Hand in hand they exited the bath. Oscar paced into his room, pulling on a pair of navy cotton track suit bottoms and returned to Ava’s bedroom bare-chested, his hair still damp and floppy after being rough dried. Ava grinned.

“What?” Oscar smiled.

“You look rather lovely!”


“Sit on my bed and lean forwards. You still want this shoulder massage don’t you Oscar?”

“Yes please!”

“Okay.” Ava gently kissed the side of Oscar’s neck and grabbed a small handful of body lotion, proceeding to massage Oscar.

“Hmmm wow! That’s amazing; I swear that you’re a healer.” Oscar mumbled, now sleepily lying on his front upon the bed, with his head resting on the pillow. Ava smiled, planting a kiss upon Oscar’s bare shoulder.


“Hmm!” Oscar’s eyes flashed open.

“You fell asleep!”

“Oh sorry! I must have been very relaxed. That was wonderful thank you! I feel like all the tension in my body has been washed away. Okay, now it’s your turn. Where do you want me to massage?”

Ava grinned “Probably the same, a shoulder and back massage would be great, I’ve been feeling rather anxious of late.” Oscar nodded and continued to massage Ava who closed her eyes, relishing the moment. The sound of Oscar’s gentle voice pulled her back into reality. “Ava we need to have a good look for your necklace now okay?”

“Fine” Ava stated rather reluctantly. ” I’ll just get my ring from the windowsill.” Ava carefully placed the ring into it’s box into her dressing gown pocket. They scoured Ava’s bedroom, glancing into every possible nook and cranny. Oscar took out the final draw in Ava’s bedroom.

“What do you keep in here?”

“Oh just bits and pieces;  pens and stationary items.”

“Right, okay.” Oscar searched the contents anyway, his eyes casting over Ava’s lecture notes. On the first page was his name, surrounded by the love hearts, the very page that she had been designing in a lecture a few months back. Oscar chuckled.

“What are you finding so funny over there?!” Ava glanced up from her cross-legged position on the floor.

“Ava this is hilarious, but cute! My name is tattooed over about several pages in this note-book! Someone was clearly paying attention in the lecture that day!” Oscar rolled his eyes and stared at the colourful page.

“Aw look my name has a little heart around it!” 

Ava sensed the hot blood flooding into her cheeks. “Oh god! I’m so mortified!”

Oscar smiled. “Don’t be, I’m very flattered. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. Well, it certainly doesn’t look like the necklace is in this draw! I still don’t understand what Sebastian was talking about. Remember the day when he upturned part of the house mentioning something about a black book? We never did get to the bottom of that did we?”

“Thinking about it now, the drawing in the notebook well, I hope Sebastian didn’t see it.”

“What difference would it make if he had Ava?”

“Oh I don’t know, it might have aggravated and been a trigger for his disgusting behaviour. Why didn’t report him? What on earth were we thinking!” Ava sighed solemnly.

“But what proof did we have?”

“The blood in the bathroom and the marks upon your face?”

“Yes well they’re gone now.It’s too late.”

“You think it’s too late for us?” Ava’s large eyes filled with tears. Oscar shuffled across the carpet to her side, holding Ava in his arms. “God no! I didn’t mean it like that, I meant with the evidence gone we wouldn’t have a leg to stand on! Please don’t cry Ava, we’re going to be fine, just the three of us you’ll see. There’s no sign of your necklace in there, come one we’ll look in the other rooms.”

Oscar helped a shaky Ava to her feet. “Ava you’re looking weary. Do you feel nauseous?”

Ava nodded honestly “A little bit.”

Oscar stroked her hair “Probably the morning sickness starting, take it easy.” With very little warningAva’s stomach churned as she was washed with a wave of nausea. As quick as a flash she darted into the bathroom, violently vomiting into the toilet.

To be continued….


22 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 39

  1. I undoubtedly am missing quote a bit coming to your blog for the first time BUT I must say you seem to be an excellent writer; not to mention all of a sudden I want a shoulder and back massage. I would suppose that mission accomplished? Great writing skills; keep it up!

  2. That ring in the picture looks like a the Oujia Board thingy that goes around the board. Today, I’m going to get a shoulder massage – thanks!

    1. Hey! Nope the 17th of Jan was the most recent part. I’m struggling a bit **writers block** but there will be more parts coming very soon ! I’m so glad you enjoyed my post & thank you for your lovely comment X

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