“Yes alright I’ll show you as soon as we get back. Oscar you really have to use this opportunity to  stand up to her! Stop letting people walk all over you !”

“Is that really what you think?”


“At least you’re honest.”

 “Yeah. Really stand your ground with your Mum. She’s clearly just as stubborn as you are!”

Oscar nodded, creeping up the staircase, knocking gently upon Janet’s bedroom door.

“Come in.”

“Mum I came here because I wanted to resolve things, I don’t want to fight. That wasn’t my intention.”


“Giving me one word answers isn’t helping either, it’s like role reversal!”

“How Oscar?”

“I haven’t long left my teens have I? You know, stroppy teenager.”

“Oh yes, you could definitely be one of those.”

“Mum, I was filled to the brim with hormones. I say things before I think sometimes; I’m not a malicious person! You know that.”

Janet nodded, rubbing her forehead. “You remind me so much of your Father!”

“No! I’m nothing like him! The way he treated you was unacceptable.”

“How can you even be a judge of that Oscar?”

“I saw it with my own eyes, I experienced it myself and history repeated itself this year at university.  Please! You’re my Mum, stop pushing me away because it’s slowly breaking me! I love you so much and you’re all the family I have left. Please Mum. We need to support one another.”

Ava  pressed one ear firmly to the wooden door, praying that Janet might see sense.

“Oscar, we need to talk like this again. You need to tell me everything in more detail, that way I might understand.”

“Yes, alright that’s fair enough.”

“But why in God’s name did you go and get a girl pregnant?!”

“We were foolish Mum. We didn’t have a condom, Ava told me that she was on the pill. I trust her 100% so I don’t know how or why it happened, but it just did. She wanted to have an abortion originally, I wouldn’t let her. Now I think she resents me for it. Yes I’m young, but I am 20, old enough to make fairly sensible decisions. I am fully prepared to take responsibility for this child alongside Ava.”

“You’re far too young!”

“Mum we’re 20 not 15! That’s just pot calling the kettle black anyway! You were young, younger than Ava!”

“Yes and look what happened. Look at our shit, miserable existence with barely enough money to scrape by. That’s not living, it’s just existing. It’s not a lifestyle I’d wish upon anyone!”

“We’ll cope. Once our degrees are over we can look for jobs and hopefully start earning a wage.”

“Do you seriously think it’s as simple as that Oscar?!”

“No of course not Mum. Do you really think I’m that naive?”

“I do.” Janet sighed.

“Well I’m not! We’ve experienced hard times and things will only get more difficult when the baby arrives.”

“Does Ava even want this child?”

Oscar hesitated. “Well hesitation is never a good thing.” Janet sighed.

“Originally she didn’t, but I think it was the initial shock of it all.”

“Fine. Oscar, you didn’t even answer my question earlier, have you been ill?”


“How ill?”

“Just a bit under the weather, I’m fine now.” Oscar smiled.

“How about the weight loss?”

“Ava nags at me all the time telling me to eat, it’s quite annoying actually.”

“Well perhaps you should listen to her!”

“I do try.”

“How much have you lost?”

“I don’t weigh myself  Mum. It wasn’t intentional.”

“You’re very thin. Is it stress related or the fact that you were ill?”

“Both I think. Don’t worry.”

Janet nodded. “You have dark circles around your eyes and you’re so pale.” She muttered.

Oscar swallowed, desperately trying to think of a change of subject. “I’m going to find Ava.”


Oscar exited, climbing the staircase only to find Ava perched on the top step grinning. “Oscar you did so well! You really stood your ground, we’ve made so much progress in such little time. Janet is right though, you look absolutely shattered Oscar. What’s up, do you feel unwell again?”

“No a little bit spaced out, like I’m dreaming or in a daze.”


“You could call it that yeah. I think I might go and lie down for a little while, I don’t want to be antisocial.”

“No you’re not! Not at all, if that’s how you feel go and have a rest for a while.”

“I’ll lie on the sofa.”

“Alright” Ava smiled “I’ll come and sit with you and do some reading. I’m sure your Mum will be down in a minute. ”

To be continued….


7 thoughts on “Planchette-Part 60

    1. Hello Michelle! Thank you so much! I’m glad that it’s realistic, as I’m always trying to make my fiction as believable and easy for people to relate to as I can.

  1. Keep it slowly revealing itself. Well. done, with Mum. Yes, this health issue with Oscar is sounding like something serious in this age of strange and incurable illnesses. Losing so much weight. So many possibilities. I hope whatever it turns out being something curable. Great. Will wait patiently for future writings. jk 😎

    1. Thanks so much. I keep thinking that I should link the story back somehow to the Ouija board. I’m currently considering various possibilities other wise what would the significance of that be?
      As for Oscar’s illness, I was thinking of making it something quite serious. Thanks jk 🙂

      1. ooh, Ouija boards carry so many evil/demonic possession possibilities, that’s if you want to get into the other side kind of spookiness, Evil spirits sneaking through. Like that element, even if you only use as someone’s superstition. You can enter an element of scariness for the readers that would tend toward a belief in it’s effects. Look at how people responded to The Exorcist. I believed. When I was a kid I played with the Ouija & I was told by it that I was going to die in a car crash exiting a super-highway at an LA exit at a specific age. I made sure I did not travel there that year. As you can see I survived but let me tell you I do believe in something Evil this way comes. You can do so many creative stories along that line.

        Now Oscar’s illness: there are so many ways you can go with that. Something as obvious as AIDS. If he got Ava pregnant he obviously didn’t use protection & went with her using the pill as a prevention method. We all know that you need to be so careful about condoms and being careful. It isn’t casual any longer. Then there are the sneaky kind with Cancer. You don’t think me. That won’t happen to me. To rare diseases. Now that would be fun. Go for a made up disease that sounds plausible but it leaves you open to develop whatever symptoms you want. You already have losing weight and needing lots of sleep and feeling rather weak and no appetite. Let me know in your story once you’ve written it what you decide. Feel free to sound anything out with me. It would be a benefit to us both. Thanks. jk 😎

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