Oscar startled from his nap as the doorbell rang, hearing the sound of Ava’s voice.

“Oh yes that’s everything. Thank you for all your help.”

He paced down stairs, studying the collection of carrier bags. Without saying a word  he picked up a small cluster of bags, taking them through to the kitchen and proceeded to fill the cupboards. Ava was not far behind.

“Finally, I didn’t think you were coming out of your room! Stop being such a recluse Oscar! 

“I was only in there for an hour! I was going to get the door.”

“Oh, well I got there first.”


“Oh Oscar, are you still cross with me?”

“I’d say more upset.”

“Hmmm. Thank you for staying, in the house I mean.” Ava stated coyly.

Oscar sighed, running a hand through his hair. “I had no choice.”

“Yes you did Oscar, stop behaving like a sulky teenager!”

Oscar shook his head sadly. “Let’s try and be civil to one another alright. Otherwise this isn’t going to work is it? I really want to make you happy, more than anything, but it’s hard when you’re constantly trying to push me away.”

“No-one’s pushing you away. You’re distancing yourself because you can’t face the cold, harsh reality of life. Shit happens Oscar! Deal with it.”

“I know. You’ve had your fair share too . I feel for you, I really do. You know that I’d do anything to try to help you. There must be nothing worse than losing your parents.”

“ You’ve finally hit the nail on the head, it only took you a few years.” Ava smirked sarcastically.

Oscar pursed his lips “How can I help you when you won’t even talk about it! Let’s finish putting this shopping away shall we?”

Ava nodded “Have it your way!” The pair bundled the remaining items into the cupboards.

“Ava it’s getting late, I’m going to bed. I hate this constant battle between us, what on earth are we doing?”

Ava tutted “I was going to ask you a similar question!”

“Do you need the bathroom? I was going to have a bath.”

“No. Why do you always have to change the subject Oscar?”

“Goodnight Ava.”

Ava glanced up. “Night.”

It was a small amount of progress, a half civil word. Oscar nodded leaving Ava alone. Oscar jumped, a flashback of Sebastian’s face flashing in his mind. He brushed off his anxieties, taking great care to lock the door behind him before running the bath water. Oscar ran a hand through it, testing the temperature. Double checking the door, he stepped into the deliciously warm bath water. Despite the relaxing ambiance, Oscar’s heart raced, his stomach filling with butterflies. ‘Stop this, get a grip. You’re becoming a nervous wreck.’ He silently scolded. Oscar reluctantly closed his eyes, inhaling and exhaling in attempt to calm himself. Oscar jumped, snapping back into reality. Was that the door lock clicking open, perhaps someone was tapping at the door. Maybe Ava needed to use the bathroom after all?

“Ava?” No answer. No there was something, a gentle pitter patter, was it of rain or footsteps?

“Ava is that you?” Silence. Oscar grasped the sides of the bath in attempt to catch his breath, it was no use. Those images, Sebastian’s rugged appearance haunted Oscar’s fraught mind. He shivered, washing rapidly and exited the bath, covering himself with a towel. Alone in his room once again, he locked the door behind him for safety, changing into some track suit bottoms. Oscar shivered and curled up under his duvet attempting to smother his troubles, praying that the ability to sleep might come to him but it did not.

To be continued….


12 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 48

  1. You say in the opening sentence: He paced down stairs, laying his eyes upon the collection of carrier bags.
    Firstly downstairs is one word.
    Laying his eyes? Can a person lay their eyes? Painful! LOL.
    Glancing at, or studying, or staring at.
    Hope that helps.

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