Janet glared at Oscar’s pale form lying upon the settee.

 “Sorry, I didn’t mean to lounge. I’ll get up now.” Oscar smiled feebly, raising himself up on one elbow.

Ava grasped his shoulder firmly, pressing him back against the sofa. “You’ll do absolutely nothing of the sort.” She hissed. “Don’t even move.”

Oscar calmly obeyed closing his eyes. Janet’s harsh expression softened.

“Do you think it’s a virus?”

I haven’t been sleeping well Mum.”

“Go to the doctors when you get back to Chester. Get an appointment for tomorrow or Tuesday.”

“It’s nothing, really.”

Ava shook her head. “For all we know it could be something infectious! You haven’t been right for weeks! What would happen if I got it and then it harmed the fetus? Stop being selfish!”

“I didn’t think of that. I don’t think it’s anything contagious. If it was, you would have caught it by now.”

“Maybe. Do you have a phobia of going to the doctors?”

“No Ava! I just don’t want people to assume that I’m wasting their time. It’s nothing. You’ll see!”

“I hope so but you’re still going!”

“Yes I know!”

“Good! Don’t back out on me.”

“I’m not going to Ava. Are you ready to talk now Mum?”

“Go ahead.”


“Tell me everything. Start at the beginning.”

Oscar glanced over at Ava. “Ava could you leave us for a while please?”

Ava pursed her lips. “Sure.” 

“Thanks.” Oscar waited until the door was firmly closed behind her.

“Okay, at the start there was three of us. Ava, myself and another guy called Sebastian. He was my best friend Mum. Anyway, let’s just say that his behaviour, which was already bizarre, took a turn for the worst. Alcohol made him so violent, just like Dad. We went on a night out, he was really drunk. We had an argument in the pub, Ava and I left and he followed us. He punched me, knocked me out in fact.”

“He did?”

“Yes I was lucky that time, but the second time was different.”

“You let it happen again?!”

“Sebastian broke in, neither of us were expecting anything like that to happen! I struck my head and ended up with concussion, it was more serious than we originally thought.  Ava drove me to A&E.”

“I’m presuming you went to the police.”


“What? What were you thinking! Have you seen anything of him since? Does Sebastian still live with you?”

“No Mum, we haven’t seen him for a few months now.”

“He went home?”

“He’s missing!”

“What have you two done about this? Oh God! Please don’t tell me that you’ve done nothing and just carried on as usual! You have haven’t you! Oscar what the hell were you thinking? You have a pregnant girlfriend! Honestly you’re both out of your minds!”

“Thanks Mum.”

“I don’t even know what to say! This has really opened my eyes!”

“Mum how on earth was I even expected to speak to you properly before? You were constantly drunk, so don’t you dare claim that we’re irresponsible!”

“Oscar those words didn’t even escape my lips.”

“That’s what you implied. I came here to patch things up with you Mum and try to make amends in attempt’s clear my fucked up head! It’s clearly not working! “

“No you’re right Oscar, it’s not. You always did have an over active imagination.”

“You think I’ve made all of this up! Are you being serious?”

“I wouldn’t put it past you.”

To be continued…….


12 thoughts on “Planchette-Part 61

  1. Very good as always…but I’m behind, I think I need to go back and read some of the parts I missed to catch up! Thanks for sharing…I enjoy your writing!

  2. Hi Sophie! I haven’t stopped by for awhile, but I agree with vaterrell – I need to go back and catch up! By the way, how many parts are there to this story in total? And do you have this story on Amazon or elsewhere as an ebook?

  3. You are doing really well. I am really becoming quite concerned with what exactly is wrong with Oscar. He is not right. I will keep reading to find out more. I must thank you for the inspiration from your writing. What you are doing is great. I hope I am able to be as able as you have been & successful in my writing as you have been. Writing a continuing story that is growing as a book. Very Good & Very Brave. Now onto the next section. That reminds me, I was going to ask you how you defined each separate section and I see you use the word part. That seems a good choice. jk 🙂

    1. Hey jk!
      I wouldn’t say that I’m successful with my writing yet (or not at least until I publish something) but thanks!
      Planchette is very slowly turning into a book, I’d say it’s already a ‘novella’ . I decided to put “part….” as each part isn’t long enough to be a chapter. I didn’t want to put it online as chapters either as I don’t think my readers would have to go scroll through 1000’s of words!
      Thank you so much for returning to read my work, it means a lot to me!

      1. Just wrote you a reply & it disappeared. It was so good. I will try to resurrect as much as I can. I want you to know that I plan on returning to read your work. It is a fascinating story & I really enjoy your writing. You may not realize it but you have become an inspiration to me. That’s why I tried writing that piece of flash fiction. I haven’t written fiction for sometime. It’s been poetry and essays & a manuscript that is partially autobiographical over 650 pages. You developing book has motivated me to come up with the idea of turning my manuscript into a fictional novel. I am going to go all over the place with this. Experimenting et al. So, I want you to know that I am not going anywhere. You have a fan in me & I hope if you ever feel inspired & have any pointers to give to me, please do. Just be gentle. I live with a published writer who is also a professional editor. She has edited my work & we don’t always get along when we do that. I am really sensitive. But anytime you would like to communicate about anything esp. writing, please knock on my door. And I will be coming back consistently to read your work. Sometimes I tend to get into 2 days of creating and stay awake for 48 hrs plus and then I tend to crash hard. I can’t seem to stop myself. So if I am not reading your work everyday that is more than likely the reason. It’s because I am exhausted. I usually only find the energy to write my own posts then. But please be assured I am not going any place. You have me as a true fan. I am determined to discover what is going on in the world of Oscar, Ava, Mum(Janet) & Sebastian & the new baby on the way & what is going on with Oscar. I do know at some point when I am able I will start at the beginning to catch up to where I started. Love that you are reading my posts. That means a lot to me, also. You never know and I never know quite what is going to be happening on any given day. Except now on Monday, I work on my manuscript to post something early Tuesday AM. So now back to reading more of your pages. 🙂 jk

      2. Gosh! I’m so flattered, It’s quite a compliment to know that you’ve helped to inspire someone! Good luck with your manuscript! Don’t worry if ever I give feedback it is always constructive, there’s nothing worse than a one sided, overly harsh comment!
        Thank you so much jk (as always) !

  4. I’m confused on a technicality here. Ava should have an engagement ring, which would make her a fiancée. She’s still regarded as a “girlfriend” though. Shouldn’t there be a behavioral difference between being an item and setting the stage to be part of a family or is Janet just taking it too lightly?

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