“Now do you understand that I was right?”

“Es” Oscar slurred from his slumped position upon the carpet, slowly beginning to come around.

“I’ll take that as a yes, good I’m glad. Just breath properly, at the moment you’re almost hyperventilating.  Don’t try and get up , I can’t have you fainting on me again. Honestly, I’m the pregnant one here!”


“Good job the bed isn’t too high. I’ll place your legs up against it. That way the blood will flow back to your head. It will be lack of food and sleep taking its toll on your body. You’re really off colour, quite grey looking actually. There that’s it, you’ll soon feel fine.”

A deadly pale Oscar lay there, his head whirring like a hurricane. Oscar’s eyes ached uncomfortably in the intense, artificial light.

“Oscar are you with me?”

“Too bright.” Oscar groaned, placing a hand over his eyes.

Ava flicked off the light switch. “Hopefully that will help a bit. Do you want some water?”

“Hmm.” Oscar nodded weakly.

“Okay, I’ll just sit you up slowly,  rest your back against the bed. Here drink this.” Ava fetched Oscar some water holding it to his lips in the darkness.

I knew that this was going to happen, it was only a matter of time Oscar. If you don’t eat enough, then your body can’t function. That’s helped I think, you’re starting to look a bit more normal. I’ll try and help you up in a minute or two. ”

“I don’t understand anything anymore.” Oscar mumbled “Nothing makes sense.”

“Yes it does, you haven’t eaten properly for weeks, and you’re not well, so you collapsed. That’s all there is to it.”

“Not quite what I meant.”

“Right. Do you still feel light-headed?”

“Not too bad, stop cutting me off!”

Okay don’t even worry about that now, lets stand very slowly and get you back onto the bed, there get some sleep, please don’t try and get up by yourself okay? I’ll just prop you up against your pillows. You need rest badly and so do I, I think I’ll have a quick nap on the sofa. I’ll come and wake you.”


“Good, at least we agree on something. Sleep now.” 


A small beam of light danced upon the white washed wall filling the room with an unpleasant brightness. What time is it? Oscar stirred, rolling onto his back. Where am I? So disoriented, with little recollection of the day before. Where was Ava?

“Ava?!” Oscar shouted, hearing footsteps upon the landing. The bedroom door creaked open. “Yes? Thank god you’re awake, I was starting to get worried.”

“You were? How long was I asleep for?”

“13 hours.”

“What? I never sleep for that long, I’m lucky if I manage to catch 7! Why didn’t you wake me?”

“You looked so peaceful, I thought it was better that I left you, you obviously needed it.”


“Are you feeling better?”

“I guess.” Oscar shrugged.

“Good, well in that case I’ll make you some breakfast. Your eating habits are really starting to worry me now, I mean when lack of food makes you start to faint, that’s when you should be concerned.”

“Hmm. I’m still not hungry!”

“Oh for god’s sake Oscar, surely last night was a bit of a wake-up call for you! You’re starting to look really quite unhealthy. Your skin is bone dry and your eyes, well they’ve changed.

“What? What on earth are you talking about?”

“The sparkle has gone, they’re so dull.”

“Ava now you’re just being silly. Since when did anyone’s eyes ever sparkle anyway? Stop worrying about me and focus on the baby!”

“How can I when I’m this worried about you!”

“Ava I’m not ill okay!”

“What can I do to cheer you up? I know I’ve been pretty awful to you lately. Is there anything I can do to help. Are you worrying about your Mum?”

“She’s always at the back of my mind.”

“Well have you spoken to her recently? Try ringing her or something!”

“My Mum really doesn’t want to know.”

“God I’d speak to her and give her a bloody piece of my mind!” Ava snapped.

Oscar shook his head solemnly “No, you really don’t understand. Things are more complicated than they seem Ava, more so than you or I could ever know.”

To be continued…..


20 thoughts on “Planchette-Part 50

  1. I’m starting to get irritated at these two. They never seem to have anything good to say to each other. They always seem to be bickering! In Ava’s condition, she needs less stress, not more of it. ROFL

  2. When’s the next post coming out? Can’t wait. Hope Oscar would be more relaxed in the next one so Ava could have her peace. But I’m not sure if “peace” is what we want here 🙂

  3. It’s me again with a critique. After God, right at the end, you should insert a period. I’ve mentioned before about your content. Best to leave out anything banal. What is the real purpose of this scene? Strip it to the basics. Hope that helps. You know to ingore me if you want.

    1. It’s brilliant having someone to write a critique! I’ll have a look at that scene again and make a few changes. It means a lot that you’ve come back to read my work! Thanks for your help 🙂

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