Oscar knowingly gazed into the horizon, feeling this would be the ideal moment .

“Ava, we have grown so incredibly close over the past few years, but particularly in recent months. What I’m saying Ava is,  I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I cherish being in your company more than anything. I want for nothing, which is why- ”

Oscar took the delicate box from his pocket. Ava placed a gloved hand to her mouth and gasped as Oscar crouched down upon one knee, opening the small case.

“Ava will you marry me?”

Ava’ s heart fluttered in her chest as she  jumped for joy, throwing her arms around Oscar’s neck “Yes! Oh my god! Yes I will!” She squealed. “My god it’s so beautiful.”

It was true, although the ring had not cost a great deal, it was elegant and incredibly dainty. Oscar smiled as he gently held Ava’s hand and slipped the ring onto her slim finger. It fitted perfectly.

“Wow! Wherever did you get it?” Ava outstretched her fingers to admire the beautiful ring.



Oscar chuckled “No of course not! My girl deserves far better than that. I found it in one of the small antique shops purely by chance.”

“How could you afford it?”

“What does that matter? I have been trying to save some money for a little while.”

“It means the world! Oh Oscar I’m so happy right now, you’ve just made me the happiest girl in the world. No in the universe!”

They kissed once more and sat hand in hand for half an hour or so, reminiscing in their thoughts, enjoying the quiet reassurance of each other’s quiet company. Darkness came quicker than they had initially imagined. Oscar got to his feet, offering Ava his hand.

“Come on, it’s getting dark now, we’d best be getting home.” Ava nodded and they paced hand in hand back to the house.

“You feel cold Oscar are you okay?”

Oscar nodded “Yeah, I wouldn’t mind a hot bath though. Want to join me!”

Ava grinned “Oh absolutely. We might be able to have a decent chat this time, last time you kept falling asleep every two seconds!”

Oscar laughed. “Well I was concussed, but yes I was a bit useless!”

“You’re never useless. I’ll run the bath, do you still have the box for my ring?”

“Yes I do, but we still need to look for your necklace Ava!”

“I know. Shall we do that after the bath?”


They crept up the staircase. Oscar felt in his jacket pocket, producing the small box once more, Ava slipped the ring carefully inside and balanced it  on the windowsill.

“Shall I light some candles? It will be far more romantic.” Ava suggested and went to fetch four small vanilla scented tea lights ,balancing them on the white porcelain edge of the bath. She exited the room and swiftly returned dressed in her dressing gown. Oscar was crouched  beside the bath carefully testing the water temperature, as the luxurious bubbles rose to the water’s surface. Ava nealt beside him, placing an arm around his neck and kissing his forehead. Oscar turned very pale, his breathing increasing, Ava immediately sensed what was wrong and helped him to his feet.

“Sorry, did that trigger that memory again?”

“Yes.” Oscar shuddered. Ava intertwined her fingers in his hair and rested Oscar’s head against her shoulder.

“Let’s get in the bath. ”

They lowered themselves into the foamy bubbles, sitting opposite each other. Ava slipped the hair elastic from her wrist and tied it into a high bun. A smile creased across Oscar’s lips, the colour returning to his ghostly white cheeks. Ava glanced at him.


“That’s a very interesting hairstyle you have there!”

“Oh shush!” Ava flicked her hand from under the water, spraying droplets over Oscar’s face. He gasped.

“Oh you’ve really asked for it now!” He quickly splashed her in return, with a great deal more water than he had in mind.

“Ow! You’ve got soap in my eyes!” Ava exclaimed in alarm. “I can’t see a thing!”

“Sorry!” Oscar grabbed a flannel. “Here, it’s a flannel wipe your eyes with this. I think I went a bit too far then.”

“It’s okay. As it’s you I think I’ll let you off.”

Oscar laughed. “Ava! You STILL owe me a massage! Am I right?”

“Yes I think you actually are. Okay, okay after this I will give you a massage.” Ava sighed. “But I am pregnant! You should be the one massaging me!”


To be continued…….


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