’t look yourself at all. I’m getting you some paracetamol. ”

“It’s just a headache, I’m fine really!”

“I’m not taking no for an answer. Oscar you really don’t help yourself at all. You can’t just suffer in silence! I’ll bring you up some water to take the tablets with alright?”


Ava returned rapidly. “Here, take these and then get some sleep, we both badly need it. Tell you what being pregnant is exhausting!”

“I really couldn’t say” Oscar forced a small smile.

“Hopefully your pain relief should kick in soon but until then, just shut your eyes. Are you warm enough?”

“As snug as a bug. Night!”

“Hmm yes. Oscar?”


“I love you.”



Ava became fully aware of the covers on the opposite side of the bed being thrust back abruptly. She startled from her dream, only to notice that Oscar was not lying beside her.

“Oscar?” No reply. What was that noise? Darkness filled the small  hallway with its high ceiling. Ava ran her fingertips along the textured wallpaper in dire attempt to find a light switch, noticing a shadow upon the bathroom carpet.

“Oscar! Is that you?”

“Yeah.” He gazed at her with vacant glossy eyes. “Please switch off the light.”

“Sorry. How long have you been here for?”

“Don’t know.”

“What happened? Was it your headache? Did the sickness come on all of a sudden?”

“I hardly got any warning. I’m alright now, I feel a bit better.”

“Do you think it’s a virus?”

“Probably more of a migraine. I’m fine, honestly. I had to be sick but now that I have I feel much better. Can you leave the light ? I need to brush my teeth.”

“Can you stand?”

“I’ll sit on the edge of the bath.”

“Alright. Do you want me to leave you?”


“Those painkillers didn’t stay down very long did they Oscar?”

“I guess not.”

“You need to get yourself a doctor’s appointment pronto. I really mean it.”

“Alright, relax Ava. I’ve already said that I will go, I’ll ring up first thing tomorrow morning.”

“You better had!”

“I will, providing this headache has gone.”

“Good! I’m coming with you!”

“Sorry, no chance. Doctor’s surgeries are a breeding ground for illness! You need to keep yourself healthy during this pregnancy. I’m fine, I’ll go alone.”

“Please let me come.”

“You really shouldn’t go!”

“Why do you need to be so stubborn all the time?”

“Well Ava, it takes one to know one doesn’t it?”

“Maybe; but I’m not the one blacking out, drained of energy and throwing up in the toilet am I? Alright,  I take back number three because I am. But that’s morning sickness. Your symptoms aren’t normal. Please, please just go!”

“I will!”

“Thank the Lord! You’ve finally seen sense. “

Do you still feel nauseous?”

“No I feel much better now, thanks.”

Now, please come back to bed.”

“Maybe I should sleep in my own room? I don’t want you to catch this if it’s a stomach bug!”

“We’ve spent weeks in each other’s company and have already slept half the night in the same bed. It wont make a spot of difference!”

“I suppose. Goodnight Ava. I’m sorry that I disturbed you.”

To be continued…..


25 thoughts on “Planchette-Part 63

  1. Thank you for liking my post today. I came to visit and want to come back since i enjoy your writing. (nice dialog) I am going to follow on Twitter as well. – John

  2. Oscar is certainly showing signs of deteriorating in his condition. The darkness & Ava searching the room for a light switch. A good building up of tension. He better be at that Doctor tomorrow. 😉 jk

      1. A famous writer that has slipped my mind said once, that you need to do some bad things to your favorite characters to move the story along but I add that you just don’t have to enjoy that I did probably one of the worse things you can do to a character that you really love but the character really thought it would really change up the story for its own good. And I must say it changed the whole structure of the script. Took it to a whole new genre. 😉 jk ps. top secret what I did. someday but way too soon.

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