“It’s a yes.”

“Hmm what?” Ava lifted her head from its comfortable position upon Oscar’s chest.

“I’ve slept on it. I’d like you to come home with me. It’s worth a try I guess, at least I’ll know where I stand with my Mum.”

“I’m really glad.” Ava mumbled. “Have you been lying awake all night worrying?”

“For the past couple of hours.”

“Oh. What time is it Oscar?”


“Not as early as I thought! It’s so dark!”

“Well it is winter.”

“Yes, yes I know Oscar”.

Okay when do you want to set off Ava? How about Friday evening after our lecture?”

 “Alright. Wouldn’t you think that our lecturers should be wondering where Sebastian is?”

“Oh Ava, I’m sure they already know! It’s not like he’s physically gone missing. He’s probably just at home with his Dad. I’m just really surprised that we’ve heard absolutely nothing from our letting company! If he has moved away for good, then surely someone else would have moved in with us. They’re losing out on money!”

“He’s paying his rent, that won’t be an issue. They just want their money on time. I don’t care where he is, I just hope we never see him again!”

“Hmmm. As for university well, for all we know he might be taking 6 months out I suppose . It’s really none of our business.”

“It is when he nearly killed you Oscar!”

“Don’t even worry about that now, it’s all behind us now. I need to stop dwelling in the past and move forward. I’m hoping that seeing my Mum again will help me to do this. I’m probably being a bit too optimistic aren’t I?”

“Optimism is always good.” Ava smiled.  “I’m going to have a shower to waken myself up a bit.”

“Alright, you take forever though!”

“I’m a woman! I have long hair which takes  ages to wash!” Ava laughed.

“Yes I know.”

“Oh alright Oscar, yes you can go first.”

“Good.” Oscar grinned. “As a thank you I’ll make breakfast after my shower.”



Friday arrived far sooner than Ava an Oscar could have anticipated. Oscar stood in the hallway, waiting for Ava who had dashed off to pay one last visit to the bathroom.

“Sorry.” She blushed.

“Come on you.” Oscar laughed. “I really hope that the traffic isn’t as bad as my journey to Chester.”

“Well if it is at least we have the flask of coffee and box of sandwiches that I made.”

“When did you do that?”

“When you were hoovering the house earlier Oscar!”

“Oh, thanks.” Oscar smiled, picking up their bags. “Get in the car you. Honestly women! Let’s go!”

“All the windows are locked, I checked.” Ava smiled.

“So did I.” Oscar admitted. “I think I’m being a little bit too over-cautious, but oh well, better to be safe than sorry I suppose.”

“Yeah, oh god when was the last time you ate?”


“Oscar! You’re driving me there. I can’t have you having a funny turn at the wheel!”

“I wont!”

“That’s what you always say. Eat one of the sandwiches quickly before we set off!”

“We need them for the journey.”

“Oscar I have fruit, cereal bars and coffee too! Just eat one.”

Oscar nodded and slowly devoured half of the sandwich. Ava watched him eat ever single morsel, it was only when he’d finished that she was satisfied.

“There that’s better! Can we go now?”


“Good! It’ll be nice to escape from Chester for a bit. I’m always up for doing something different!”

“If you say so, at least one of us is optimistic Ava!”


“You look tired Ava.”

“I’ll probably have a nap on the way.” Ava stated climbing into the passenger side of the car. The engine rattled and they began their long journey.  Ava rested her head against the window dozing gently. Oscar quickly glanced at her sleeping peacefully and averted his eyes back to the motorway.

To be continued…….


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