“It?! Our baby you mean? Lots of women don’t bother to conceal the fact that they’re even pregnant. You shouldn’t feel that you have to hide your baby bump you know!”

“I suppose. Wow I’m going to look so attractive aren’t I” Ava stated,  sarcastically rolling her eyes.

“There’s nothing unattractive about being pregnant!”

“Except the fact that I feel completely rubbish all of the time.”

“Perhaps. Ava when did you last eat?”

“Oh Oscar you’re sounding like me now! Okay I have a question, when did you last eat?”

“What does that matter I’m not the pregnant one here am I?”

“No, but I’m becoming increasingly convinced that you have an eating disorder!”

“What! Come on! You’re not serious?!”

“Oscar you’re skin and bone. When did you last eat a proper meal? It’s not very attractive. Actually, I’m finding it increasingly unattractive!”

“Woah hang on one moment there! That’s quite a harsh thing to say!”

“Well Oscar you know it’s true! Sort it.”

“Right that’s enough Ava! You’ve said what you felt you needed to say. Just stop okay. I’m sorry that I made the comment about your jumper. You’re obviously hormonal, don’t inflict your bad mood upon me !”

“I’m not hormonal! You’re the one needs to pull yourself together! All you ever do is moan Oscar about absolutely everything! Belt up!”

“Have it your way. I need space; I’m going for a walk.”

Oscar, sensing the anger brewing inside of him, grabbed his coat and marched out of the door. The bitter cold was a shock to his system making him immediately regret not taking his scarf and gloves. He didn’t dare to go back. He made his way along the cobbled paths, sticking to the street lamp lit routes feeling ever so slightly vulnerable, recalling the memory of being assaulted by Sebastian months back. The cold air caught sharply in the back of his throat, causing a painful stabbing sensation in his chest. Oscar wandered to the nearest bench, the cold metal structure numbing his body but this could not even begin to match the bitter pain inside. Head in hands, he closed his eyes in desperate attempt to find inner peace but it did not come. ‘Ava is just hormonal, it’s nothing personal’ he tried to convince himself. ‘Stop taking everything to heart’ Oscar scolded.

Oscar returned after an hour he gently opened the door, peeping into the living room expecting to find Ava resting upon the sofa. He stood on the bottom landing calling up the staircase.


No reply. “Ava are you in?”

“God Oscar is that you! Oh thank god!” A small teary voice came from Ava’s bedroom.Oscar raced up the staircase, gently opening Ava’s bedroom door. She was nowhere to be seen.

“Where are you Ava?”


Came a small voice from underneath her bed. Oscar gently crouched beside the bed so that he might gaze underneath. Ava lay on her side, curled up into a small ball.

“Shit what happened Ava! Are you hurt?”

“A little. He was here.”

“Sebastian! Oh my god. What did he do? Has he hurt you? Please come out.”

Ava slowly crawled from underneath the bed, an obvious hand mark forming on her cheek.

“Oh god he hit you?!”

“It wasn’t that hard, I’m fine, really.”

Please let me see. God this is my fault. Why on earth did I leave you? I was so sure that the door was locked when I left. Did he break in?”

Ava shook her head. “No I heard the door, it must have been left open.”

“How could I have been so careless, especially all that’s happened. I’m so, so sorry Ava! Anything could have happened to you or our unborn child!” Oscar couldn’t help but notice how exceptionally calm Ava seemed  given the situation. Oscar helped Ava to her feet, they were both seated upon the bed. Oscar gently placed his hand upon Ava’s back, she brushed it away.

“Please don’t. I feel sickly.”

“Sorry. Is he gone for definite?”

“Yes I heard Sebastian leave.”

“Okay, if you’re sure. I’m going to make you some sweet tea. It will help with the shock. Will you be okay to walk downstairs? We need to call the police! The evidence is as clear as day upon your face.”

“I’ll follow you down Oscar. Don’t call the police, there’s absolutely no need!”

Ava concealed her freshly reddened hand in the pocket of her cardigan, exiting her bedroom. It was a lie, Sebastian hadn’t been there at all.

To be continued….


20 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 43

    1. Thank you Dot!
      Quite a few people have asked me whether I’d consider getting “Planchette” published. The answer is I’m not sure. I haven’t been writing fiction very long, but I’d certainly like to look into electronic/ self- publishing. If it were to get published I actually think that I’d change the title!

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