Oscar tenderly stroked Ava’s hair only to sensing her falling tears once more. “Shhh it will be alright” he coaxed. “I think the news of your pregnancy is the best thing I’ve heard this year and I mean it. Especially after all the bad happenings.”

Ava momentarily composed herself. “Really? I’m not so sure.” She sniffed, her stomach tightening into knots at the thought of it. “We’ll have to keep the news quiet until I’m further on. I mean, most people wait until their 12 weeks or so. Until then can this just be our secret. After all the baby is a little accident.”

Oscar glared at her. “Ava! You can’t blame the baby!”

“I know, but it was unintentional. I didn’t want children for at least another few years. I’m still very worried about my degree. How am I supposed to do my essay’s when I’m throwing up in the toilet?”

“We’ll manage…somehow. My biggest concern is that Sebastian’s still out there somewhere. Ava he’s surely not finished with us yet. He just keeps coming back.” Ava nodded, rubbing her toned stomach, which was no signs of her pregnancy.

“I know, we wouldn’t want anything to happen to the little blip would we?”

“Don’t ! Ava when all this is over I really do want to move in with you. Just you, me and the baby. I want us to be a little family. Things are going to work out in the long run, I’m sure of it.”

“You- you really mean that?”

Ava’s bottom lip trembled. Oscar gazed at Ava with sincere, loving eyes. He placed both his hands onto her soft cheeks, kissing her forehead tenderly. “With all my heart. I have no money, you know that. What I can offer you is all my love and friendship.”

Ava held a hand to her mouth, the tears flowed down her cheeks, she had never been more touched. “I would love nothing more than to live with you. I mean technically it’s just the two of us living together at the moment. I really want to get away from here as soon as our degrees are done. We should move somewhere not too far from your Mum and my Aunt Olive. So you don’t have to worry about your Mum all the time, you can simply pop in and see her whenever you want.”

Oscar nodded. “I’d love that too. You’re so thoughtful. You’re going to make an amazing Mum. I will try to be a half decent Dad. One the opposite to my own. I just want to be responsible. I guess I still have a lot of growing up to do.”

Ava hugged him “I think you and I have grown up a heck of a lot within the past few months. It’s made us a far stronger couple hasn’t it? We have a far greater understanding of each other.”

Oscar laughed. “Yes you’ve definitely seen me at my very worst! Confused and covered in blood, what a pretty sight that must have been! I really am very sorry.”

“I think you’re really brave Oscar. If that had happened to me I’d be constantly paranoid and looking over my shoulder. It must have been so scary.”

“It was. But I thought of you and that helped me, it all happened so quickly.”

Ava smiled. “You’re, so in touch with your feelings and emotions. I could never go out with a Jack-the-lad type. They’d probably scare me to death. You’re slightly in touch with your feminine side!” She grinned.

Oscar frowned, not exactly knowing what to make of her final comment. “Erm thanks.”

“Oscar I mean that you’re kind and caring. I wasn’t implying that you come over as being camp!”

“I know.” Oscar smiled. “Gosh that was quite a deep conversation! Now can we get off the sofa and make some dinner?! I’m actually starving. I can’t remember the time I had a proper meal!”

“Oscar! You and your stomach!”  Ava laughed, but she agreed with his decision and followed a hungry Oscar into the kitchen.

To be continued….


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  1. Hi Sophie,
    It might be helpful to add a few catergories, reviews/novels/work in progress etc, it’ll help give variety, just don’t do what I did and invent a catergory for everything!

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