“I’ll cook”  Oscar smiled “I don’t know what we’ve got in food-wise. It might have to be a random creation!” Oscar routed around the cupboards, sighing at the serious lack of fresh ingredients . He selected the most suitable items, placing them on the work surface, eyeing them, clearly unimpressed. “Well I’ve managed to cobble together three onions, two tins of tomatoes, a small packet of mince and one pepper which surprisingly looks alright, despite being out of date. So I guess we’re having spaghetti bolognaise.”

“Sounds excellent to me. I need something carb-y” Ava grinned.

Oscar rolled his eyes. “Since when have you ever been bothered about stupid things such as calories and carbs? You’ve lost weight recently with all the stress. That’s not good, especially with a baby growing inside you. You need good nutrients to enable the fetus develop. If anything, you should be eating a tiny bit extra okay?”

“I need to start eating now, before the morning sickness starts, which probably won’t be very long.” Ava shuddered. “Oscar, I have to say you’re looking quite thin yourself.” It was true, of late Oscar had needed to tighten the belt on his jeans. Oscar did not reply, but set to dicing all the vegetables. He sniffed as the strong juice from the onions made his eyes water. A delicious aroma filled the kitchen as Oscar fried off the onions and mince. “That actually smells amazing” Ava grinned. “How much longer will it be?”

Oscar laughed. “My goodness you are impatient! Another 20 minutes or so. Everything must be cooked properly! Patience is a virtue my love! I hope the baby inherits a calmer nature from me. I can’t have two demanding people in my life.”

“I’m not demanding!” Ava frowned. “At least I don’t think I am.”

“I was just pulling your leg Ava.” Oscar smiled. “No you’re not in the least.”

“Well I guess I should set the table while I’m waiting, that will help to kill some time. I might even sweep the kitchen floor when I’m at it. ” Ava smiled. Oscar nodded in agreement.

“Okay, but just go slow.”

“Oscar I’m pregnant not an invalid!”

“I know, but be careful okay. Oh and don’t cut your hand. It’s healed well by the way. It hasn’t even scarred.”

“Yeah I heal quickly” Ava agreed. “But your head will too, if it doesn’t well it’s pretty much hidden by your hair anyway so that doesn’t matter too much.”

Ava grabbed a sweeping brush and carefully swept the kitchen floor.“It barely needed doing. I’m surprised.”

“We certainly haven’t eaten down here for a while.”

“Oh yeah. That’s very true!” Ava swept the small pile of bits up with a dustpan and brush, carefully placing them into the dustbin. She set the table efficiently. Oscar smiled. “You’re going to make a very good housewife.” He laughed. Ava wrapped her arms around Oscar, kissing him softly. “And you will be a decent house husband. I have you well-trained. Now is dinner nearly ready?”

“As a matter of fact it is. Now sit down I’ll serve.” Oscar dished the food, sitting opposite Ava at the small dining room table, the extra seat remaining empty. “It feels quite unusual just the two of us sitting here, but lovely all the same. Thank you for making dinner Oscar it really is delicious!”

“I’m glad. It won’t be long before you get sickness and then maybe some weird cravings. My Mum had a bizarre one with me. Erm I’m trying to remember. Oh yes, pickled onion and jam sandwiches.”

Ava wrinkled her nose “Urgh that’s pretty vile. I’ve heard of stranger things mind you. I hope I don’t have to resort to eating weird things. At the moment I’m very much enjoying just ordinary spaghetti bolognaise.” Oscar laughed and tucked heartily into the meal, impressed by his own efforts.

 Ava effortlessly cleared the contents of her plate leaving the bowl of Parmesan cheese untouched. Oscar raised an eyebrow, glancing over at Ava who was carefully scraping the last few specks of mince from the plate with her fork.

“It’s not like you not to have Parmesan cheese!”

“Oh it smells really odd. Did we buy a different make? A cheaper version perhaps?”

Ava inspected the bowl, digging the spoon into the contents and playing with the snow-textured cheese. She stopped very quickly.

“I don’t know why I did that. It’s just made me feel quite queasy.”

Oscar laughed. “You’re bound to become more sensitive to strong smells.”

“Okay Mr pregnancy expert.”

“Sorry. You ate that pretty quickly would you like some more?” Ava thought for a moment, it was true her appetite had changed quite dramatically of late. For once, she was still hungry.

“Erm yes please.” She blushed.

“Don’t be embarrassed just say!”

“But I am. I eat more than you these days!”

“Ava you need a few extra calories now. Here, pass me your plate.”

Oscar paced over to the cooker and dished another smaller portion of spaghetti bolognaise which Ava gratefully devoured in complete silence.

To be continued…


3 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 36

  1. I enjoyed this part & started realizing I am hungry. The meal sounded delicious and the interaction between characters quite comforting. Will be back to read more and more. I want to be like in “Oliver”—“May I have some more, please.” 🙂 jk

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