“Round two, is this just a game to you?”

“It was just an expression of speech. Stop being so precious! Come on, I know you can do this, it’s just your Mum.”

“Fine. This time please don’t verbally attack her.”

“I’m sorry, it was my feisty side coming out!”

“Hmm yes. Don’t let her loose to often will you? Psycho Ava needs to be kept under lock and key.”

“Psycho Ava?” Ava chuckled.

Yes, you know, the little demon that springs out once in a while. Psycho Oscar is kept in a sealed vault inside of me.”

“Right. Now you sound like a poet.”

“You understand my meaning though.”


“I’m glad I get upset rather than overly aggressive though. Otherwise I’d be like him.”



“Well we both know that there is far more to that boy than meets the eye! Let’s not dwell on him for the time being Oscar, we need to focus on being here in London. We have to  start to patching things up for you. Don’t give up now!”

“I’ll try not to.”

“That’s what I like to hear. Do you want to hear some slightly more positive news?”

“Go on then Ava.”

“I booked my ultra sound scan at the hospital.”


“Yeah.” Ava laughed. “See, I knew that would cheer you up!”

“That’s wonderful! What date?”

“Next Tuesday.”

“Wow! Is that at the antenatal clinic?”

“Yes! Do you want to come?”

“Ava I’m there with bells on! Try stopping me!”

“Your face is all of a glow now. It will be lovely having you with me. I obviously didn’t want to say anything in front of your Mum.”

“I’m glad that you didn’t , it’s something to look forward to.”

“ Absolutely.” Ava grinned. “Well, I’ve already had the 10 week one.”

“You have!” Oscar gasped. “Without me?!”

Ava’s face fell. “It was the day that you were really ill. You slept for about 13 hours solidly, do you remember? I had to leave the house for a while. I didn’t tell you because I knew that you’d be cross with me. You had to rest. You could barely stand.”

“That’s fair enough, but why didn’t you just say?!”

“I knew you’d be angry.”


“It was only quite vague, don’t worry you didn’t miss anything.”

“I’m so disappointed that you didn’t even tell me! Ava! How could you?”

“Oscar, like I said there wasn’t much to it!”

“I’m so pissed off with you right now!” Oscar snapped.

“Oh Oscar, look I really am sorry okay, but you were in no fit state to be there. Just leave it will you! I did it for the sake of your health!”

“A relationship is all about being honest with each other Ava. We’re not doing very well are we!”

“ Well you weren’t exactly open with me were you?!”

“Yes but that was my personal life, I’m the baby’s Dad, the child will be my shared responsibility. I wanted to share that moment with you, but you obviously didn’t want me there!”

“There you go again!” Ava snapped. “Wallowing in self-pity!”

“I can’t believe you told me this now Ava, when I am supposed to be cooling down! How could you be so selfish?!”

“Oh just get over it okay!”

“I can’t just get over it as you put it! What other things have you been keeping from me? Anything?”

“No! Absolutely NOT!”

“Do you know something about Sebastian that I don’t?”

“Why bring him into this? Now you’re being paranoid! I showed you that article didn’t I! I knew it would frighten you, but I let you see it anyway! There, that’s a prime example of me being open and honest with you!”

Oscar paced along the pavement, running a hand through his hair. “I’m really not prepared for round two with my Mother, not after this little bombshell! My God I’m actually livid! That’s my son or daughter!” 

“Well you have to be ready, otherwise we have just wasted our time. Don’t give up on me now. You can’t just run away from everything in life.”

“It bloody takes one to know one.” Oscar mumbled.

“I heard that, let’s not even go there Oscar, you know how much the subject of my parents hurts me!”


“Come on, lets just get this over and done with shall we?”


“Yes we!”

“I’d rather do round two alone, please don’t burst in on us this time.  Oh and Ava, I want to see that baby scan picture when we get back to Chester!”

To be continued…


11 thoughts on “Planchette-Part 59

  1. Opps, though Oscar is being a little bit precious about not going to the 10 week scan. Lots of dads are unable to see that scan. Not a lot to see then anyway.

  2. Enter something wrong in Ava’s parental figure past. Doesn’t want to go there. Another envelop that holds a secret. Curiouser and curiouser. Well, played. And the ultra-sound, Why hold back that secret? If he was incapacitated why not tell him right after once he was feeling better? Why do people get so upset when they feel something is being held back from them? He must remember his health back then. We’ll see. Great scene. jk 😎

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