“Wha-? What’s happening?”

Ava sat perched on the side of Oscar’s bed, her hand gently placed upon his cheek. “You’re burning up.”

“What are you doing in here?”

“Oscar you have a temperature. Sit forwards; you don’t look comfortable there at all. I’ll adjust your pillow. Drink this water you need to keep your fluids up .”

Oscar reluctantly downed the glass of water. “What made you come in here?” Oscar repeated, placing a hand to his burning forehead. “After everything you said. How did you know to come into my room?”

“Shhh, stop with the 100 questions, I don’t think you’re very well, We need to get your temperature down a bit, I’ll open the window to get some fresh air in here.” She turned the handle of the small window. “There that’s better. This duvet probably isn’t helping, I’ll get you a sheet instead, don’t try and get up.” She pulled open Oscar’s bottom draw taking out a cotton sheet, laying it carefully over him.

“Ava, I’ll be fine I always get over heated after having a bath. I’m so confused. What are you doing? I didn’t think you were coming back.”

“Shhh now, don’t be daft, I was downstairs watching television. I haven’t even left the house, I was giving you some space. I think you’re becoming a bit delirious!”

“I am not!”

“Well you should have heard yourself when I walked into the room, you were babbling on about something! I couldn’t make sense from any of it.”

“Ava, it was probably just a bad dream.”

“What’s happening to you? You look like you’re carrying the weight of the world upon your shoulders, what’s happened to the old Oscar? The calm, laid back you! ”

“You’ve changed too! I’m fine. ”

“Well that would be the understatement of the year Oscar! I think we need to get you some help,you should try counselling  I know for a fact that it’s available on the NHS; you wouldn’t have to pay a penny. Please consider it! Just look at you, you’re a nervous, shaking wreck! I’m sure you’ve got a fever!”

“Stop fussing and believe me when I say that I’ve tried counselling!”

“You have?”

“In the past.”

“Well you need to do something; you can’t go about living a normal life in the state that you’re in. You’ve been behaving strangely lately.”

“Ava, I could really say the same about you!”

“I’m not the one who can’t sleep or eat; your head isn’t screwed on properly, I mean who puts yogurt in the cupboard?”

“Oh come on, that was probably just tiredness. When I’m lacking sleep I’m not completely with it, I do silly little things like that. I’m sorry; it’s not really a huge deal is it? I need to get up so can you please get off the side of my sheet, I’m sandwiched in here! I hate feeling this claustrophobic!”

“You really shouldn’t get up, you’re not well at all.”

“Stop telling me what to do!”

“Yes but what will it take for you to see that I’m right Oscar? Stop being so stubborn!”

“Stay away from me Ava!”

Oscar rapidly clambered out of the opposite side of the bed in attempt to escape from Ava. Oscar’s head swam, his body over run with a hot-cold sensation. He tried to grasp the bedhead to steady himself and missed, falling to the floor in a faint.

To be continued…..


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