Ava sat cross-legged upon her bed, playing with her necklace. There came a gentle knock at the door. Oscar smiled, entering the room and gently placing the tray upon the bed.

“I have to admit, the toast does look delicious.” He smiled.

“Even though you do say so yourself?” Ava grinned.

“Yep! I actually feel slightly hungry for once.”

“Good, I’m always am and now I’m eating for two. Just kidding! If I did, I’d become so fat!”

Oscar rolled his eyes! “You? Fat! I don’t think so! There’s nothing of you.”

Ava sighed. “Speak for yourself! Now tell me about your Mum and Dad, what caused the violence?”

“I can’t believe we’re having this conversation over tea and toast! Alcohol and anger. I was so outwardly spoken sometimes. I’ve reigned myself in a lot these past few years!”

“You said things that you shouldn’t have done?”

Oscar nodded. “In a nutshell. I was really rude to my Mum a couple of times. She hated dealing with things like that by herself, so she’d always wait until my Dad came home. The trouble was, he had a drink problem. The alcohol fueled his emotions and worst of all his anger.”

“So he did hit you then? Like Sebastian?”

“Yes. We’ve already established this.”

“I just want to help you Oscar!”

“I know you do, you always mean well. I don’t know what I can do to sort things with my Mum now. It’s too late.”

“It’s never too late! I will do everything in my power to help you. So when it happened, how did your Mum react?”

A tear trickled down Oscar’s cheek . “She was quite understanding. I was more careful after that incident. I didn’t mind it so much if he was violent towards me, but then he tried to hurt my Mum.  It was all so messed up. I really need to toughen up a bit, but I can’t handle my emotions anymore.”

“Shhh don’t get upset. It’s really not your fault.” Ava coaxed.

“I hated my Mum and Dad’s relationship; they never really got on and were forever arguing. I just hope that our baby grows up in a calmer environment. I want the best life possible for our son or daughter. I haven’t even told my Mum Ava!

“Well I haven’t mentioned anything to my Aunt Olive!”

“You haven’t? Well it might be a good idea!”

“Talk about pot calling the kettle black Oscar! Your Mum should know too, seeing as though she’s going to be a Grandmother!”

“The thought of it makes me shudder; our baby will have an irresponsible alcoholic for a Grandma.”

“People can change Oscar.”

“I know. ”

“You should just go and see her as a surprise visit.”

“Yeah, she’d really appreciate it. I’d be wasting my time.”

“Oscar I want to come with you!”

“No, you can’t. You need to look after yourself.”


“Meaning I did all of the cleaning,  so I can’t really imagine what sort of state the house might be in. Plus the area is rough. When we arrive god knows what state my Mum might be in!”

“That doesn’t matter. If you can drive us there, I will be there to support you no matter where you live or what your house is like. We could just go for the weekend? You have a key don’t you?”

“Yes I do, but I really don’t know.”

“What are you so unsure of? Consider my offer Oscar and stop being so stubborn for once!”

“I’ll sleep on it!”

“Good! I feel I have made progress. Now please eat some more toast!”

“I’d rather brush my teeth and go to sleep right now, but for you I will.”

Oscar cautiously nibbled on the second piece of toast, placing the plate on her bedside table.

“Oscar you’re not going to leave that there are you?”

“No, no. I was just going to brush my teeth and then take that downstairs.”

Minutes later Oscar returned to the bedroom.

“I’m sorry.” Ava sighed.

“What for Ava?”

“I’m so bossy and grumpy at the moment! I feel guilty now.”

“Don’t be, it’s just your hormones!”

“Hmm. I’m going to sleep, I really do want to come home with you.Please think about it.”

“I will, goodnight.” Oscar planted a swift kiss onto Ava’s forehead and snuggled underneath the duvet.

To be continued…….


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