“Well that makes a lot of sense Oscar! You’re going to have to fill in the gaps for me!”

“Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit! The problem is, I don’t fully understand either, if I did I would explain it to you but I can’t. All I know is that my Mum blames me for my Dad leaving. I was the final straw.”

“How so? Do you want to talk about it?”

“No, not now.”

“Oscar I think there’s so much about you that I don’t know, that’s what really frightens me. It’s like you have a dark past or something!”

“Ava why would you be scared? You know more about me than I do about you.”

“Perhaps. We need to open up and tell each other the facts, we’ve known each other long enough now !”

“ My Mum would be furious if she knew we were about to have this conversation.”

“I wont tell a soul, I promise. You have my word Oscar.”

“Hmm, relationships should all be about trusting one another, I feel that I do that. Alright let’s just get it over with shall we?”

 “Fine. Can you sit on the bed properly? You’re making me nervous!”

“Sorry Ava. There.” Oscar lay beside Ava on top of the duvet, nestling into her shoulder.

“That’s much better! Okay here it is, have you been abused at some point?”

“Christ! That was blunt! I can’t believe I agreed to do this!” Oscar swallowed.


“I wouldn’t say abused. I got in the way.”

“You got in the way?”

“Yes Ava.”


“My Dad has a drink problem like my Mum, but far worse. Mum was never aggressive under the influence of alcohol, whereas he was a different kettle of fish.”

“He was violent towards you both?”

“Pretty much, yes. Oh shit Ava! Why do you need to know everything about me?”

“Your emotions are eating you up inside!”

“I was a stroppy teenager with anger issues, it really couldn’t be helped that’s just who I was, I’ve already mentioned that fact before anyway!”

“Go on….”

“There were some food related incidents in the past.”

“I just knew it!”

“Do you want to hear this or not? Stop sounding so smug!”

“Sorry, I wasn’t! Yes, yes I want to hear what you have to say!”

“God this is so awkward. Okay here goes, my Mum was such an awful cook, I did offer to cook instead but she’d always get offended so I just stopped offering. It got to the stage where her meals got so revolting that I just stopped eating them. It infuriated her and of course when my Dad found out that I was wasting “good food” as he called it, that was it!”


“Yes. There you know now.”

“No there is more to ‘it’ . Was he violent?”


“I take it that was towards you and your Mum?”


“Christ I knew it! History repeated itself.”

“I’m sorry Ava?”

“With Sebastian I mean.”

“Yes, yes it did. Still at least with my Dad I brought it upon myself, I was so hot-tempered and so quick to snap back. I said some pretty awful things. Can we stop talking about this now?  You’re pregnant, look after yourself instead of looking after me! I’ve been really selfish, you look tired. Please have a rest, close your eyes.”

“Oscar stop trying to wriggle your way out of talking about this! You’re hardly sprightly, you look frail!”

“Please Ava. I’m going to make you something to eat, you haven’t eaten much today.”

“Speak for yourself! Clearly last night’s fainting episode wasn’t a wake up call for you!”

“Oh Ava! You’re a stuck record! Fine I’ll make us both something! What do you want?”

“Toast will do, bring it upstairs on a tray!”

“You really want to know more?”

“Yes, you must tell me everything Oscar!”

“Fine, I’ll be up in five.”

To be continued…..


11 thoughts on “Planchette-Part 51

  1. Pretty good. Only one thing I could pick on. Would he say, “My food issues stem from …? That doesn’t sound like real conversation. Well done.

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