“God you really do have a damp problem.” Ava observed, gazing up at the peeling wallpaper upon the ceiling.

“I know.” Oscar admitted. “We need dehumidifiers, but we couldn’t afford to hire industrial ones.  I’m not really happy about you sleeping in here!”


“I’m probably immune to the damp, you however aren’t. No to mention the fact that it’s ridiculously cold and you’re pregnant.”

“Oh Oscar stop fussing like an old woman and let’s get into bed!”

“Well I actually have to make it first. I’m just hoping that there are some spare sheets in the linen cupboard, I swear it’s the only dry place in the whole house!”

“Hey let’s sleep in there!” Ava grinned.

“Well I’m glad that you’re not too horrified by the state of my so-called home.” Oscar smiled.

“Me? No, never! I’ve honestly seen much worse.”


“I remember when I was small, our whole house flooded. It has actually my fault. I went to brush my teeth, turned on the cold tap as normal, air came out instead of water. I did tell my Mum, but she was busy putting her make up on. I don’t think she was listening. Anyway, we went out and when we came back the house was water logged, as the water providers had switched the water back on without warning us.”

“Jesus ! Really?”

“Yes! Luckily my parents had insurance to cover the house, but the majority of it needed re-decorating. Let’s just say that I wasn’t popular for a  few weeks!”

Oscar laughed. “I bet!”

Ava glared at him.

“I was just kidding Ava, you were just a child and everyone makes mistakes.”

“Yeah they do.

“Ava I wish you’d open up a bit more about your parents and even life in general! Talking really helps.

“I’d rather not! Not now anyway. I’m so tired, Oscar.” Oscar nodded, leaving the room to return with an armful of linen.

“This will have to do. Thank god for your thick duvet.”

“Hmmm” Ava sighed. “I’ll double it over, we should be cosy tonight.”

“I know guys generally sleep on the outside of the bed closest to the door, but I’ll sleep next to the wall. I don’t want your pajamas to get musty.”

“Fair enough” Ava said. “They’re are a bit of a passion killer aren’t they?!”

Oscar laughed. “As opposed to what? My track suit bottoms and hoody? I look like a tramp! You’ve grown .”

“The bump?”


“Oh, I thought my top seemed tighter, well observed.  Goodnight!”

“Goodnight, we should talk tomorrow though alright.”



Ava awoke in the early dawn filled with a cold chill and gazed at Oscar who was still sleeping, facing her. She stroked his back gently, it was so damp. ‘God!’ She cursed. ‘I must have stolen the duvet for at least half the night.’ What time was it?

“Oscar!” Ava shook him gently.

“Hmmm, what are you doing?”

“Waking you! Your t-shirt is really wet!”

“Oh. Well rather me than you, it’s the dreadful insulation in this house! Everything is so musty and it’s freezing this morning! I’ll have a quick shower to warm up. I wont be long.”

“You’ll catch your death.”

“No I wont, I’ve lived here the majority of my life, I’m immune to this!”

“Hmm okay, I hope so! I might grab another 15 minutes of beauty sleep, it’s early yet.”

“No problem, you need it!” .

“You cheeky sod!” Ava grasped the corner of one of the pillows hurling at it at Oscar. “I’m sexy and you know it.”

“Yes, yes I do.” Oscar said.

Oscar showered quickly, in attempt to escape from the icy, mold-filled bathroom. He rough-dried himself, pulling on his dressing gown to take the edge of the chill in the air. Upon leaving the bathroom, another bedroom door creaked open and a familiar face came into view, hi-lighted under the dingy lighting.

To be continued….


15 thoughts on “Planchette-Part 56

  1. One thing I should mention is to use, ‘he/she said’ rather than ‘she replied’ etc, as reccommended in the Chicargo Manual of Style. Apparently ‘said’ is almost invisable, wheras anything else pulls the reader out of the converstaion.
    “I’m so tired Oscar.” Oscar nodded.
    What’s wrong with that? Should be a comma before Oscar (or any name). Then you prepeat his name instead of saying ‘He nodded’. Try to keep each person in their own para. For instance, She’s saying she’s tired. He nods (should be a separate para.)
    “Hmmm” Ava sighed. (Missing period after the dialogue.)
    Hope that helps.

    1. I thought I’d already replied but I don’t think the comment sent. I had a read through and made a few edits. Thank you for your help & feedback and returning to read the new parts of “Planchette” 🙂

  2. When you need a bed, it really doesn’t matter the conditions at that point, especially if you’ve been traveling in a car. Just stretching out. Getting closer to mom’s entrance & finding out her reaction to Ava & a grandchild on the way. I didn’t realize you had posted beyond this part yet. So pleased to find out you have. Onward. Love following and wondering where you are taking us. jk 😎

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