Oscar made a swift decision to change the subject. “How are you feeling Ava? How’s the morning sickness?”

“On and off. I don’t feel too bad, it’s just certain smells that set me off at the moment, but apart from that I’m absolutely fine.”

“Good, I’m glad.”

Ava glanced up at Oscar. “It just doesn’t feel the same anymore, in this house I mean with just the two of us.  The house is so empty. It’s like someone is missing if you understand what I’m saying.”

Oscar sighed. “That was a bit of an odd thing to say. We’re safe as we are. Yes Sebastian isn’t here but he’s probably gone home to live with his Dad again, his rent is still being paid somehow.”

“Really, you checked?”

“Yes, yes I did, I phoned our landlord, he didn’t say anything but just told me that we were fine and it was all in hand.”  Oscar admitted honestly. “Well there’s no way that I was going to be forced to pay it for him.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this?!”

“I forgot. With everything that was going on. Sorry Ava.”

“Well you’ve told me now, better late than never I guess. To change the subject, we really are short on food. I was planning to do a Tesco shop online, something I should have done a couple of weeks ago. Do you want to help me? Or at least tell me what you want and I’ll do it for you.”

“Yeah, fine.”


“Yes I will help you. Go and get your laptop.”

Ava obeyed, returning with it tucked under one arm, placing it upon the kitchen table.

“Shall we just do one order?”

“Well yes, that would be the most sensible thing to do.” Oscar nodded, disheartened by Ava’s snappy tone of voice. Systematically they searched through each section before proceeding to the online check out.

“There that’s all done, perhaps if I actually have some food in my cupboard then I might be tempted to eat properly and keep you happy.”

“Good! That’s what I like to hear. Now what?”

Oscar shrugged. “That’s up to you. I have some more reading to do for the assignments, but I’m guessing you’ve already done yours. You’re always streets ahead of me, so I’d better get started.”

Ava shook her head. “I haven’t actually.”

“Really?” Oscar gasped. “Ava you say that you’re worried about me, but believe me when I say that you’re concerning me a little bit at the moment. You’re much snappier than I’ve ever seen you and now I’m ahead of you on an assignment when in the past I was always at least a week behind. What’s up, please tell me. You know that you can always talk to me.”

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with me!” Ava snapped. “I planned to start the essay in a day or two, I can write an essay far faster than you can anyway!”

“I do know that. Why does it have to be like this? All we seem to do is argue at the moment! Can’t we just try to be a bit more rational towards each other?”

“Well maybe if you weren’t such a selfish antagonist, we wouldn’t be having this problem Oscar, it’s all about you! I’m sick of hearing about your problems all of the time! It’s soul destroying, I shouldn’t have to listen to any of it. Not while I’m pregnant! I’m getting really stressed.”

Oscar rose to his feet. “You’re stressed? Fair enough no-one’s life is perfect Ava and yes, you’ve had your share of misfortune and hardship too. You think you know about my life, but you don’t know half of it.  Just try to be a bit more considerate.”

“Jesus Oscar! See there you go again; it’s never ending with you! How do you think that you’re going to be a decent father to my baby when you’re this insecure?”

Our baby!”

“I said our!”

“No you didn’t, I think you’ll find you said my.”

“Oh well, it was a slip of the tongue. Stop taking everything to heart all of the time, you’re 20 years old!”

“God Ava! I can’t do this, I just really can’t . I have to go, I need space and I desperately need to clear my head to free it from all the negative crap!”

“Don’t you dare leave me in the house alone ! Not after last time. Stop running away from your issues!”

Oscar froze, his fraught face softening along with his voice tone. “No, that wouldn’t do. Don’t worry, I wont leave you alone in the house.” 

With a heavy heart, Oscar climbed the stairs, closing his bedroom door behind him.

To be continued…..                                                        


23 thoughts on “Planchette-Part 47

  1. At the beginning, I wondered if you need every little detail. In a novel, it’s best to leave out all the tedious details and get to the plot. As a run-down: They decide to shop online. That would cut about 100 words. A few para’s down, you use ‘feel’ twice. Keep on. You’ll get there in the end and learn as you go.

  2. Hi Sophie! Just checking in from the mutual blog comment UBC thread. I can see I’m going to have to catch up with your chapters, because this one was interesting! Since I didn’t see the beginning – is this a book you have already published? Is it your first or do you have others? Thanks for an interesting read! 🙂 ~~K’Lee

    1. Hi K’Lee
      Thank you so much! Nope it’s not a published piece of work. I’ve been posting on my blog for just over a year and a half. Planchette is a fiction series that I’m currently working on, although it’s become far longer than I’d originally planned !
      -Sophie 🙂

      1. Read through them all today. They’re all really good. One thing though. You have Oscar saying she’s pregnant a post or two before she says her period is late (can’t remember which post it is, sorry).

      2. Thanks so much for pointing that out (it was in part 31) I made a little edit! That’s the good thing about wordpress, you can just go back and change bits & pieces if necessary! 🙂

  3. Nice to meet you Sophie! I feel like I’ve just come in the middle of the movie and I’m intrigued to see what happens next! What a fun blog you have… I will be back.

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